I wish I could CUT AND PASTE on this thing but I can't. So all I can do is give the addresses to type in and the direct links to the map search pages. I like the looks of the INFOSEEK maps best.............. ................. ................ ................. ............... ................. GREENPOINT 1949-1959: Born at Adelphi Hospital. I was never told where it was except that it's in Brooklyn. I see that right near the Hoyt/Scermerhorn shopping area I really frequented 1963 to early 1964 there is a HOSPITAL COMPLEX near ADELPHI Street. ADDRESS: 200 SCHERMERHORN STREET, BROOKLYN, NY_________________ ___________________ My address in Brooklyn 1949-1959: " 13 CLIFFORD PLACE, BROOKLYN, NY"_____________ _______ _________ _______ ___________ __________________ ________________ __________________ ___________ ASTORIA QUEENS: 1959-1964/1968: MY HOME::: " 21-11 24th ROAD, ASTORIA, NY " This map may also show Astoria Square to the south, Triboro Bridge, Astoria Park, Ditmars/31st St where PS 122 was, maybe even goes up to elevated train along 31st Street______________ ____________ PS 122 1959-1961: Corner of Ditmars and 31st Street:: "21-21 DITMARS BOULEVARD, ASTORIA, NY" (Zoom in/out, north/south, east/west to see how these addresses are close) __________________ DITMARS/31st STREET SHOPPING AREA: "31-21 DITMARS BOULEVARD, ASTORIA, NY" The Elevated train ran above 31st ST up to Ditmars (last stop). My regular stop was the next to last one at the Triboro Bridge __________ ____________________ _______________ STEINWAY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 141: 1961-64:: " 21-21 STEINWAY STREET, ASTORIA, NY" Got off bus at Ditmars/Steinway, walked up long Steinway block to 21st Ave and then back west a block to school._______________ ________ __________ ________________ STEINWAY STREET: Many blocks of stores and where first got my eyeglasses and where I graduated in a theatre. Where the three streets come together was my restaurant, note 31st St and Broadway, two major streets, note route 278 which was the GRAND CENTRAL PARKWAY going from the TRIBORO BRIDGE to the WORLDS FAIR/SHEA Stadium:: 30-21 STEINWAY STREET , ASTORIA, NY ____________________ ____________________ HOYT/SCHERMERHORN: Where I hung around 1963-1964: Near Brooklyn Borough Hall: " 200 SCHERMERHORN STREET, BROOKLYN, NY" __________________ ______________________ __________________ __________________ ______________________ _________________________ YORK,PENNSYLVANIA:::: ________________________ ___________________ ____________________ ____________________ ___________________ ___________________ ____________________ BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA::: PARKS HOUSE/WRIGHT QUAD:: Lived here my freshman year at college "590 North Jordan Avenue, Bloomington, In"_______________________ ______________________ _______ ___________ BRISCOE QUAD::: "1399 North Fee Lane, Bloomington, In" I spent most of my college years living in this dorm.

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