GENERAL: Feb-June 1970 Briscoe Quad, I.U.

...______GENERAL: February to June 1970 Briscoe Quad, I.U. ______::: _____ FEBRUARY 1970 and MARCH 1970 _____ :::I was 20 in early 1970, my father was 47, my mother was 42, and my dog Major, the cocker spaniel, was 10. This would be the last year of his life.,,,,, ___ _______FEBRUARY 1970: _____ _____ WAS I STILL IN YORK FOR EARLY FEB 1970?: I think the semesters then started in February. I KNOW that one year I bought my mother a GIGANTIC Valentines Day heart that I saw in the BON TON which was then halfway thru the YORK MALL. The hearts were right in the middle of the north entrance so everyone had to see them while passing through and I got her the biggest one. I sat on the back seat of the bus going back with the females staring at me as I also had my coat and tie on. I recall it well when the bus was turning onto East Philadelphia St. and how I wished I also had a girlfriend to get one for but the girls in York were worthless. All married at 18 and divorced at 21. But I dont know if it was FEB 1970 or not yet the mall wasnt there in FEB 1969 and although I was there in FEB 1971 I wasnt working then. Could school have started AFTER Feb 14, 1970???,,, _________RETURNING TO COLLEGE: 2-3-2000: Feb 1968: I believe I went to Olmstead airport to return to IU. I recall the layout and how the three of us were always in the center of the room where the seats were with all the shops and counters around us. A strange arrangement,,,,, RETURN TO BRISCOE TEN: One would think I would remember the day I came back after being away for so long but I dont. Most of the guys from late 1968 were still there though. But Ken and Bucky had moved from next to the lounge doors to a couple doors past Val on my side of the dorm,,,, I was shocked to hear that Ken now had a regular girlfriend named Missy and it was a long time before I met her,,,, I went out for my regular old walk to the mall. Down Fee Lane, under the RR bridge, to tenth street where the old stadium was, left past the new library and Wright Quad and past Crosstown Pharmacy, right at the next street, where Eigenmann now was. All the way down past the dorms including Forest on the right and then turn left at 3rd street where Forest was, past the Catholic Church on the corner, down the block to the Prot Church, cut diagonally across along its driveway, and into the side of Eastland Shopping Center where Hooks Pharmacy was. Along the way I would have seen for the first time: The new gigantic library, The new Huge Eigenmann quad, and That a lane had been added in front of the Catholic church and a different walkway. At the mall I also saw that it had been extended! It used to end at the card shop in the center of the hall and the 5&10 on one side and the dept store on the other. Now there was a hall back and a new restaurant on the right (Actually, a huge cafeteria) and movie theatres on the back. I went back and snooped around at all the new stuff. Then I set my Yashica camera up on the concrete block holding the new bannister in the middle of the hall and I stepped back and let the timer take my picture. I have it now in my pocket,,,,, I registered for classes. But my counselor said I should only take the P201 course as I had been out of school for so long instead of the P221 course.,,,, 2-8-00: TUITION WAS WAY UP IN 1970!!!. Wouldnt you just know it?! Typical Karwicki luck. The moment my parents lose their good jobs in NYC the prices go way high. What happened was that the conservative Indiana legislature wanted to punish the colleges in the state because they believed that the students were a bunch of anti-war demonstrators. In fact the majority were not against the war. The majority had no interest in politics. But they raised the tuition for both in-staters and out-of-staters. Nowadays the PSU students here whine when the tuition goes up a couple percent. Our tuition was raised by a whopping 50%!!! From $495 to $745. Multiply that by 7 or 6 for todays dollars. That means $3000/$3500 (1968) to $4500/$5200 (1970) ,,,,Students were now riding bicycles all over the place! That would have been nerdly in 1968!,,, In the dorms everybody now had shelves made with wood and cinder blocks they got at the tow construction sites for the new library and Eigenmann,,,, age 20,, Feb 1970,,, I walked thru the new library for the first time and was struck by the huge enclosed empty unused space between the two bldgs as well as the lockers that gave one back ones quarter later. (IN the 1990s the unused space is now a main study space filled with tables and students),,, A new 'Burger King" opened west of Briscoe. First one I ever saw and Id go there almost every Sunday, often with val and/or Ken and/or Bob. It was a WEIRD walk. There was an eeerie space between the trailer park west of Briscoe and Walnut Street by B.King that we couldnt figure out. There used to be houses there. But they were now all gone. Yet the old broken up street remained as did the walks to houses that were no longer there. Block after block of eerieness. Overgrown yards. Front steps and no homes behind. Old street lamps that did not work. No other humans. When I used to go alone when the days were short Id hurry in order not to be caught out in that area after sundown as it was pitch black in there. There was one very small bldg in the middle of one block with no one in it which may have been used for storage or a watchman but we never saw anyone. A few blocks south along the rr tracks there was a bldg by the tracks which was a crematorium for animals (Bio experiments?) and a couple of us surmised that it may have had something to do with it. I recall that when Val and I went to Briscoe we'd often enter the area a few blocks south of Briscoe (To avoid the trailer park area?) and walk along the street by the tracks and then follow it as it turned north into the area. Many times I ran back through that area with my lunch as I didnt want to eat it at BKing and walk thru there at night and I didnt want it to get cold. No microwaves back then. I recall that once Bob asked for a Whopper with no tomatoes and I asked him why he didnt just get a regular one and take the tomatoes off and he said he really didnt even want the juice on his burger. I loved the tomatoes. I recall once saying for them to put his tomatoes on mine. Val often got both a Whopper and a Whaler. I was still allergic to fish then. Its now politically incorrect to call it a Whaler so its now a Big Fish. We often sat along the window nearest to Briscoe. I sat there on my trips back,,,,, The