(Make sure to read York High Sr Yr Agenda before going on to IU)::...... AUG 15, 1967: NASA director James Webb says that USSR will have bigger booster rockets for some time to come, painter Magritte dies,,,,, AUG16: syracuse has racial disorders, Farmers meet in Des Moines to raise prices by withholding products,,,,, AUG17: Stokely Carmichael calls for 'total revolution', Red Guards break into USSR embassy compound, MLKing says to oppose LBJ unless he de-escalates war, Syracuse gets curfew, AUG19: H Rap Brown arrested, AUG 21: Nixon calls for 'massive pressure' against N.Viet,,,,, AUg20: Kansas City Athletics rebell against owner Charley Finley. Manager Al Dark dismissed. Led to Harrelson leaving. AUG22: LBJ meets with Shah,,,,, AUG24: USSR launches Cosmos 173, Industrialist Henry Kaiser dies,,,, AUG25; GB/USSR hot line agreed on, Head Nazi george Lincoln Rockwell assassinated, McNamara says the bombing of N.Viet has not affected their war making ability, AUG26: 16 US planes shot down 8/20-8/26- a new record, AUG28: HARRIS POLL says American support for Viet War dropped in past six weeks from 72% to 61%, AUG30: Viet Cong free 1,200 Cong prisoners by storming jail, steel price hike,,,,, AUG31: Indonesia and Malaysia restore full diplo relations that were ended in 1963, US dies underground nuke test, USSR launches Cosmos 174,,,,,IN August 1967 baseball homerun star Tony Conigliaro was hit in the face by a pitched ball and out of the pennant race. There was then a bidding war for Ken Harrelson who left the Athletics and Boston won and Harrelson replaced Conigliaro. Harrelson was later known for his Nehru jackets. SEPT1: Cambodian chief Sihanouk cuts tie with China, Pham Van Dong reiterates bombing must halt to have talks, Siegfried Sassoon dies ...:: _______________ _______________ ________________ _________________ On the last page I got up to the first time I got off the bus and set foot in Indiana. I then waited for my suitcase to be handed me from the bottom of the bus. I believe I just took some other stuff on the bus. (The Aug 11, 1967 issue of TIME MAGAZINE editorial announced that 'this week' the first few issues of the new big soft cover 'Time Capsules' covering major years in history would be released. I know I bought those things up and I MAY have brought one with me to read. There were 4 at $1.65 apiece and 1950 and 1923 were two of the years. Friday 10-8-99). Then I went to the front of the bus depot which was a few steps behind. It was a very small bldg. I think a row of cabs were there but I forget if this was the first time I ever saw cab ride sharing or not. That may not have been until September. I told the driver the name of the dorm they were going to put me up in for the night. I know the driver took off diagonally out of the lot and across the big north-south street to get back on the street the bus was on just after it turned and just before it pulled into the depot. We headed East. I was sitting on the left side. I belive the cab was otherwise empty. There was a gas station diagonally from the depot but after that were just homes on both sides. A couple/few blocks up I noticed a few small stores in a row on the left and one of them had burgers. A few more blocks ahead and there was a big field on the right and a large building on the left. We then turned left with a lot to the left and up under another RR trestle. Obviously the same track as before. Now it looked like something. I saw huge buildings all around with green areas around them. He then pulled left into a traffic circle and parked. There was no sign stating the dorm name. I paid him with a tip. Then I walked between two huge bldgs ten floors tall and into a lower one in between. Somehow I found the front desk which was hidden behind the fancy stairs of these brand new bldgs. They then told me to go out and into the bldg on my left on the way out. (Normally, that was the girls bldg, but I didnt know that then). There were two elevators and I had to go up to the fifth floor. I found the room number and went in. There was a newspaper on each bed welcoming the new students. It had a big headline on it that said, I believe, WELCOME TO BLOOMINGTON. Yet I think it was still a regular daily paper. Perhaps they made a run with just a different front page. I wish I still had it. I probably brought it back to Astoria with me. I forget if the guy who would be my roomie that one night was there before me or not. But he showed up. His name was Ken Kryszaniak (sp?). He was going to be a dentist. Naturally I asked him about the new Rankin and Bass cartoon about the elf that wanted to be a dentist and he had already heard all about it. Why anyone wanted to be a dentist was beyond me. Our conversation went from teeth to hair and I mentioned my hair was black at birth, blonde as a child and then turned black again in the 60s. Im not really sure what I did before I had to register. At least I THOUGHT I had to register and went 800 miles on a mistake. Wed 10-5-99 426pm Thurs 10-6 1235pm. I asked the Archives when Early Registration was in Aug 67. I'll insert it later. Now my memory of the sequence is vague. I do recall that the very first time I got on the elevator in Briscoe A North-5th? Floor I was still alone in my room (Aha, he came later) and the elevator went nuts. It fell like a stone with me on it alone and I kept trying to stop it. It finally did stop on ONE with a big jerk and I got out with my knees shaking uncontrollably. That never happened to me again in all the years I lived in Briscoe later. I know I was only in Bloomington from about 3pm/330pm of the day I arrived until sometime the next