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GAZETTE AND DAILY:_________________ AUGUST 1964:: _____ Sat Aug 1, 1964. PHOTO wrecker ball crew demolishes old sunday school bldg of Christ Lutheran Church at court st and mason ave. New structure to go up. White steeple Very next paper was vietnam war begining. This was the last paper i saw just before leaving. The demolishing must have been taking place the day before when i was downtown trying to spend my money for the last time. I was at market/george and this is the church just a few yards down at the next alley....... Mon Aug 3: US exchanges fire with 3 PT boats off n.vietnam,,,,, tues aug 4, 1964: Downtown York SALES DAY, us beefs up patrol in n.viet gulf, destroy order issued,,,,, wed aug 5: PHOTO: 6th annual circus at kiwanis lake (kids go there?), johnson orders attack against n.viet after repeat attacks, 3 bodies found in misss. may be rights workers,,,,, Thurs aug 6: Stengel to go out at end of season- payson and don grant agree, franklin discount stores 545 s.pine and 1200, PHOTO: Houses demolished 410-412 orange ct PHOTO" Hiroshima 19 yrs ago today, n.viet denies 2nd pt boat attack,,,,, SAT aug 18 (35 yrs ago today): zulu-second week-capitol, molly brown- 3rd wk-strand , hiway-mcclintock & incred Mr Limpet, stoney brook- hard days night/another movie j.lewis?, holiday-mchales navy, southern- good neighbor sam, trail- viva las vegas, jolly cow drive in- 2301,,,,, tues aug 11: page 4 bottom PHOTO of street ,,,,, Thurs aug 13: PHOTO kids from pine hll playground phila/pine, PHOTO p46- Sceniccruiser double decker,,,,, Sat aug 15: PHOTO: George/Jackson, PHOTO: fire-237e.poplar,,,,, tues aug 18- PHOTO- king/duke, wed aug 19, 1964: PHOTO- new ladder truck- bldgs behind it p30, thurs aug 20- PHOTO Motter 200 blk west princ, FRI AUG 21,1964- PHOTO- HUDSON PARK pointing at nerw light there, anti-poverty law signed by Johnson, DIAGRAM- and drawing of Colonial Shop Center- sechrist Bros foods, eddie donelson essso, minnichs pharm, colon bty shop, sechrist bros food market, colonial casuals, flinchbaugh bros, york bank, colonial coffee shop, pa liquor store, colonial book store,,,,, Sat aug 22: R.Crusoe on mars- Trail (saw in NYC), strand- moonspinners, capitol- honeymoon hotel, stony brook- robin & 7 hoods & The Long Ships, holiday- bikini beach southern- bed time story,,,,, Thurs aug 27, 1964: PHOTO- 6 pack pepsi bottles, Sat aug 30- gala opening of the new and greater colonial shopping center george and country club road. (We had no idea that the Colonial Shop Center had just re-opened and that the old Hannah Penn was just being torn down. We also had no idea that the farmers market at george/cottage had just moved there) More sat aug 30: PHOTO- improvement of Codorus furnace PHOTO- Jackson/Geirge - wider curbs, overhead lights (We also had no idea this was just changed),,,,, Monday Aug 31, 1964: Linc drive in- Mad, mad world, stony brook- molly brown, holiday-bikini beach, sothern- marnie, strand- house is not a home, caoital- fall of the roman empire (I bought the comic in spring), trail- promise, promises (jayne mansfield), PHOTO- 300 warren street 'street car-washing ban stays (since 19??) cant read it.. ................... SEPTEMBER 1964: Tuesday Sept 1, 1964: PHOTO p3: Catholic schools opened. 1/2 days this week. Public schools open after Labor Day,,,,, WWII STARTED 25 YEARS AGO TODAY!!,,,,, (DEc 12, 1963- woman found dead in her shop at 342 west market) 18 yr old girl committed yesterday, with two guys,,,, WED SEPT 2: Wrightsville Bridge,,, PHOTO!!!!! FIRST BLOCK WEST MARKET "Downtown Newstand'/Frostie root beer sign (forgot it!), constructio there- foremans name George Harrison,, BOBBY KENNEDY wins DP nod for Senate seat,,,,, THURSDAY SEPT 3_ SENATE approves MEDICARE,,, Stan Musial collapses from exhaustion, age 43 (Im now 49.8), marichal beats mets 4-0, dean chance 17-6 beats jim bouton 15-12 4-0,,, whitesox 7 detroit 0: Peters 16-7, Aguirre 4-8, kaline o for 3,,, Gibson/StL 6-2 over Milw. Gibson 13-10 fischer 10-9,,,, FRIDAY SEPT 4: LINCOLN HIGHWAY RELIEF ROUTE PROPOSED !!! $4.5 million DIAGRAM: p3: "FOR THE ECONOMIC INTERESTS OF THE CITY" aired yesterday at public hearing,,, PHOTO-Bantz Park light p35,,,,, SAT SEPT 5: PHOTO- York Catholic HS,,,, THURS SEPT 10: Hurricane DORA hits Jacksonville (PHOTO p2), PHOTO: OLD WELL FOUND DOWNTOWN (1st block west market),,,,, FRIDAY SEPT 11: TWO PHOTOS: 2nd block east market, 1st block south beaver,,, President in Harrisburg,,, PHOTO!!!- DOWNTOWN YORK p4,,, corner king and phila,,, START SEPT 12:::