Physics class they put me in was ridiculously easy so I switched to P221 which was much harder. But now I was a couple of weeks BEHIND! This made my position even worse!!! from being away so long,,,, Ken and Bucky had a TV in their room! And on it every day they had COWBOY BOB AND HIS SINGING SOURDOUGH BISCUIT . Some Indiana kids show host was dressed as a cowboy and had a biscuit on a string with a face painted on it and Cowboy Bob would play his guitar as the biscuit swung and 'sang'. He was a celebrity at farm shows and fairs and had lots of acres of land from the money he made,,,,age 20,,, Feb 1970,,, 2-3-2000,,, When I returned to IU they put me back in 1017 and I put a sign saying "The Sixth Borough" on my door,,, 2-25-00,,, _____ ________ MARCH 1970: ______: ______ SATURDAY MARCH 7, 1970: TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN THRU BLOOMINGTON. We all knew this eclipse was coming. It was a perfect day. I had my high speed Yashica camera. It was perfectly visible from my room. And everybody came in and out of my room as I was the Astro Major. I took a picture of it by simply holding my EZmatic high speed camera up at it and it took a perfect shot of it right from my room. We got 99% Totality. I have a photo of some of the guys in my room. I took slides then and later turned them to prints. One guy was an 'A' student who left school at the end of the semester to go to work! This was the guy who was a big MANNIX fan and always tried to get me to watch it. He was Lloyds roomie. The other guy in on photo was a big John Lindsey fan and now an atty. It was also perfect that it hit on a Saturday afternoon. I have an Indy Star with the Eclipse on the front page. I was lucky enough to be in perfect position for both the 1963 and 1970 Total Eclipses but never another one since.,,,,, Bob and Adams roomie John T. pulled a great trick on Adam one chilly morning which I think was in early March. The three of them were always in the bathroom together and ate together so they set the clocks one hour earlier without Adam knowing about it. They all got up an hour earlier, went into ther bathroom one hour earlier, ate one hour earlier, and then Adam proceeded to walk the huge distance between Briscoe and the Law Bldg (almost as long as from Briscoe to Swain near the Law Bldg). Adam walked across the whole campus in the dark before sunrise, got to the door and tugged on it. It was locked. Then I believe he tried to go to The Gables (Where Hoagy Carmichael wrote STARDUST across the street). It was also locked. I dont know when he finally found out. But I remember them all talking about it later,,, It was the 150th Anniversary of IU (1820) so they put out all these really pretty slightly heavy ashtrays. I still have one someplace. But we found that they made great little Frisbees and when they hit the lounge walls theyd 'ching' out a little piece of plaster,,,, Ken had gotten another 4.0 in Physics the semester before and they gave him a 150th Anniversary award for it. It was a little gold piece of fabric with a nitch cut out on the bottom like what would hang from a medal. It said 'Highest Possible Achievement'. He walked naked with in front of him like a loincloth,,,,, 2-3-2000,,, age 20,,, Mon 2-6-00: The major in 'Government' was now called 'Political Science' and Bob, a future laywer said it was due to all the pro-Science stuff still going on with the moon landings and all,,, Did we still have candlelight dinners in Briscoe or was it declared to be sexist? I know they got rid of Miss IU while I was out in 1969 and also, I believe the ROTC 'Juan Purdue' thing,,, Was it still the JUNIOR DIVISION or did they change it to UNIVERSITY DIVISION by 1970? Or was that 1971?. Ill have to send for the info and add it,,, I still had my ulcer and now I was supposed to follow my ulcer diet at college while eating dorm food,,, Dont recall the monthly floor meetings in Briscoe Ten B lounge,,, I still made that walk every Friday from Briscoe down Fee Lane to 10th to Eigenmann to third to Crosstown Hooks Drugs to College Mall,,, Went To new North Walnut St Burger King by rr trestle,,, Back to the long walk to Swain West from Briscoe and back. I was always complaining with the words, "All the way across campus" and Greasy Rider teased me a couple of times about it. Down the ten floor, the blocks behind the dorms by the parking lots, over the tracks, down the hill, behind the Geology bldg, right on 10th St past the Frat and Sorority, left around the field. All the way down the blocks by the field on the left, across 7th, usually into the back of the Union where the escalaor was but sometimes up the long outdoor staircase into the cafeteria, if the escalator, zig zagging past the stores and around the Iu bookstore of the worlds biggest student union to behind the cafeteria, up the steep stairs to the outside awning, across the street, through Swain Woods to the backdoor of Swain. Up to the second or third floors. Racing back and forth to eat lunch quickly three times a week for years,,, When i got back i heard that Ken and Val hated some cop whose name I dont recall for something that happened when I wasnt there.,,, Was this also when I came back after missing all the Polio jokes? or was that 1971? ("My feet dont touch the floor") ,,, Was this when Val and I started joking about the CAPPY DICK comix? ("Hey, kids, Try these for prizes"),,, Adam would lie on his back in bed and throw his knife into the bulletin board across the room,,, insomnia, nightmares, worry, worry, more money problems now as my parents lost their jobs to move to York in Late 1968, all this crap still expected of me including getting money out of the air. Hell, when I reached tenth grade I was more educated than either of my parents, 2-7-00,,, age 20,,, There was a skinny, slight guy at the far end of the floor on the doubles side who lived in the special big single down there that was normally for RAs. He had blond hair and was a big Mayor John Lindsey fan. He had a girlfriend named Helen. When he would leave his room hed leave it wide open and his phone was right next to the door so we'd (including me) would go down there, put shaving cream on the earpiece, come back and call him. Then he'd run from us down the hall to get the phone and get it on his ear. Then hed walk back grumbling,,, Two girls got crushes on Val and me. They called him Al-Val and me Walt the Astronomer. Theyd pester us everywhere and we'd have to hide. Once they caught us in an auditorium and followed us everywhere. I remember that one time we hid