Briscoe Fall 1968

BRISCOE 1968- _____ 1-16-2000: I believe you couldnt date a check on a Sunday still back then,,,, I dont know if I had to get another photo ID after I returned. That first one was stolen in Jan 1968 and i dont know when I replaced it,,,, PHYSICS LAB: At the very end of Swain Wests first floor. We called it "Springs and Things". I was honest in the beginning while taking my readings but the Grad Students who graded us simply went by how close your readings were to the right answer and NOT if you did it correctly but were stick with ancient broken equipment that didnt work well. It was ridiculous that the ones who got the best equipment by luck of the draw got the best grades. But the grad students themselves told us to use a 'fudge factor' for the equipment as each one had its own error and should be figured out and factored in as that was what was done in real experimentation. So that got us through it. I still recall working those experiments and where I was. Years later the lab became the grad student offices,,, age 18/19,,, , BRISCOE TROPHY CASE: On the back of the first floor Briscoe lounge. The photos and trophies of 1968 were STILL there unmoved in 1995!!!,,,, One time I was in Freds room and some obnoxious guy I had never seen before was in the next room picking on him thru the phonebox. Fred made the mistake of saying , "Say whatever you want about me but dont say anything about my mother". Naturally the guy then attacked his mother non-stop. The guy thought I was some kind of a tough guy from my accent. Silly, but it kept things calm between us. I think that was November 1968,,,, age 18/19,,, I think Tang, pop-tarts and Screaming Yellow Zonkers all appeared on the floor that same semester,,,, White Trash people watched Demolition Derby and Roller Derby on TV along with 'Pro' Wrestling. Now half of America seems to be white-trash,,,, This was the semester I learned to pop the elevator doors both inside and outside. Once I did it after a game. I got into my dorm just as the football crowd got there and I was in a huge crowd waiting to go up. So I pushed 'down' and was the only one to get on. It went down to the basement. On the way up I popped the doors just before reaching the First Floor and quickly grabbed them before they got open more than a few inches. I then held them there so the elevator would go right past the First Floor without stopping. The crowd went crazy but I went up to TEN alone. I dont know when I learned it or from whom,,, age 18/19,, ,, Vietnam was in the media every day reminding us we could get drafted out of college anytime,,, Some profs held classes outdoors in nice weather but never classes in things like Physics, Math or Chemistry,,,, Cold Duck and Boones Farm were the Underage drinking beverages,,,, First popcorn popper I saw was in Vals room where the doubles hall crossed the singles hall but I think it was Rick M.s,,, Posters were everywhere in the 60s as were bumper stickers with messages,,,, Either in Fall68 or Spring 70 someone kept pulling the fire alarm whose bell was at the singles/doubles intersection high up. Someone finally broke it. Never did learn who,,, The floors intermural teams were the Briscoe Bombers, Ken and Val and Bucky were on them. There is a great photo of them playing football in an Arbutus but I dont know if its 68 or 70,,,, The whole Fall was full of the campaign between Nixon and Humphrey and Wallace. Nixon was way ahead,,,, Was it late 68 or early 70 that Val had the tape recorder and we recorded spontaneous humor on it?,,,, 1-16-2000,,,