LIFE MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 6, 1967 issue (Came out a few days before): COVER STORY: MIDDLE EAST, THE QUEEN MARY, p90: great photo of supermarket shelf items in 1967 containers. (Mr Clean, Joy, Vel, Swan, BonAmi etc)..... chyrsler 440 cube v-8, 1967 nestles wrapper, ya tittle for bantron stop smoking tablets, toastettes pop-ups, baggies, 307 v-8 chevies-impala, chevelle, camaro, norelco, polaris, volvo, zenith stereo, last queen mary sailing, hurricane beulah, che guevara missing, dean rusks daughter marries 'negro', you can trust swanson, polaroid flip-out camera, champion of birth control, 68 'youngmobiles', toronado 455 v-8, hunts, chiffon margarine, lucky strike, jello, miller high life, wide track, pontiac lemans 350 v-8s, the middle east, morton frozen dinners, quinsana- for feet, met life computer, travelers aid, DriMark markers, contac, ge washers $209, nupercainal, hai karate-shows wimp fighting off girl, kitchen bouquet, rubbermaid, kaywoodie pipes, dreyfus fund, chrysler simca mini-car, king william iv scotch, old crow, monsanto, arrow decton perma-iron, $7.00, alaska article, hostess fruit pies, naugahyde monster, midol, kitchenaid, red devil, winegard antennas, pall mall gold-7 minute cigarette. ___________ LIFE MAGAZINE OCTOBER 13, 1967: COVER STORY: INGRID BERGMAN ENDS EXILE::