SEPTEMBER 1967 addenda

SEPTEMBER 1967: ..... REGISTRATION PROCEDURE, Sept 1967: Had to have received PERMIT TO REGISTER CARD. Report to northeast corner of the FIELDHOUSE according to the schedule based upon first three letters of last name. Stand outside in cold by that metal door while a guy standing on a chair called them out every ten minutes starting at 730am until 220pm. I would have been NEXT TO LAST if I had NOT gone to early registration. (Joo-Kin.. 2:10), Reg started for GRADUATES AND FRESHMEN on Tuesday, September 12, 1967. To be permitted to the fieldhouse you must have with you: a) Permit to register, b) Registration Card (From Dean of your school), c) Check-list release card (if your name was on the check-list). ON your registration card enter the courses in which you wish to enroll and which must be approved by the Dean of your school. Fill in the remaining part of the card except that section marked "To be filled out by faculty member assigning classes" and the fee area. ON the permit to register update any info missing or incorrect. It is YOUR responsibility to check the final exam schedule to avoid more than two final exams on one day and to avoid conflicts. Report to the tables of the depts offering the courses on your Registration Card. (This means to enter the big dirt floor area of the fieldhouse with all the tables around the edges). Stand in line to give your Registration Card to the proper enrollment officer to receive a class section assignment. That means you receive TWO punched computer cards, one orange and one white, for each course listed on your registration card and the writing on your Registration Card of the SECTION NUMBER, TIME, DAYS, BUILDING, ROOM NUMBER, and INSTRUCTORS NAME by the enrollment officer. Do this at each dept table. It took forever! Especially when the course you wanted was filled and you had to go to the back of the line and shuffle your schedule and try again. When done with all courses: Report to the Registrars check-out station. All pinched computer cards will be checked with your Registration Card. The WHITE punched cards will be retained by the clerk together with your permit to register, the ORANGE punched cards will be returned to you. The total of the assigned hours of credit will be enetered on the Registration Card. (And if you dont have 14, off to Vietnam you go). Report to the BURSARS OFFICE upstairs in the Mens Gymnasium (upstairs from dirt floor) with your Registration and orange punched cards. The assessor will compute your fees and the typist will write your receipt. Take the Reg Card and receipt to a teller, pay your fees, and turn in your Reg Card. Retain your copy of the fee receipt and all the orange punched cards. Report to the clerk at the exit door. He will stamp each of the orange punched cards. You have completed your registration. The orange punched card is to be presented to each of your instructors at the first class meeting. You will not be admitted without them. _______ TIME TABLE FOR JUNIOR DIVISION STUDENTS TO PAY FEES: Only those students in the Junior Division who registered during the Summer) ((Thats me! So I did NOT pay in August 1967 when I registered)). THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1967. ((So this is when I FINALLY paid for college)). Report to the Southwest entrance of the old Fieldhouse with your envelope containing registration supplies according to the following schedule. So that means I had to hold them in Astoria from Aug to Sept. Jad-Kim: 210pm______ LATE REGISTRATION cost $25.00!!!_____ DROP AND ADD: FRIDAY, SEPT 22 and SATURDAY, SEPT 23, 1967. KAR was next to last on the final day!!!______ "The regular forty-five minute class periods begin at the follwing times: 730,830, 930, 1030, 1130, 1230, 130, 230, 330, and 430. A fifteen minute interval is scheduled between these periods.___________The IU football team had a mascot back then. He was a red buffalo,,,, Nicks English Pub had an ad with Hitler coming out of it,,, The phones had big red/white cardboard 'I's attached with important IU phone numbers as well as places that delivered food. I may have gotten my burgers from Dog and Suds from one,,,, I believe the PIZZARIA had a bunch of scooters to deliver with,,, When I got into that thing at Sears about 'bags' vs 'sacks' I forget what I was buying. It may have been some All-Sorts, or some sort of chocolate they had on sale,,,, I was impressed by the much louder thunderstorms they had out there. The Penna mts simmers them down a lot,,,, cash registers then were mechanical and people had to figure their own change. People too stupid to do so nowadays,,, I bought a hard clear plastic case with Polish Eagle playing cards out there. I think they were red and white AND red and blue. They are still here somewhere. They were, I believe, from that gift shop place just inside the mall entrance on the right. Two or three shops down. Thats also where I got those wax dripping candles to seal envelopes and that metal embossing piece. Sure wish i recalled the name of that place I was in so much that i still clearly recall standing on line there on the right of the store,,, learned I liked chicken salad and ham salad sandwiches,,, And grilled cheese made with different breads. They pan always had just one made with pumpernickel and I grabbed it if it was still there,,,, Above the WORKINGMANS Savings bldg was always that HUGE revolving letter "W" way on top of the pole. Reminded me of the Big W in "Mad, Mad World",,,,, IU president was Elvis J. Stahr and the anti-war stuff drove him nuts. He quit in Summer 1968,,,,, Could only take a little rhubarb. hoosiers said it was the same with them,,,, The typewriter store on Kirkwood was very important in those pre-computer days. As was carbon paper,,,, I think that in that tiny vending machine room just past the first floor lounge was also a stove/oven and thats where Frank K. made the Welsh Rabbit and Brandy Pancakes. Boy, I was young then. My first experience with such foods,,, I think there was a ping pong table in the 1st floor lounge, too,,,, The mall there was right next to the city so in those days i did NOT think of a mall as being something built to get AWAY from cities. Cities were still okay then,,,, Only credit cards then were American Express and they were for the very successful only,,,,12-8-99,,,

