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PAGE SIX: Bloomington, Indiana 1971-1973:
PAGE SEVEN: York, Pa 1973-1975:
PAGE EIGHT: Gainesville, Fla 1975-1978:
PAGE NINE: York, Pa 1978-1983:
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PAGE ELEVEN: York, Pa 1991- now:
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I just got a note from Tripod that I now have to update this thing every thirty days so I guess I'll do so. I havent touched it since July 2, 1998 and this is February 1,1999. ...... Well, let's see. I was born at the Adelphi Hospital in Brooklyn on the day before Halloween. I never saw the hospital. Just a month or so ago i was looking at some sort of map of brooklyn which might have had the old postal designations and I noticed "Adelphi" in the center of Brooklyn. I know that my parents got married a little over one year before on Oct. 24 and that they got married twice. I grew up in Greenpoint,Brooklyn along the East River. The one 'national' claim to fame my block had was that it contained the factory that made the boxes that Tootsie Rolls came in. Greenpoint is known for being where the ironclad Monitor was made. And where Mae West grew up. And where the very first known paid baseball player played (for the Brooklyn Eckfords)--------This is now May 3, 1999. I was in AOL and came across their search engine. I never go to AOL. Anyway, I forgot all about this page. It said that 236 people went to it. That was a surprise. What I've really been doing with my time lately is making gigantic autobiographies. One with EVERYTHING which would embarrass a lot of people including myself and a couple of censored versions. I may also make a very very censored version right here now that I have rediscovered this. ------- ------ ------ ------- ------ ------ ------- ----- -------

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