by going above NICKS BAR to the POOLHALL. The first time I was in there,,, Once Val phoned Fred L who had moved off the hall and tried to invite him to a party in the freezing cold at a non-existant party. We made noise in the backround while Val told Fred what a great party it was and Fred said, "It sounds like it",,, Kens new girlfriend Missy told us that girls were in the habit of dropping their room keys down the elevator shaft,,, In the second, smaller room of the COMMONS CAFETERIA they put a bright red commemoration of the Rose Bowl appearance behind glass on the wall. I have a photo now,,, Val would get protein pills from York Barbell in York, Pa and although I had been there I didnt know of them,,, I found a potato chip in the shape of Poland so I had Ken hold it up while I took a photo of it,,, I would call home on Sunday nights sometimes from the phone booth built into the wall on the first floor of Swain Hall. Very quiet place,,, Perhaps this was when the stationary bike was in the ironing room across from my room 1017 and someone wrote about me, "Last seen going over George Washington Bridge",,, Was this when the ALTERNATIVE first appeared? I recall it was first free on cmpus. It was a right-wing alternative to the left-wing Hippie 'SPECTATOR". I used to get mine at the desk near the room where they had the MADRIGALS. (I never did get to one of them). It later was 1c, then 2c. It was old IMPACT PARTY guys doing it. Maybe it started earlier in 68? It eventually got longer and better and when THE SPECTATOR folded it became THE ALTERNATIVE- AN AMERICAN SPECTATOR and then THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR. Now its a major national magazine,,, Once Ken and I on a cold night walked to the mall and back. On the way back we found a shopping cart in the parking lot. EASTLAND also had a supermarket. I recall pushing Ken around in it. We then crossed the street on East 3rd between the Prot and Catholic Churches. I had NEVER been across the street before that. There was only a sidewalk on the south side (still is now the only one) and the one little street that started on the other side went to nowhere in particular. I then pushed him up there and there were a lot of tiny one family homes just like most of Bloomington. Then we turned left towards campus. I dont know what happened then but the next thing I recall I was pushing him EAST (The opposite way) in town on East Kirkwood on the south side a couple of blocks from campus. And we hit a curb and it went over and he fell out. It was very dark and quite cold. It was either two streets from Kirkwood/Indiana at the campus entrance or three streets on the south side,,, Val and I both had cameras then and were taking them. I dont know where we took them outside in early 1970 but we took a number inside,,, 2-6-00,, age 20,,, I had my ulcer bothering me, worried about my grades, and my inability to have the attention span I used to have, we had monthly floor meetings and I think Bob was elected floor Governor,, Walked From Briscoe down Fee Lane, 10th st, between Eigenmann and Forest to cath Church, Crosstown Hook, and College Mall,,, To Burger King on Sundays before sun went down over weird area, ran back from Swain to eat fast, ran back all those miles, money worries, I had no idea how to get thru college AND get a license and a car AND get married like people expected me to magically do with broke parents,,,, The vending machine in Briscoe now had YORK WHIPPED CREAM PATTIES from Cottage Place where I lived,,, I once missed a flight across Pennsylvania that crashed. I was going standby and missed a connection. I always got on the plane I wanted as there was always one seat open at least and i always flew alone after Steve showed me that one time. Everyone else flew in twos or more,,, Was March 1970 the time of the Ice Storm? I know I was told about Indiana Ice Storms and mocked them. Then we had one. I went to the back exit of Briscoe with some others. Everything looked pretty normal after the storm stopped. I took one step and fell right down the short set of stairs. No traction at all. I tried to stand. It was impossible. My feet had nothing to grab. I reached for the vertical pipe holding up the stair rail. My hand would not close on it. It was too slick. Only a thinner one where my thumb and finger could reach around to each other may have worked. With no friction my hands and feet were worthless. I was like a man with no arms or legs wallowing on his belly. The guys I was with made ahuman chain out the door and down the stairs to get me and pull me up or I would have been there until the ice melted,,,1-6-00,,,


_____ _____FEBRUARY 1970 _____::: ______SUNDAY FEBRUARY 1, 1970: Ford Frick, Earle Combs, and Jesse Haines get into the baseball Hall of Fame,,, FEB 2: B-52s carry out heavy attacks on North Vietnam,,, Canadian PM Trudeau against US expansion of SAFEGUARD ABM system,,, Pentagon announces March Draft quota of 19,000 men,,, BERTRAND RUSSELL DIES, "Hippie Hero",,, TOM SEAVER GETS HICKOK AWARD AS ATHLETE OF THE YEAR,,, FEB 6: Rudy York, bb player, dies,,, _____ SATURDAY Feb 7, 1970: LSU guard Pistol Pete Maravich, the greatest scorer in college basketball history (Note: Because his daddy was coach) poured in a NCAA record 69 points during the Tigers 106-104 loss to Alabama. It was the most points ever scored against a division 1 opponent. 2-8-00, ______ SUNDAY FEBRUARY 8, 1970: Ford lays off 1,600 workers,,, all thru this month southern governors and senators are fighting desegregation decisions,,, FEB9: Japans gold reserves up to $400 million for 1st time since WWII,,, FEB 10: Nixon proposes environmental package,,, Worst avalanche in French history,,, Feb 11; prince Charls assumes seat in House of Lords,,, North Viet delegation to peace talks says no more until USs Philip Habib resigns,,, WASH DC 75 day fast against the war,,, JAPAN PUTS ITS FIRST SATELLITE IN ORBIT!,,, Baseball lends Seattle Pilots $600,000 to stay in Seattle in 1970,,, FEB 12: VP Agnew attacks college admission quotas,,, Japan loans World Bank $100 million,,, FEB 13: Defense Sect Laird completes trip to S.Viet and says US troop withdrawls will continue,,, FEB 14: Nixon bans chemical warfare,,, Olga Hirsh Guggenheim dies at 92 in NY,,, _______ SUNDAY FEBRUARY 15, 1970: CHICAGO SEVEN JUDGE JULIUS HOFFMAN CONVICTS WM KUNSTLER AND LEONARD WEINGLASS AND THE SEVEN FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT,,, Dc-9 crashes in Santo domingo, all 102 die,,, FEB 16: US plane hijacked to Cuba, Eastern Airlines,,, Senate Judiciary