day. I know I ate in a place that they gave me a coupon for but I forget when. As I recall walking north it may have been right after registration on that day. Here is my best guess: I think I went into the room to find it empty and the free paper there. Then I think I went out to look around. I believe I then returned to meet Ken K. Then I believe I went to register for the first time in my life. I think I then came back and ate supper at Foster Quad and then looked around and went back to the Briscoe room. I may have then gone to bed and gotten up to leave the next morning.... SIZE: When I went out I noticed a number of huge building complexes bordered by the railroad trestle on the south and the huge new football stadium on the north. About seven blocks south to north. But I also made out some stuff in the distance beyond that. The building complexes also went about NINE blocks west to east and beyond that were other campus buildings in a row north to south along the street. So SEVEN times NINE equals a sixty-three block area which I considered tremendous compared to the one campus I was on: Columbia. FOOD: That was the only time in my life I ate in Foster Quad. I had the free lunch ticket and was very self-conscious as college in those days was MUCH more elitist than nowadays and I never had any social understanding in the first place. I also very rarely ate in a lunch line. The lunchroom was to the right of the main desk. I wasnt sure what I could take and what I couldnt. I sat down and ate by myself. I noticed one guy with a very nice shirt that impressed me and later on I bought one in September which I still have. I had a twig of parsley on the food and I had no idea what to do with it so I looked around for a clue as to whether it was a decoration or edible. I saw one guy chewing his and leaving it afterwards so I did the same. Then I watched and saw them take their trays to a shelf along the wall so I did the same. There was a moving conveyor belt there. VENDING MACHINE ROOM: There was a vending machine room in the basement. I dont know how I knew that. Maybe Ken told me. I was impressed by an entire room of nothing but vending machines containing everything imaginable. REGISTRATION: I dont even recall my first registration. Perhaps as I did it so many times the same way they all run together. I dont even know for sure if it was in the OLD FIELDHOUSE the first time as were all the others. But REGISTRATION in those days ran like this: (((((( ILL GET MY OLD SCHEDULE OF CLASSES BOOK AND INSERT THIS INFO LATER))))). I do recall that I got one of the shocks of my life when I was talking about how huge the campus was and Ken suddenly said something like, "You havent even seen the REAL campus! This part north of the railroad tracks is a recent afterthought. This little piece is nothing. The CAMPUS is all SOUTH of the tracks!" I was stunned! And when told about it I wanted to run right out and see it but it was too late as I had to catch the bus downtown to Indianapolis to get the train back. As I had no idea where I was in relation to the bus depot I took the cab back to it but I could have walked. However it would still have been about a dozen blocks with my luggage. Then I went up to Indy and took the train home to NYC. I dont recall the ride back.________________ _________________ __________________ __________________ ___________________ _____________________ ___________________ _____________________ ____________________ ___________________ AFTER RETURNING FROM EARLY REGISTRATION. (I had all these dates down somewhere in 1993.) When I got back from Bloomington I recall I received a form to request a dorm. I was so impressed by the one I was in I applied to live there. It was called "FEE LANE II" on the slip i got for where to stay overnight and also on a booklet I had gotten. I got one for each dorm available. I put down "Fee Lane II". But I late got urned down as there were so many others wanting it, too. Turned out that it didnt even have a name on that booklet they sent me and its real nmae was "BRISCOE". I got assigned to Wright Quad and I had no idea where it was. I also had the audacity to request a double suite private for ONE person: me. Thats how well my monetary situation was then for that one short period of my life. (Later on I couldnt afford anything).10-18-99... TUESDAY AUGUST 29, 1967: After I returned from Early Registration the very last episode of my favorite show since 1963, THE FUGITIVE, would be on. Its in NY Times AUGUST 30, 1967 edition. I recall taping the whole thing on that huge black reel portable taperecorder I bought. I put it on slowest speed. I sat right on the floor of the living room with my parents on the couch behind. It was the first of many shows where the bad guy was a Viet Vet but I didnt notice it at the time. ________________ ________________ Early September 1967 came after that. Perhaps I went to a Mets game. The first day of class was SEPT 15 but the regular registration was before that. I dont recall what i did those two weeks in Astoria BUT I do recall coming home to seeing my mother sewing my names on my shirts. She told me that Dale's mother Gertie told her to do it as that was what she did for her kids when they went to Summer camp. I wonder where she got the little fabric strips with my names on them unless she made them herself somehow. She could sew and had a sewing machine like most women in those days ___________ I left for college on SEPTEMBER 10, 1967 on the PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD train from what was left of Penn Station.

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