BRISCOE 1971: August 1971 to December 1971

____ BRISCOE 1971 _____ _____ August 1971____: Did I take the so-called 'limo' service to BWI and fly out to Indy? I doubt it. My parents probably drove me up to Harrisburg, Pa to wait in that weird little waiting section with chairs in the center of the big room. I guess I got a college loan in August at last. Those half-fare airline cards were good up to age 23, I recall. I now arrived at a very different Briscoe and IU. Instead of my old room of 1017B which I had 1968 and 1970 they put me instead in a double on the third floor. It was the first one at the turn towards the singles. 325? The dorm was now an OVER 21 dorm which allowed drinking. But all the upper floors were for girls and the lower ones for guys. Thats why I could no longer live in 'ten'. Most of the guys were veterans and many were just back from Vietnam on military scholarships. My roomie was a basically quiet guy who was in the navy for a short while so he wasnt messed up from the war. He also brought a HUGE bottle of Scotch that sat on the floor in his closet and had a spigot. He offered me all I wanted but I wasnt a scotch drinker. The window view was in the same direction but much lower. The first guy I met the first day was in the hall and told me he was a dropout from a place where he had been learning to be a priest. I figured he'd be alright but I held back on getting too friendly. I met him in the hall outside my room and we went to the Mall and directly to the new cafeteria they had added to the back in 1969. I recall very strongly the two of us standing on line behind a lot of adults and we were talking about something. I now guess it was a Sunday as thats when they had the lines. Lets try to look that up. Sunday Aug 1, 1971,, Wednesday Sept 1, 1971,, Friday Oct 1, 1971,, Monday Nov 1, 1971,, Wednesday Dec 1, 1971,, ,My birthday Oct 30, 1971 was on a Saturday. It looks like I was at that CAFETERIA on Sunday August 22, 1971. I forget what I ate there. It may have been the only time I bought my own full meal there. ,,, I guess I then went to visit Ken and Val and Bucky. They had moved out of Briscoe and were now living WAY down across Bloomington. Right next to the park that my girlfriend and I went to at night back in 1967 (Which seemed like a million years past). But I didnt notice the orientation at the time. I had never gone into that area in the daytime and I had never walked around the area to get things oriented to each other due to fear of the stonies. I really didnt attach the 1967 place completely with the 1971 place right away. I do NOT know how i knew where they were unless it was from a letter I got or if I had phoned them. I do NOT recall the very first time I went to see them after moving back into Briscoe. I just knew that they were the guys I waited so long to see and now I would no longer be living a few doors away from them. They now lived a huge distance away walking-wise and the winter would be coming. It was far enough to walk to Swain but they were still blocks behind it. I dont recall the first time I saw them after 15 months. That is weird. I would think that Id recall something I waited for every second of every day for fifteen months. But they lived in a complex with a bent lamppost out front and in the basement naturally. They griped that I wasnt there to move into the apartment with them when they did so. Story of my life: never having any parental money at the right times always made me a perpetual outcast,,, I dont recall if I went to meet them before or after I went to the cafeteria with that other guy. But my guess would be that I ate with him first, probably via his car, and then went looking for where they lived later.,,, I dont know the first moment I met Dunc who would be my good friend for the rest of 1971 and my constant drinking buddy. He was a Viet Vet from a family that had more money than mine. He spoke of a maid coming in. He had a junkbox statio wagon with rustholes on the roof. He was a champion runner from upper NY State who guy knifed by a Viet Cong soldier they were marching along in a group after capturing,,, REGISTRATION DAY 1971: I dont recall this at all but the records are around somewhere. There was only ONE Astro class available at the 300 level and it was a horrific one. Just what I needed after only being in school for a few months in the last few years!!! "SPHERICAL ASTRONOMY" also called "ASTROMETRY". The most picky and complicated and difficult and memorizing and precise thing imaginable. With an ancient professor who had a forty year curve and who failed whole classrooms of people. It was typical Karwicki luck that I would get my worst class and worst prof ever at the worst possible time. That was perhaps four credit hours out of 15, I guess. I proably also took another damn boring German course and who knows what else,,,(I have made no notes after early 1971),,, Friday 4-15-00 351 pm,,, Monday 5-1-00: (Little did I know it but the college loan situation loosened up enough in late 71 or early 72 for me to get what I needed the rest of the way. But I had NO idea of this in 1971. I was extrapolating from whay I had gone through from 1967 to 1971 and figured I'd have to wait ANOTHER 15 months to return after this period and I knew I could NOT go through a third year or more of that torture so I figured that THIS was the last year that I would ever be in college so I might as well 'enjoy' myself as there was no hope for people without money like me. Not unless I could become a "woman or minority" anyway. The liberal bigots classified all white-males as middle-class spoiled brats like themselves just because they were. the same people who whined about 'stereotyping'). I recall going up to the front of Atkinsons class and handing him my computer card, but only vaguely. (A year later a girl in my class named Linda said, "I know what I thought the first time I saw you" and I guess this was the moment but I hadnt noticed anyone yet. I always sat in the rear left of the room and as there were only about six people in Atkinsons class I guess that was pretty obvious. One day within a few classes of the beginning Atkinson asked if there was anyone who hadnt yet learned to use the 'Wang' and I had no idea what he was talking about but I raised my hand. Linda volunteered to show me and took me down the hall to a room at the corner that had a bunch of ancient adding machines on one side and some 'new' ones on the other. I had never seen an electronic calculator before. There was a warning on the wall behind them that one was messed up with a certain key and tended to go off on a line rather than on a sine curve. It was