Committe approves G.Harrold Carswell for Supreme Court,,, AL LOPEZ RETIRES FROM WHITESOX, 42 year career,,, CHET HUNTLEY ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT,,, JOE FRAZIER BEATS JIMMY ELLIS TO FINALLY COMBINE THE TITLE,,, FEB 17: FEB 18: 3,000 youths attack US Embassy in Manila,,,, Chicago 7 acquited of conspiracy to riot at Chicago Convention,,, FEB 19: Nigerian Red Cross distributing 3,000 tons of food weekly to 3,000,000 refugees,,, DON SHULA NAMED HEAD COACH AND GENERAL MANAGER OF MIAMI DOLPHINS,,, BOWIE KUHN SUSPENDS DENNY McLAIN FOR GAMBLING. First since 1924,,, FEB 20: FEB 21: NORTH VIETNAMES SEIZE LAOTIAN MILITARY STRONGHOLD ON PLAIN OF JARS,,, COMMISSION ON ALL VOLUNTEER ARMED FORCES PROPOSES REPLACING THE DRAFT WITH AN ALL VOLUNTEER ARMY,,, 2-3-2000 530pm,,, _______ SUNDAY FEBRUARY 22, 1970, George Washingtons Birthday, _______ SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28, 1970: __________ SUNDAY MARCH 1, 1970::: ____________ SUNDAY MARCH 8, 1970:_______ SUNDAY MARCH 15, 1970:_______ SUNDAY MARCH 22, 1970:, FRIDAY MARCH 27, 1970: PETER YARROW PLEADS GUILTY TO INDECENT LIBERTIES WITH A MINOR. I recall that Ken thought this was hilarious and I asked why. He said because a supposed goody two shoes guy who was a member of Peter, Paul and Mary turned out to be a pervert. I had never thought of them as that Conservative but, I guess, compared to what was going on in the 60s, they would be. Yarrow did it in August 1969 and on Sept 15, 1970 he got three months in jail. 3-16-00, ______ EASTER SUNDAY MARCH 29, 1970: ______ _______ ________ ________ _______ GENERAL JANUARY- JUNE 1970: My friends and I were never like the typical degenerate low-IQ males who thought it was some sort of achievement to bed down any slut that came along. We were too decent or romantic or something. We thought in terms of love and marriage not promiscuity. Maybe thats typical of higher IQ types who look farther into the future at the result of ones actions. Maybe smarter guys have less Testosterone controlling them. Maybe they have more brains controlling their Testosterone. Maybe working class kids like we were are brought up in Right-Wing Populist homes. Maybe we had far more mental, physical, and sexual self-esteem than other guys. I know that it was always the richer kids who got caught up in bad things and worried about 'finding themselves', it wasnt working-class kids like us who had that problem,,,,,, There actually wasnt that much marijuana smoked in our hall as one would think for the era. Perhaps too many working class kids struggling through.,,,,,, Ken and Bucky told me they drove an ice cream or frozen ices wagon one summer for money for college. I think it was either Summer 68 or Summer 70,,,,, Down on the far end of the doubles hall on our side were two guys in a room who liked to act really nasty, not bullying nasty but crude nasty. One day one says to the other, "lets go down and pick up some real sweathogs. Some real pigs!" And Im thinking that I hope they dont screw up some womans feelings. I dont know what came of that,,,,, Val and Ken and Bucky played intermural sports. In the yearbook THEIR photo playing was chosen for a large photo. Now theyre young forever,,,,, Mustaches came and went. 1968 was for Fu Manchus. Now guys let their hair grow increasingly longer and had mustaches. My mustache came and went and came and went,,,Val had a stereo, the first one I had access to with headphones. He had it in front of their big picture window on the table. The wooden chair was next to it. I'd sit there when I should have been studying and Id face the hall as the door was always open and Id play WHOLE LOTTA LOVE and was fascinated at how it seemed to go thru my head. I also often played FUN, FUN, FUN on it,,,,, Once there was a weird argument in the hall between Vals room and John T's room about wearing 'U-Trous' to bed (Briefs) as they were so tight. One side said they cant see how anyone can sleep in them and the other side said they couldnt see how anyone could sleep without them,,,, One time I flew with the INDIANA PACERS. After I got on at WEIR COOK they got on and walked towards the back. Not even first class. Once in a cab in Indy I passed their headquarters which looked like a candy store front,,,,, Val had a new camera and so did I. He had, I believe, a Canon. I had a Yashica. he said, "Whew I was afraid you had a (something)". I forget what he said. We started taking photos together but film was MUCH more expensive in those days,,, One guy was into watching the girls in the other bldg undress right after supper each night. They could also be seen in their fulllength mirrors. He had an entire chart made up of what girl lived in what room. I asked him how he got it and he said from the REDBOOK. He used his binocs from a dark room. Then he'd call up the girl and thank her for the show,,,,, Polish jokes were still going around but noone on Briscoe Ten bothered me with them,,,, One night I came home late and heard my phone ringing in the phone box between rooms. I hurried and got in. A hand stuck thru the box with the receiver and someone said, "Are you Walt? This is for you" I looked in and there was noone to be seen as the other room was completely dark and I had noone on the other side. Whoever lived there in Fall 1969 wasnt there in Early 1970. I answer the phone and its the guys calling from Rick Ms room a few doors down the privates. They say theres a cop in the room. I go down to Ricks room and they say hes in there because some sniper was shooting out car windows from McNutt Quad and they were trying to find him. Then someone suggests we penny the cop into the room. We go down and quietly force the door closed tighter while someone sticks pennies in along the edges. Then everyone goes back to Ricks room while I go to mine. The cop later tries to get out and cant. He calls for help. I lend him a knife to jimmy out the coins which I knew wouldnt work. Other cops come and theyre all angry. They cant get it open from either side. Finally, after being stuck for a long time the cop inside starts really kicking the door and the pennies finally fall out. The outside cops kick as well. Now theyre angry and will line up the whole hall of guys. The cop who came says, "What about him?" referring to me. The inside cop says "Hes alright". They then go down the hall banging on every door and taking everyone down to the lounge except me. Then they ask for their IDs but they are all in their pajamas so they have to go back and get them. I dont know what happened to