NOVEMBER 1968: Briscoe 1017, Fall Semester

NOVEMBER 1968: BRISCOE QUAD: FALL SEMESTER: ROOM 1017::___::....... ELECTION DAY!! 1968: ..... ARMISTICE/VETERANS DAY: Monday, Nov 11,1968...... THE HEIDI GAME: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17,1968: Jets were beating Oakland in final minute, NBC switched to run Heidi movie and Oakland got two TDs to win! 1-11-00 ,,,,THE CHAIN GAME 1968:. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23,1968. 1-11-00. Wouldnt you just know it: The most important game of 1967 was the Purdue game but it was the only game to fall during a vacation so it was the one game I missed. But this year, when IU wasnt going anywhere the game was played before Thankgiving vacation started. I was in my room listening to it blare out of, I believe Val's room. We were now trying to beat Purdue just to be in the final Top Ten rankins. Of course, in those days, only the best team in the BIG TEN was allowed to go to any bowl game at all and no team could go twice in two years anyway. So neither Purdue nor IU could go to a bowl game although they both had good records before this game. But this was a close game that was close all through the four quarters and played up in West Lafayette and IU was behind near the end and they decided to go for a first down on fourth down to win the game! And WE GOT IT!! Our 1967 luck held! Well, wait. Purdue wants the distance re-measured. They say there was a kink in the chain. They re-measure it- and WE LOSE IT. And we lost the game!!! We wound up in the Top Twenty.1-11-00 Funny how when in 1967 Thanksgiving was on Nov 23 I had to leave before it yet in 1968 when it was on Nov 28 I was still there. Too bad it wasnt the other way around so I could have seen the BIG GAME in 1967.. ... WENT HOME FOR THANKSGIVING 1968:.Well, this was it. NOW we were fully Yorkers. When I left Astoria, Queens in early Sept 1968 I left my Astoria home for the last time forever. Between then and Thanksgiving Vacation my parents had quit their NYC jobs and moved everything we owned to York,Pa. I guess I took the bus from Bloomington to Indianapolis and then I guess I flew stand-by, half-fare from there to Baltimore (or it could have been Harrisburg). I guess I may have changed planes in Pittsburgh. I KNOW I got off the bus at night at the Greyhound station and it was dark and I carried my bags down South George Street. Was I too broke for a cab? Was I being frugal? But I know my parents werent expecting me. I had a hard time with all my stuff I was carrying for some reason and I would carry some down George Street and then go back and get the rest and then walk past my other stuff. I did this all the way down George at night with no thought of crime. I had no idea they had a race riot in Summer 1968. I didnt know that until the 90s!. I thought it was all just as safe as 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967. I got to the Newstand that was at Boundary Ave for many years and the guy was getting close to closing up. I asked him if he'd watch my stuff in front of his shop while I carried the rest down a ways but he turned me down. So I kept doing it all the way to Cottage/George. Then I did it slowly and painfully west on Cottage Place. FINALLY, I made it to the front porch which was in perfect condition in a FAMILY neighborhood that was quiet then. I fumbled for my key while noticing the lights were off. I was wondering all the way there whether my parents were there or still in New York City and I was thinking that I may have guessed wrong. I finally got the door open and who is on the other side but my father holding the red metal put-together shovel above his head. He thought I was a burglar as I told them I probably wouldnt be able to afford to come home. 1-11-00 ..... ,,,,THANKGIVING DAY, THURSDAY NOVEMBER 28,1968... ,,,,,BACK TO COLLEGE AFTER THANKSGIVING 1968:......


DECEMBER 1968:::___:::......... BORESS CHRISTMAS PARTY 1968:.... ,,,,, GOING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS 1968:.... CHRISTMAS, WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 25,1968:...... SUNDAY DECEMBER 29, 1968: Jets beat Raiders 27-23 to be AFL champs at last!! On the same day the Colts beat the Browns 34-0 to be NFL champs. The two teams I wanted to go all the way in 1967 now did it a year later! ..... NEW YEARS EVE 1968/1969: TUESDAY DECEMBER 31,1968.....


JANUARY 1969:____ NEW YEARS DAY: WEDNESDAY JANUARY 1,1969..... ::: BOWL GAMES 1969:.... ,,,,,SUPERBOWL 1969:..... ,,,,,FINAL EXAMS 1969:.. ,,,,,BACK HOME FOR SEMESTER BREAK 1969:....



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