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OFTEN DOING PAPER WORK by myself in the Galleria FOOD COURT.... Completly own house... never married... likes dogs and cats but no longer have any..... On SSI for life. Permanent income. Have a carport but sold car. . Still have license. No drugs. Don't drink. ....Was into body building in the 90s but quit when father goe sick. Now making a return. I walk from York College to the Galleeria. 6'2"... WALT KARWICKI, 252 west Cottage Place (Near York College)... Mailing address : WALT KARWICKI, 252 west cottage place, York,Pa 17401. I own my house. Fully paid. But sold the car to finish paying for the house. ... I hang out in the GALLERIA MALL in York and in the Borders Books across the street. Studied Astrophysics for ten years.(Indiana University, U.Fla) ( I now no longer have to work. But I can't be a spendthrift either. Single and looking. This is for those whom have seen me in the Galleria. NOT a swinger. Quiet type. Appearance should be equal to my own. KARWICKI@HOTMAIL.COM ...MAY 5, 2008.

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