everyone else after that but maybe they had to see a dean. I alone was unscathed,,,,, Religious guys would hand out free Bibles on the first floor,, ,,,age 20,,, 2-3-00,,,, Thursday March -16-2000


GENERAL: BRISCOE: FEBRUARY TO JUNE 1970::: 2-2-2000:: Val mentioned the right-wing slant of the Lawrence Welk show and how the only Black guy on it was a tap-dancer! I never noticed the guy until he mentioned it,,, Down in the snack bar in the center building there was a guy working in the snack bar who might have also been from my floor who claimed that he had been to Iran and had seen the ruins of Persepolis. I tried to reconcile that with the fact that he was working behind the little window making the burgers but I guessed it was possible.,,, Bucky/John B. bought an Anzio game at the new store that opened behind the College Mall. I think it was an Ayr-Way. I was surprised that it had such games. He'd play his on the floor and it had a beautiful multi-color board. He also had a football game, was it APBA?, that covered the great 1967 season and I wished I had. Im still trying to find one,,, Sometimes Ken and I would do our homework together in my room. He sitting on my bed next to the EINSTEIN poster. I sitting in my chair by the door. There is also a photo I still have of the two of us studying in room 221 in Swain West that I took with my timer,,,, This was the year of the LOCUSTS. Seven-year cicada came out of the ground and infested the entire campus. BILLIONS OF THEM. It was not possible to walk regularly as to put ones foot down would crush at least one or more of them. So everyone slid-walked for months. I'll never forget walking along the path on the edge of Swain Woods towards Swain Hall with just the small field between me and the main walk alongside of the classroom bldgs and one guy with a long stride not caring about the cicadas and just walking his normal gait loudly squishing/crunching them as he went. The whole campus was covered in green goo for months anyway. And the ground was all densely pock-marked with holes,,,,, The WAR IN VIETNAM was still going on. People still drafted off campus. No grad school deferments leading people to hide in 'Communes". Protests getting violent at times and classes being boycotted at IU,,,, We had a floor party one night with free beer in the bathtub in the mens room and I got intoxiacted and locked myself in my room and threw CHEEZITS at the walls rather than make an ass of myself outside,,,, People still went to the so-called 'draft counselors office' to find ways out of the War,,,, Still got my Friday letter from my parents in an airmail envelope,,,, Soap with 'enzymes' appeared while I was back in York in 1969 and it made me itch like crazy. But at IU Bob T. learned it was great for black light writing!!! He'd draw or write something on the cinder block walls that couldnt be seen in regular light and then when he turned off the lights and turned on his BLACK LIGHT nothing but the enzyme soap writing could be seen. It didnt last long. In 71 or 72 the Indiana legislature banned it from all shelves as it was said to hurt the water,,, This is when SPIRO AGNEW really got big and the Left hated him,,,, Was it 1970 or 1968 that the fire alarm kept being set off until someone finally broke it??,,, age 20, ,,Early 1970 ,, I had bought a 1914 game that I set up on my desk in my dormroom but I never really played it. I was big into World War I then. It was probably up there most of the semester if not all of it,,,, The stuff about SPARE CHANGE started in 1969 and was all over campus in 1970 and the people saying it had much richer parents than working class or poor people. Val was especially angry at this one pretty girl at Eastland Shopping Center who always stood half-way down to flirt and get money from guys saying it. He said he should have said "Spare p----?" in reply,,,,, The guy next to me now in room 110 sometimes drove me crazy. he was called GREASY RIDER and he lived in a pig pen. He had a Halloween pumpkin in there for a year and he wouldnt let the maid in to clean. He'd play BRUDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER over and over for hours and wouldnt answer the door no matter who knocked on it for how long. Finally one day the floor counselor got sick of it all especially after banging on it for many minutes and told him he'd contact the authorites about taking the door down. Then GR opened it and there was a lot less trouble after that. GR was actually a nice guy but would really space out in there. Probaly on all sorts of things that would knock him out as well. Hed always say that he was some kind of genius and I was another kind of genius. I was never a genius and neither was anyone else I had ever met, even in Physics. I never knew where people out there got that idea to start calling me that in any dorm I lived while I never claimed to be anything as any of my profs would certainly know I was no longer what I was as a kid. But everyone would say those things about me and I always felt obliged to not let them down as they expected more of me,,,,, Right around the corner from GR in the first room in the doubles was room 1013 (I would late live in room 313) and in it was Asher whoi had an ARAB sounding name for some reason. he once lived in the same Detroit apt house with Mitch Rider of the Detroit Wheels and still shows up in the Grad publications. Hed be in there with other laid back musician types. One day Briscoe and McNutt was having a yelling contest and I yelled out, "Eat a Big Bowl of Wet B--- S---" and both dorms went silent as they were stunned. Then cheers and applause broke out. Ben loved that one. Another one I invented that lasted afterwards was "Lick the lint off my s------" which also got applause,,, The old sidewalk in front of the StCharles Catholic Church was moved. They had put in a new lane along East Third Street and moved the thin sidewalk over a couple of yards. The cars were still up in the air but not as much as they had been before when it was much steeper and more interesting. And now the sidewalk drainage was lousy and mud puddles always in the same places even in 1995,,,, Was this when I started using NOXEMA to do something with my zits? I think so,,,,, I think that this was also when I returned to CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTS and maybe even the new SODA MACHINES. A Continental Breakfast meant that if you didnt want to get out of bed early enough for the regular breakfast by 815pm when it closed, you could still go there and get a quickie one of buns