in the Swain Library that I saw my first xerox machine as well at that time. The sheets were long and greasy and fainter and blurrier than the original. I still have them. Right about the first day I arrived there was this girl outside of Briscoe? or Swain that had a pretty face but was pockmarked. I mention this as she was the very first person I saw when arriving in 8/71 and, weirdly, the very last one I saw when leaving in 6/73 as I went by Swain in my friends car heading towards Cincinnati. I had brought that JFK book I was reading with me into Astro class and my first thought when I first noticed Linda was that she was probably the typical college liberal who worshipped Kennedy. I sure was wrong. My new navy roomie talked me into going halfs on a refrig for the Fall semester. I dont recall if I did some drinking alone at Nicks etc. or if I had started drinking Schlitz Malt liquor behind the Observatory at night before meeting Dunc. But Dunc and I sure did plenty of drinking. He was messed up from Vietnam and I was messed up from all the things I previously mentioned. I guess we drank together Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I don't think we did it every day. I usually cant stand the thought of drinking the day after I already did and the bars were all closed on Sundays back then. I dont know what I did those other days: probably walk around the mall. I hadnt yet walked all the way along Walnut and College Avenues due to stonies even though I was supposed to have been gone by 6/71. I did walk around the 5&10s downtown a bit. Just about the first time Dunc and I went into Nicks he wanted to drink ar the bar counter and I did for a little while but then I talked him into using the booths. We did that from then on. Nicks had something like "16 taps, all Schlitz". For anything else one had to order bottles. I never had dark beer but Dunc got me into it in frosted mugs. And he got me into barbeque potato chips with them. I dont think I ever had either before that. We'd usually sit on the right on the first floor front about halfway back. But I also recall sitting quite a bit in the back at a table as we used to sit until he saud, "the forest wa sgoing up" (chairs on tables). We'd be there about 4 nights a week until they closed but we didnt get there until after 9pm. We went out the back door a few times including the first time when I recall it was drizzling. We would also walk up to the bar next to Burger Chef on N.Walnut St. and drink there. Actually, now that I think of it, when we went to that one we usually drove in his old rusty station wagon that had no heat and rustholes in the roof. We'd park at the gas station next door. I sure got to know the graffiti on the wall of Nicks first floor restroom and the place looked the same in 1991-95. I was still eligible to go to Vietnam and I knew it. One night I recall going to the place where Hoagy Carmichael wrote 'Stardust' in the 1920s that was kept to look the same. (THE GABLES). I had never been there before even though I went by it since 1967. It had ancient high backed booths and when we were there it was practically empty on a weekend night and there was an old Laurel and Hardy film on a continuous loop of them trying to climb a wall. We were seated on the right coming in but not against the wall, the next row over of booths across the aisle. About 4 or 5 in and I was facing forward and the film was up on the wall to my left and front a little. I forget if we went in before or after going to Nicks, I think before. They had coffee refills in there for 5c. Sometime in Sept 1971 Val took me to the CAVEAT EMPTOR Hippie bookstore on 4th street in the middle of the block on the south side. There was a chinese restaurant next to it then or later towards Walnut and I dont know what was there up to the corner but there is a huge parking garage now. We went in and to the right was a ramp going to the back and downstairs. To the left were all the posters against the back wall and I think the underground comics. In the back were lots of books and against the far back wall free coffee and donuts. Was this when I first saw underground comics? If so it was pretty late as they came out in the 60s. I also spent some time, but not as much as I would in 72, at the place where val, ken, and Bucky lived far south. One walked past the bend lampost or across the parking lot entrance to the very first house in the student housing project on the left. Then downstairs. Straight ahead was the laundry room but to the right was their place. Inside the living room was where one came in and the kitchen was to the left and most of the living room to the right with Vals big stero set in front of the window and the TV almost across from the door with the couch next to the door. To go straight ahead from the door led right into a tiny hall with one bedroom to the left, another to the right and the bathroom straight ahead. One time I was walking through campus with Val on the east side of Swain Woods where all the bldgs are and Val pointed out the obnoxious ADAM AND EVE STATUE to me and we went over to look at it. Val said something like, "For the amount that they spent on this thing, if they gave it to you, you would never have ever worried about how to get money for college or get your ulcer or have to keep dropping out or be drinking now." yes, they put that worthless thing up while I wa sout in 70-71 and every single time I returned I thought of his saying that. I was already at my high tide of embitterment, however and I had already given up. Day after day Dunc and I would drink at Nicks or elsewhere until after 2am. Then we'd usually walk, but sometimes drive, back to Briscoe B. Then I would go quietly into my room to not awaken my roomie and take out my little metal coffee pot. And I would have hotdogs in the refrig. We would then plug it into the wall outside my room and sit/lay on the floor where the halls came together and boil the hotdogs. I had white bread as well. Then we'd both sleep drunkly through our classes the next morning and go to lunch. I would bang on his door down the hall at the far end left from me at the meta; fire door and we'd go down to eat. He slept with the head of his bed next to his door so he'd open it and look up at me each time. This went on from at least early September 1971 to January or February 1972. 5-1-00 433pm FRIDAY MAY 5, 2000: I HAVE LOTS MORE NOTES FOR THIS. I JUST TOOK SOME DAYS OFF AND WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK SOME TIME. ... Now May 16, 2000: Im working on a new SW York page now. ...May 23,2000. Still resting....

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