OCTOBER 1967 Addenda

This sure was one of the more interesting months of my life,,,,, ,,,, The guy, Ernie, who was in the 'Marching Hundred" corrected me about his band. Turned out that the 100 wwere one of the SMALLER bands. I thought they were bragging about their size. So it was unusual for us to have a member of it on our little half-floor. Of course, we also had the Dorm President and the Freshman Class president and one of the very few who would get an Astronomy degree,,,,, While in the stadium for the football games I was envious of the people on the stands on the other side of the field as the marchers always spelled out everything for them. I was informed it was the ALUMNI side and they had to drive all the way home afterwards while we were still YOUNG and in college. It was a great time and place to be young,,,, For my Birthday date I borrowed some "BRUT". It was, far and away, 'the' stuff to wear.,,,, My roomie bothered me a couple of times about giving blood as he did. Well, the few days they were there coincided with my first college dates and my birthday and seeing Dean Rusk. I wanted to risk nothing that might slow me down right then,,,, Once I carried my tray over to our window table looking down on the big courtyard and Grant and the Marine guy and some others were making up nonsense one-word conversations using interesting words. So I piped in and said, "Windowshades" and the other guys said, "Windowshades? HMMPH!",,,,, The Marine guy naturally got the least-seeming macho guy as his roomie. Later he said, "I thought that guy was (whatever word he used for gay which didnt yet exist), but now I see that he's just so damned cultured" (Now that guy is all built up),,,, Guy Loftman himself brought the PRP candidate for representing Wright to the huge main lounge. Grant and I went in from the side door and were there with a crowd and the candidate had a lisp and it was hard to keep a straight face when youre 17 but we all did. But I think he lost. Jeez! They had such a HUGE room there and it had DOZENS of couches. I guess for making out in those pre-visitation days,,,,, One day the Quad President stuck his head in the door while I was on my bed and Grant was on his and he started saying something and used the word 'nerd'. Grant piped up that he had heard it before and this was the second time. It was the first time I heard it,,,,, Grant asked me if I had ever taken the Stanford-Binet IQ test and I had never heard of it. I had no idea of the names of the ones they gave me,,,,, I learned that a 'lid' was Hippie talk for a cleaned ounce of 'pot',,,, I did not yet hear the term 'rip off',,,, I recall telling my parents on the phone that I had a date coming up and I was afraid to mention it because my father always had an uncanny way of ruining EVERYTHING for me in some way. So I said her name and he said , "Wesley???" and I thought, "Oh, cripes. Of all the things for him to say" and I said, "NO! LESLIE! LESLIE!". Amazing how that man has ALWAYS been a bull in a china shop!!!,,,,,, There was a GREAT Playboy centerfold with a girl in a hammock and lots of us had it hanging including myself,,,,,12-8-99,,,