and/or cakes and coffee until about 915pm. And now we had Cokes and Pepsis and Root Beer and 7UP along with the other drinks,,age 20 ,,, 2-2-2000,,, Val, Ken, Bob, Bucky and I all had what is now called an Emotional Component when it came to girls and sex and that was a death sentence in dealing with them. Only rotten animal-like guys seemed to do well with girls, (I was in the PSU-York lunchroom yesterday, 2-24-00, and heard young men saying the same thing about todays girls!),,, Was I still sending my dog little toys in cereal boxes?,,,, This was the semester I really became very good friends with Ken and Val. I was good friends with them in late 1968 but not so good it seems to keep me there when I wanted to leave in 1969 or to return in Sept 1969 when I had the chance,Funny how I always think of them in terms of 1968 yet 1970 was our best year together. Possibly I think that way because the rest of 1970 was so bad,,,, One day I got a weird letter from the DAILY STUDENT. It said that they refused to run my 'ad'. Ad? It turned out that Bob T.sent them money and tried to run an embarrasing singles ad for me claiming he was me. I kept the money,,, Ken had an obnoxious KAZOO he got out of a cereal box,,, One time I was in the train station in INDIANAPOLIS either coming or going and some guy bummed a dollar from me. Then he ran and a station guy came up to me and asked if he bummed a dollar off me. I said yes. He then tried to catch him. I later gave him my name and address if he wanted to get a hold of me for any reason,,, In 1970abortions were illegal, there was no word 'roadkill' and no official spelling for 'nurd' or 'pollock'. McDonalds was FINALLY getting known everywhere but most places still didnt have one yet until perhaps 1972 or 1973,,,I still constantly wooried about how the hell Iwas going to do all the things that had always been expected of me and how to pay for them and how to be so many things and do so many things at once,,, I had a German Class in 1970 and this, I think was when I had to sit in front of the whole class and speak german. I was never so nervous in my life. I think this was also the class where i had to explain the many sections of Brooklyn and Queens from a German book as the femall TA didnt understand. I also had to explain it twice, I recall that classrooms insides so well but dont recall where it was. Ill have to look it up, I can get the info from archives,,, None wore bluejeans in 1970 except for radicals. In a few years theyd be everywhere. Well, prooably not until after early Disco in the mid-70s,,, The anti-war movement would call for people to boycott classes and I'd take off mainly because I was lazy and wanted to sleep later,,, 2-25-00,,, age 20,,, Once I got off the elevator and saw something for the CLASS OF 1974 and I shocked as it showed I was no longer one of the younger students and 1974 seemed so incredibly far away and now we had students who didnt recall IU in the 60s. One-fourth of all undergrads leave each year so 1967 I recalled so well was now unknown to most IU students!!!,,, I once made a GENERAL comment about how some guy could be 'the worlds greatest diamond' and noone would notice him unless he advertised himself. Bob thought I was referring to myself and put 'Worlds Greatest Diamond' on my door. Rather than explain myself I left it there and told him it was a MODEST description of me,,, I had Physics in 1970 with the same old broken down lab equipment that didnt work forcing us to lie about our results or get bad grades,,, Just off the COMMONS then they had the IU trophy room with all the sports awards and they had OLD basketballs cut in half and put on plaques with scores like 4-2. Now its all in a bldg far away,,, Next to Vals room where we hung out the most was a room always dark except for two guys studying by desklamps in the far corners. I was told they were Viet vets who appreciated the college money they got,,, The janitors were still 'stonies' from the town but ones we could get along with,,, They had the LITTLE 500 and the MINI 500 with girls on tricycles. I was never very interested in bikes,,, People hated computer classes in those days as they were all with punch cards. One mistake and it all stopped. One computer to use. Theyd all be there all night,,, An IU joke was to get a guy drunk until he passed out. Then hed be taken and dumped off in another town with a central limestone courthouse and he'd wake up on a Sunday and have to get back to IU,,, O dont know at what time it dawned on me that all the problems I was going thru to get a college degree didnt mean much as to get ahead one had to get ADVANCED degrees as well! Getting a Bachelors Degree in those days was a nightmare for people like me and now it was only the beginning???,,, Val is sitting on the end edge of Kens bed by the door to the hall. I come up the hall wearing only my terrycloth bathrobe from the shower. I see Val and that his head is at the level of my waist. I turn my rear end towards him as hes watching TV. I go, "Val". He turns towards me. I lift my robe and 'poof' right in his face. He chases me to my room but I make it back in time,,, 2-25-00,,, age 20,,,


__________APRIL 1970______: April in Bloomington was always the MONSOON SEASON with it raining 25 of 30 days each year,,, I dont know when MIDTERMS wer in early 1970 but I know that I had to at least pull two all-nighters which meant wandering the dorm hall trying to keep awake and my ulcer driving me to be in the bathroom stall a lot at 330am reading the graffiti that would still be there in 1991,,, I was walking from Briscoes rear door to town somehow one day and I ran into a backyard that had CHICKENS in it for Gods sake,,, 2-25-00,,, age 20,,, I was once getting off the elevator on the first floor and just as i did so the piped in radio said that the US and its allies had scored a major vicory on the 'Plain of Jars' which could win the war they claimed,,, IU basketball was great before i got there and after I left but it stunk most of the years I was there. It was bad in 69/70,,, Lloyd stuck an assignment book on his wall with his 'rankings' of all the girls he 'knew'. They were all girlfriends of the very few guys on the floor who dated and those girls girlfriends. None were anyone he dated. He actually RANKED these girls (all high) with little comments below. Naturally he was considered weird for doing it,,, Was this when i saw my first FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROTHERS comic???,,, The new auditorium had been completed on Jordan across from Read