LATEST NEWS::::: .......THURSDAY JULY 13, 2000: I see its been one month since I was here last. My father went through a period where for two weeks he was eating nothing but the icing off cupcakes and throwing the cake away and some Froot Loops right out of the box. He finally made it: He went all the way down to the 99% SUGAR diet of "THE FLY". So naturally, he was REALLY messed up and blaming it on everything but that. He was a real skeleton when I brought him in. So now I have been getting him BREYERS ICE CREAM constantly and hes been eating it. Its a real pain in the ass as its something one cant stack up on and I cant even stop for a rest when walking home with it. Leave it to him to always invent new ways to put an albatross around my neck. .;... Did get a nice compliment lately though. I was leaving the YORK FAIRGROUNDS after the July 4 fireworks and Im crossing the street to the TURKEY HILL STORE. As I get onto the sidewalk some girl gets out of a car, looks at me, and says, "Hello, dollface". Nice to hear that at age 50 1/2. .......TUESDAY June 13, 2000. Nothing to report. Well, my fathers 17 year old cat died but I havent told him yet....... TUESDAY JUNE 6, 2000. D-Day: My father has been driving everyone crazy. He must have been in the York Hospital 20 days last month. Back and forth and back and forth. All those cab fares plus eating out of vending machines while I wait for hours. They finally got angry at him for coming in so often. The physician say, "If youre here so much now, what will you be like when you are REALLY sick?" He got angry with them. The problem is that he is all drugged up on all the tranquilizers he asks for because of his 'panic attacks' and they cause him to stay in his lounge chair constantly while his body rots away like with those coma victims. We spent an EXTRA $200 dollars on all those trips. he keeps whining about the $700 in taxes we will have to pay for 2000 yet at $200 extra a month for his nonsensical trips we could pay them easily. So Im coming out of a clinic with him for the very last time and who should we run into but my Cousin Deena's daughter Karen. I go outside for just a few minutes to look for the cab and I leave him alone with her. I should have known better as every time I can get away from him for any period of time he 'punishes' me by screwing something up. Well, I couldnt believe it when we got home and he tells me he was whining to Karen for money to pay his taxes!!!! Heaven forbid that HE should ever straighten himself up in any way to correct the problems. What I said to him was that he had better STOP wasting money at the rate of $200 a month on hospital trips that are so unnnecessary that the docs throw him out! I said that IF he didnt stop wasting money at that rate he wouldnt be able to pay his taxes. His response was that he was NOT going to stop acting like an idiot but that he was also going to disgrace himself and mooch off his younger relatives when, if he stopped throwing the money around foolishly, he'd have more than enough. Goddamn him! I cant leave him alone for five minutes without him backstabbing me in some way. The people in the Emergency Ward keep telling me what a SAINT I must be to have to put up with an obnoxious father like that. I tell them he isnt one-percent as bad as he was when he was healthy and that he's not the ONLY monstrous relative Ive had to put up with. ..........TUESDAY MAY 16,2000: My father has been in the hospital since Friday morning. Hes got so many things wrong with him but none of them are deadly, yet. Hes now just a little skeleton of a man who can barely walk around. I got burned out with my autobio for the time being. I have plenty of notes for the 1971-1972 era but too lazy to do it now. Im now making a webpage for the Jackson Street people who are going to have their homes stolen via eminent domain unless they stop it. I made a mass mailing for them using the city directory to give them each others names and addresses and what to do to organize and where to go for help. Im trying to get the whole southwest neighborhood behind them. I got the city directory, xeroxed every street in the southwest, clipped them all out, taped them on pages, and will mail the sheets to them with letters of info and the address of the message board/webpage I made for them. ........ TUESDAY May 23,2000. Father says that the needle they stuck in his stomach at the hospital is still bothering him. Problem is that he has cried wolf so many times that I never know when hes really hurting or when he just wants to go back to the hospital so they can wait on him hand and foot. Were it up to him he would just stay on his back and have everything brought to him. Problem is that he gets weaker every time he goes and is more of a problem to me each time after he returns.

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