NOVEMBER 1967 Addenda

NOVEMBER 1967:....These all MAY have been in Nov 67::::: . Was this the time of the MONO epidemic and when my roomie may have come down with it?,,,, The other Walt called Steve a 'dwarf' even though he was quite short himself. Steve asked me if he was one. I said no. Steve also admitted to wearing lifts in his shoes,,, hedges and bushes all over had wires in them for some weird reason,,, near Wilkie Quad were old former wooden dorm bldgs which were now, I believe, used for music practice,,, Allen, from room 110 kept girls pubic hair in handkerciefs as souvenirs!,,, After a football victory a bunch of people tried to tear down the old H-shaped goal posts and couldnt. They had them bent over, though. Hanging all over them,,,,, Nov 1967 was the 50th Anniversary of the USSR. Cold War was big then,,,, My gut would still wake me up at night when I slept in one position too long and Id be in the bathroom bent over,,, We still avoided the 'stonies',,,,, I snuck Leslie into my room a few times although we could both get in trouble. Once I had it all set up with candles burning. Another time I wondered if something was amiss, checked the suitcase closets above the clothes closets and Steve was hiding in one. The others had helped him up there,,,, People went out to pick mushrooms,,,12-8-99::; In early Nov the gym class (HPER) switched from bowling to archery which we took in the old field house on its east side. WE gave our own scores which was trusting. Bows were big but simple then, none of all this 'sights' and 'balances' and metal and plastic,,,, When did basketball season start? In 1966 IU had the VanArsdale brothers and had great teams and starting in 1972? IU would have Bobby Knight. But the 1967-1971 period which was our period the school team stunk. I forget the coach's name but Steve Z would sit in the lounge near the door listening to the games on the radio and cussing him,,,, The anti-war people wore these black armbands with a wierd multi-pointed star. I would show up at things but always on the fringe,,,, Campus still had metal cylindrical Quonset huts left between the bldgs from WWII which seemed a million years ago but was only 22 years. Like from 1999 to 1977. I think ANGELFLIGHT was in one next to Rawles,,,,, I told Leslie I liked the looks of Nancy Sinatra and she knocked her teeth. I had no idea she had buckteeth,,, Once when we were walking in Nov 1967 from Read Hall to 10th Street directly south between the bldgs and along the parking lot on the right from Read I tore out a page from my German book to study later. In Sept 1967 I had WRITTEN in my first book, now in NOV 1967 I was tearing pages out,,,,, I dont think the Peanuts term 'security blanket' was widespread yet,,,, Still many reactionaries on campus, my roomies friends were some of them,,,, The most famous cheerleader Wendy Freney had shinsplints,,,, I saw no slotcar interest in Bloomington,,,, Leslie was adamant that Read was a HALL and NOT a 'Quad',,,, It was all injector razors then,,,, Some girl she knew referred to me as 'Norbert' even though we never meant,,,, I came close to getting some sort of sleeping pills off the rack at Brummets Pharmacy on 3rd St by Currys but feared drugs. I probably should not have even used to No-Doz,,,12-8-99 .............................. NOVEMBER 22, 1967 was still a big deal due to JFK assassination.

DECEMBER 1967 Addenda

These all MAY have happened in December 1967::::: Vietnam War still getting bigger,,,, I bought expensive shoetrees for my leather shoes in order to stretch them overnight due to my low anklebones,,,,, I mentioned people 'having' to get married and my roomie answered that there was no way that anyone could FORCE you to get married but I meant 'having' in as being responsible for what one has done,,, I spoke of how many kids people 'should' have and Grants answere was, "As many as one can afford",,,,, The stonies were still considered dangerous,,, In those days stores did NOT decorate for Xmas until after Thanksgiving so I guess the mall was all decorated by Dec 67. I never liked it when they decorated for Xmas in Bloomington. I equated Xmas with home and college to me was supposed to always be Autumn,,,,, DECEMBER 7, 1967 was a big deal due to the older generation,,,, Anti-war peole tried to get both ROTC and Angelflight off campus,,,, I still sent toys home to my dog in little cereal boxes. Still mailed letters home using wax sealing,,,, I guess the term 'psychedelic' was around,,,, If a prof was ten minutes late or a TA five minutes late everyone thought that the class was then automatically cancelled and everyone could go home but it wasnt officially true,,,, Walt N. was trying to get into the most snobby frat, which I think was Delta Tau Delta and he didnt. Some guy told me he got blackballed. I was in Bill Ts room when Walt came in and said, "Oh, I didnt like those guys" and some other stuff. And I said, "I heard you got balled" and he got angry, "Who told you that?". It was good for a laugh,,,,, I wondered how people could take "SPEECH" classes. No way was I a public speaker. Too self-conscious,,,, Ramparts and Evergreen still the radical mags,,,, Seemed like LBJ was President FOREVER!!!! And he could run for FOUR more years!!!,,,, 12-8-99

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