Hall where the old Music practice bldg had burned down in early 1968. Val and I were walking around one day. Taking photos? And we went in to hear the orchestra practicing but we only heard thee end of it. We were up in the upper level. I recall walking by that place many times when it wa sbeing built,,,, Was this when i learned that ken had asthma? and had to take pills? So many young guys on that floor were taking prescriptions,,, Another Rick, Rick B not Rick M had a weird habit of staring at the guys in the mens room. One day I had enough. I was in the bathroom and I said, "Alright Rick, I give up, You can have it" and he got all embarrassed and ran out. Val was in the ironing room at the time and came around to tell me he could hear me thru the vent,,,, Ken at some time got a SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING HANDBOOK as a present, which was coveted by science guys. He also got a subscription to SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN,,, Once in either 1970 or 1971 Val was in my room and my attache case was on the bed. He thought it was solid and sat on it. But it was only gray plastic so it broke under his 300 lb. He then took me to CURRYS BOOKSTORE to get a much more solid one. It had no key but it was a good one. Was it then called FOLLETT-CURRYS? and was the little house/grocery that was back from the sidewalk next to Currys still there? Or was it empty or even torn down?,,, Was this also the time when it was cold and I rode a campus bus for the first time getting on it alone across from Currys?,,, Once Lloyd was in Jim Ms room across from the trash chute room and bathroom door and someone pennied him in with Jim and Jims girlfriend. Lloyd was really trying to get out as he had colitis or something,,, I woke up early one weekend morning and tried to get the elevator down to the basement for some coffee or something. For some reason both were stalled or something. One was on the 5th or 6th floor. So I went back to bed. i was too tired to walk down and up 11 flights of stairs (actually, 22). When I got up I heard what had happened. Some guy came back drunk and decided to pop the doors and stand on the elevator roof. Which was covered with cable grease. He slipped and fell between the elevator and the shaft and was crushed to death. I heard it was his own roommate who opened the doors and found him which may or may not be true. So the elevators were turned off for weeks after that. And we had to go up and down repeatedly those ten floors! It was front page news in the INDIANAPOLIS STAR and NEWS as the elevators were made by OTIS which had a plant in Bloomington and was a major Indiana industry. The state legislature ranted against students 'dancing' on top of the elevator and noone was allowed to use them for all the weeks of inspections and newspaper articles and the state reps coming down to 'inspect' it. (Photo ops). Finally, after many weeks we could use them again. It was mostly punishment for us,,, I took my mid-term in P222 Physics and didnt touch my books until the night before the test. the next day I went to class with ken and I was scared to death as all I did was pull a near- All-Nighter to try to catch up on all that Physics. We took our tests together. Some day later we got them back and the prof listed the grades which got to 38 out of 40. I figured I failed big time. Ken solaced me and we walked from Swain into downtown Bloomington along East 6th Street and then down through the square and then decided to cross the street to the INDIANA THEATRE ice cream soda shop ("Martha Washingtons"?) Crossing the street he finally talked me into looking at my test. He had gotten the third highest grade with a 36. I finally got the nerve to open mine. It was a 36- and a half!. He went ballistic. He knew I was screwed up in the head all semester with my messed up mind and all I did was walk, walk, walk and by pulling one near-All Nighter I had come in second. "You F----ing 4.0!" he called me. At the ice cream place the woman behind the counter fought with me when i said I wanted to celebrate with a chocolate malted made with chocolate ice cream. "Its too rich", she said. But I eventually got it. A good day in my life after all. My high IQ shone through every now and then. Its what I had ALL the time from 1949 to 1959 before the 1959-1964 horror. (And I didnt even mention the worst things of that era and wont while my father lives and I still have to deal with his evil relatives. I was really going places before that evil 4th grade teacher, her devils for the next 5 years, and my rotten relatives) ,,, age 20,,, I was in the rear basement of Swain either heading to or leaving the elevator when I heard of Nixon blockading Hiaphong Harbor. THAT I recall as I thought it may start WWIII with nukes,,, At some point Lloyd ticked me off in some way and I said, "From now on Im going to call every bad thing 'Lloyd' " And the whole floor picked it up. His name was turned into a noun and a verb for every nasty thing and he eventually left the hall. I also recall he was in my room for some reason when I was throwing Cheez-its and that his parent(s) was from Panama and Val had a funny way of saying 'Pan-a-ma' with contempt,,, I still had my ulcer and my bland diet,,, We had monthly floor meetings,,, Took the Friday night walk from Briscoe to Hooks and the Mall,,, Burger King on Sunday nights although I ate some times alone at the Briscoe little window snack bar in the center bldg,,, long walk to Swain and back and back to Swain after lunch,,, I think SHA NA NA came to campus this semester and VAL went to see them. He told us how they would use their bodies to make little props while singing. The late 60s/early 70s were when people made fun of pre-Beatle greaser d00-wop music,,, A weird thing happened to my body one night which occurred while I was REALLY worrying myself into a black mood about my hopeless-looking future. My body, especially my legs, broke out into weird patterns. The flesh raised up in like little mosaics. I had no idea what could cause that. Some sort of weird virus? I had never heard of it before or since. Its the only time it ever happened and it happened during an all-nighter when I got no sleep, was really worried, and quite dirty and hadnt showered in a few days,,,, Another time I was in my room studying with Ken. he was on my bed by the window and I was in the big wooden chair by the door. We couldnt agree on what Physics problems we had to do. Bob came in. Bob then phoned our prof calling himself Walt Shafer and the profs wife