---------- Halloweens ----------

---- The last FULL MOON on Halloween was 1974. The next one before that was 1955, which MIGHT have been my first Trick or Treat. The Lunar calendar is 28 days. So a full moon will occur once every 28 days. That means an AVERAGE of one Full Moon every 28 years on Halloween. However, a Full Moon falling one day before or after is still 27/28 Full and we had Full Moons on Oct 30, 1993 and Oct 30, 1966. Plus probably a couple on November 1. And a Full Moon falling two days away is still 26/28 or 13/14 Full. ______________ _______________ _________________ _________________ _________________ ---------- New York Times, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1963::::: JOHNSON PROMISED PLACE ON 64 KENNEDY TICKET,,,,, 62 DEAD AND HUNDREDS HURT IN BLAST AT INDIANA ICE SHOW (Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum) ::::: DRYEST OCTOBER ON RECORD!!!!! 10-31-63::::: THURSDAY OCTOBER 31, HALLOWEEN: 63* high, 41* low... Trace of Rain...... 3pm: 60*, 7pm: 55*, 11pm: 49*...... NOVEMBER 1, 1963: FULL MOON (I was out to after midnight)_________________ __________________ ____________________ _________________ ___________________ _________________ ___________________ _________________ ____________________ ____________________ NYT::: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1962:::: V.K.KRISHNA MENON REMOVED, NEHRU TO DIRECT FIGHT WITH CHINA, U.S. RUSHES ARMS, BRITAIN WEIGHING LEND-LEASE TO INDIA,,,,, CASTRO BALKING AT INSPECTION,,,,, MISSILE REMOVAL ON, U.N. HEARS,,,, U.S. RENEWS AIR-SEA WATCH TODAY,,,,,,,,,,,,Sunday, OCT 28, 1962: NEW MOON,,,,,,HALLOWEEN, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31, 1962::: 68* high, 47* low,,, .18 RAIN!!,,,, NOON 52*, 3pm: 51*, 8pm 47*,,, ________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ ____________________ _______________ ___________________ __________________ _________________ _____________________ NYT WEDNESDAY NOV 1, 1961:::: PRESSURE GAINS FOR U.S. TO RESUME A-TESTS IN THE AIR,,,,, SOVIET FIRES 2 MORE BLASTS IN NUCLEAR SERIES IN ARCTIC,,,,,, TUESDAY OCTOBER 31, 1961:: LAST QUARTER,,, NOON 74*, 3pm 74*, 6pm 67*,,,, NO Precipitation,,,, I think this was the year of the Skeleton costume_____________ ___________________ _______________ _____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ________________________ ___________________ __________________ ___________________ NYT:: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1960:::: PROPOSED UN ARMS STUDY WOULD EXCLUDE BIG THREE,,,,, B70 PROGRAM EXPANDED,,, IKE ADDS 2 CRUCIAL STATES TO CAMPAIGN TRIP,,,,,,THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1960 FIRST QUARTER MOON,,,,, MONDAY OCTOBER 31, 1960: 3pm: 55*, 6pm: 54*, 9pm: 53*,,,, PRECIPITATION: .02" CLOUDY,,, I think I wore a Superman costume this year. But now this I can't understand: My father and I BOTH recall me FREEZING when I came in to drop off one bag of candy to get another bag. My face was like ice and my nose was running badly. I also recall going to the very first house two blocks up on the east side of 21st St and the snow coming down just enough to cover the sidewalks with a thin layer of white. But look at the temps? How could this be? These temps are for the middle of Central park. Maybe there was some freak weather where the East River and Long Island Sound met?? I see no other year in the 59-63 period where the temp would be 32*. Note the thin precipitation, just right for what I said. Maybe I was so cold because I wasn't wearing a coat and perhaps I only had my underwear on under the costume?_________________ ____________________ ____________________ _____________________ _____________________ ______________________ ____________________ __________________ _______________________ ________________________ NYT, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1959:::: STEEL TEAMS END OWN PEACE TALKS,,,,, KHRUSCHCHEV BIDS BOTH SIDES MAKE SOME CONCESSIONS,,,, SATURDAY OCTOBER 31, 1959:::: NEW MOON!!! CLOUDY, .11 Precipitation between 7am and 7pm, (Must have been a dark night),,,,, 3pm: 56*, 6pm 58*, 9pm: 59*,,,,, I think this was the time I wore a spaceman costume as I recall a squarish mask shaped like a space helmet. _______________________ _________________ _________________ ________________ ___________________ ______________________ ___________________ ___________________________ __________________________ ______________________

Full moons closest to Halloween

OCTOBER 31, 1955,,, oct 19,56,,, nov 7, 57,,, oct 27,58,,, a new moon hit on halloween 1959- worst possible,,, nov 3, 60,,, oct 23,61,,, nov 11,62,,, nov 1,63,,, nov 4,64,,, nov 9,65,,, oct 29,66,,, oct 18, 67,,, nov 5,68,,, oct 25,69,,, nov 13,70,,, nov 2,71,,, oct 22,72,,, nov 10,73,,, OCTOBER 31, 1974,,, 9-15-99 141pm,,,,,,

...... My image of the Halloween parade in the 60s was that i was standing there in front of the donut shop near the Pershing Ave railroad tracks repeatedly with both my parents. And that one of those nights was exceedingly cold and we had to keep going inside for coffee. But what i now see is: Sunday night, Oct 31,1965- I could have been with both my parents if my father DROVE all the way up here for the weekend. MONDAY NIGHT OCT 31,1966-- I was living at Richards so I may have gone to Astoria, Queens for the weekend and come back alone for Halloween..... TUESDAY OCT 31, 1967- I was in Indiana.... WEDNESDAY OCT 31, 1968-- I was in Indiana..... FRIDAY OCT 31, 1969:-- I was in York with my parents..... SATURDAY OCT 31, 1970-- I was in York with my parents..... SUNDAY OCT 31, 1971-- In Indiana..... MONDAY Oct 31, 1972----- In Indiana..... WEDNESDAY OCT 31, 1973-- Back in York but my mother was now sick with the illness that would kill her. We MIGHT have gone..... THURSDAY OCT 31, 1974-- DITTO....... ______________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ____________ YORK GAZETTE AND DAILY, MONDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1965: ELECTION TOMORROW, Mayor Snyder vs Al Hydeman. Hydeman complains of 'Mayors failure to carry out the principles of the city's new charter for a strong-mayor gov't". Snyder was 72. Also Mayor in 1944-1947 and last 4 years..... HALLOWEEN PARADE. Has couple of photos. HUGE CROWDS- due to MILD WEATHER. PARADE WAS "SATURDAY NIGHT< OCT 30, 1965" (BLUE LAWS?), photo- Chamber of Commerce across from viewing stand. Yvonne Dance Studio gets top prize- Egyptian Barge,,,, GAPS IN PARADE DUE TO PENNA RR TRAINS AT PERSHING AND ALSO EAST MARKET BETWEEN 7pm and 9pm. THE 730 train "blocked it for a particularly long time." (I recall that!)..... PHOTO: IKEYA-SEKI 455am mst in Texas, 7pm was 59* and only drop a few degeees by 9pm,,, CS Davidson died,,, green Bay gets first loss by Bears 31-10, now 6-1, tie with Baltimore Colts,,,, Jets 1-5-1,,,,, Cleve lead other division 5-2,,,,, UNITAS over SF 34-28, 4td,,,,, PHOTO- CITIZENS BACK "NEW LINCOLN HIGHWAY". Signing petition for bypass. Kreutz Creek Lions Club had special group to push it...... WED 9-28-99