got angry at him. The next day the two of us say apart in Physics class (Had to be a Monday). This was the most stupidly obvious thing to do. The prof immediately started ranting about someone doing that and calling his home. Im sure he knew it was us as we were always way up at the top of the sparsely populated lecture hall in the back left from him way below with the labtable desk and electric blackboard and we were always kidding around up there yet we were #2 and #3 with #1 right down front who was a real brownnose who bothered him at the end of every class,,, Mon 2-7-00,,, Ken was a lefty and had to train himself to reverse things such as with the seats we had in Physics where the fold-up armrest was designed for righties. We both were very good at reading and writing either upside-down or backwards or both and would do it while sitting next to each other at the far wall rear in the big Physics lecture hall. I think that for P221 in late 1968 I had Lurie and for P222 in early 1970 I had Hendry,,, _____WEDNESDAY APRIL 1, 1970, APRIL FOOLS DAY::: _______TUESDAY APRIL 7, 1970: John Wayne wins Oscar,,, _____ APRIL 22, 1970: First "Earth Day": ____ _____ _____ _____ _____ MAY 1970 _____ _____:::: Bob gave me a wooden skateboard at some time but Itook it home for some holiday and then he asked for it back at the end of the semester but it was gone,,, I used to pester my counselor Brinegar about my problems but those guys were no help. By pester I mean maybe 2 or 3 times during the semester,,, Ken had a birthday in the Summer so some floor guys were going to throw him into the shower before classes ended. I wasnt allowed to tell him but he was really smart and guessed what was coming. So he left Briscoe with me and we walked around together for hours. I reacll we were singing, "Du bist ein dumus asel" or something (I no longer recall German) as we walked on 7th street to N.Walnut street past the parking lot by the phone company next to the phone booth across from BURGER CHEF. May have been the same route as when I got my Physics test back,,,I believe it was sometime in May that the TV in Kens room was on to an Environmental Quiz of some sort and they asked which type of mining was the easiest. I first thought Strip Mining but then I thought again that it would be easier to just tunnel than move everything so thats what I said. Well, I was right the first time as Kens girlfriend Missy pointed out when I got it wrong,,, 2-3-00,,, age 20,,, The Lindsey fan broke up with his girl, or rather she did with him. I was trying to drag him away from her when he was embarrassing himself in the lunchroom over her.,,, The bunch of us were sitting at the lunchroom table one night and I was reading or something down at one end of the table all of a sudden I heard Ken say very loudly, "... TO ME?" and I jerked up my head and said , "Huh? What?" and the whole table erupted in laughter and Ken got sarcastic and started going "Hey? What?,, Hey? What?" It turned out that he was trying to get into a conversation and he finally blew up and yelled, "DOESNT ANYONE EVER LISTEN TO ME??" and I then said, "Huh? What?" Tues 2-8-00,,, Of course after the Monsoon season the whole town bloomed all at once. Most of the foliage was brought in over the decades to make IU rank #1 for beautiful college campuses,,, Once I loosened the top of the salt shaker and big Val spilled it all over his food. He immediately accused me and I said, "Do you think I'd fool with other peoples food with my ulcer and all?" Well, I did do it. But I didnt say I didnt either. I just asked a question.,,, I was walking thru the rather dark first floor long lounge and up the few steps to the rear door to go to campus. Probably right after lunch. I heard over the piped in radio station some info about Yankee Pitcher Mel Stottlemyre and thought it was amazing that he was still in baseball from my youth. Yet he only started in August or September 1964 but six years was a long time to me then. 1994 seems like yesterday now and its 2000,,, Was this the time Val finally won one of his 'meets'? I think he did it in discus. And he was drunk and excited and he and I walked around the campus. I recall us leaving Briscoe and walking to Swain. He was still trying to learn how to spit correctly. They then did an article about him in the papers calling him the gentle giant that we all teased him about,,, I guess we had a monthly floor meeting in May and my ulcer hurt and I had Gelusil and I walked from Briscoe- Fee Lane- Foster clanging flagpole line- under trestle -Tenth st- past Crosstown Pharmacy -Eigenmann- Forrest- St Charles- Prot church- Hooks at Eastland- College Mall,,, and I ran back and forth from Swain to Briscoe and back for lunch (see map),,, And we went thru the spooky area to Burger King and back,,, Tues 2-8-00,,, age 20,,, I dont recall when the FINALS were but as always Id really buckle down and learn months of work in a few days with no sleep. All-nighters in Swain 221 or the Commons or in my room or whatever. I think I even left Briscoe once to study back in Parks Wright,,,, I recall my very last day when i figured it was all over as my parents had really gone under financially and my mind was really screwed up along with my ulcer. I was packing my bags at my door just inside my room and Ken came by and i shook his hand and I told him I did not know when, if ever, Id see him again. And he later went back to his room after we talked a little bit and then I went out into the worst 1 1/2 years of my life from May 1970 to Sept 1971. I dont recall how I went home. Bus? Plane? Train? Probably train. ,,, 2-25-00,,, age 20,,, _______ FRIDAY MAY 1, 1970, USSR MAY DAY PARADES: ______ KENT STATE SHOOTINGS, MONDAY MAY 4, 1970: _______ TUESDAY MAY 15, 1970: New York Times article on anti-war protest at Indiana University. Rock and paint throwing. ,,, JACKSON STATE KILLINGS _________ MAY 16, 1970: This would then be about when the Cicadas appeared and covered the campus but I had always thought it was earlier. Next visit 1987. We had a few in York,Pa in 1987 as I recall talking to my father about them. But In Indiana they coated the ground,,, 2-3-2000,,, age 20 in 1970,,, _______ CICADAS: NYT MAY 24, 1970: "Cicadas will infest NYC Met area this year. 17 year life cycle. Only found in Eastern US. CICADAS ARE ONE WEEK LATE IN EMERGING FROM UNDERGROUND BURROWS IN NYC__________ __________ JUNE 1970:::: ______MONDAY June 1, 1970: NY Times goes up to 15c. __________ STILL WORKING ON!!!!! Late March 2000

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