---------FRESHMAN YEAR, I.U.---------------- 1967----- HIPPIES---MODS---Light My Fire--- Loafers--- Sergeant Pepper--- The Association--- Womens Hours--- Space Race--- Cold War--- Turbine Engines--- Vietnam--- The Draft--- LBJ--- Great Society--- Sexual Revolution--- Three Dead Astronauts--- USSR 50th Anniversary--- Lindsey First elected--- Subway Strike--- Lew Alcindor--- OJ Simpson--- Carl Yastrzemski--- Joe Namath--- Orlando Cepeda--- Al Kaline--- aging Mantle--- Green Bay Packers--- New Superbowl--- Tomothy Leary--- Ramparts--- Evergreen--- Candles/Wax--- Posters--- Eugene McCarthy--- Westmoreland--- ------------------- Tropical Storm Arlene; Aug 30,1967,,,, DORIA forms off Cape Kennedy Sept 9,1967, nears VA-MD coast, Wildwood,NJ evacuated, SEPT 15,1967 (My first day of classes at college), brushes NC coast, winds and tides hit NJ,,, --- SEPTEMBER 20, 1967: Hurricane Beulah hits Texas, spawns record 27 tornadoes. ....... SEPT1: Cambodia breaks with China, poet Siegfried Sassoon dies,,,,, SEPT3: Kuwait resumes oil shipments to USA, China quits red Cross, Thieu and Ky win Viet elections,,,,, SEPT4: Gov ROMNEY SAYS HE WAS "BRAINWASHED" BY 1965 VIET TRIP (Until this day, Romney was the expected Republican Candidate for president. From here on he sank),LABOR DAY,,,,, SEPT5: Fierce fighting near DANANG, ,,,, SEPT6: DeGaulle in Poland, congolese war still on, LBJ nominates Walter Washington as first quasi-mayor of DC, UAW strikes Ford, Mary McCarthy's VIETNAM published,,,,, SEPT7: McNamara to build barrier under DMZ, US launches Biosatellite II, US conducts underground nuke test,,,,,, SEPT9: Confessions of Nat Turner published,,,,, SEPT10: AEC announces US created heaviest isotope known to man, lynda Byrd engaged to Charles Robb, race riots in E.StLouis 9/10-9/13 started by H.Rapp Brown, Joel Horlen throws no-hitter against Kaline and Tigers in Pennant Race, I LEAVE NYC ON PENN RR TRAIN TO INDY,,,, SEPT 11: China fires on India (for next few days), RFK attacks tobacco, Cosmos 175 launched, I GET OFF TRAIN IN INDIANAPOLIS AND SEE HORLEN HEADLINE ,,,, SEPT 12: Senate passes defense bill for 1968 74-3, Cosmos 176 launched, ,,,, SEPT14: Southside Chicago race riots by SNCC, LBJ calls for gun control, ,,,, SEPT15: Norman Mailer's 'Why are we in Vietnam?' published,,,,, SEPT16: Cong and N.Viet take major casualties in Mekong Delta, Fulbright attacks proposed ABM, Cosmos177 launched,,,,, SEPT17: Romney now badly trails LBJ in polls due to comment about 'brainwashing', USSR launches a satellite, ,,,, SEPT18: US bombs Hiaphong military targets, McNamara announces US will deploy ABM system, US launches Surveyor 5, Met Opera opens its 83rd season,,,,, ________________________ ______________________ _____________________ ______________________ ______________________ EARLY SEPTEMBER 1967???:: ____________Before I was about to leave for college I recall being on South George Street to buy things to read and I discovered softcover books on 1967 Baseball and Football with lots of info and diagrams that I brought with me along with some other books. That newstand was either where the McDonalds parking lot is now or just north of it where the Welfare Medical place is. (I guess we were in York before returning to NYC?).... ______________ _________________ SEPTEMBER 1967!!!!??:::_____________ ... ON September 10, 1967 my parents and I went to NYCs Penn Station (or what was left of it) and this time I got on a quicker train to Indy. The NYC took 24 hours. I think the PRR was much more direct and took 16-18. This time I was REALLY loaded down as I had to carry it all with me for the year. I wasnt pulling a U-Haul like the richer kids. I had heavy suitcases and my big 'portable' tape recorder and lots to read (Maybe also one of those 'Time Capsules' I mentioned on the Aug67 page)and God only knows what else my father helped me pile up at the front of the train. I sat on the front left to keep an eye on the pile. I figured I'd worry about how to get them off when I got there. This time we didnt go the long way. We went west, not north, through New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Through Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Naturally, when I stopped at Harrisburg I thought of York. I figured my York Period was now over forever. I thought I would go to college and just visit my parents who would eventually move into the York house for good but I had no idea where I was working. I never really stopped to think about how the major I was in would make me have to live somewhere far from my parents if I wanted a job. My York days did not turn out to be quite what I wanted anyway. I wanted both parents there in both my Junior 65-66 and Senior 66-67 years. I figured that my Junior year would be my transition year and my Senior year I would be just like everybody else at last. But the first year I had just my mother there and my father was in NYC with the car so my being the Number One student in my Drivers Ed class meant nothing as I had nothing to take the test in or to drive on dates. The second year wound up less than the first year as my mother returned to NYC and I was commuting to NYC on Friday nights instead of being like a normal teenager. And I had nicer friends in 65-66 than in 66-67. Much nicer. The 65-66 ones all left town. But we went on across Pa. to Pittsburgh and its bright red steel furnaces and across Ohio. 10-11-99: I THINK that this was the time I brought a HUGE wad of money in my pocket, perhaps in the same wallet I dropped in Richard's toilet, that was all the money for the entire school year! We had no thought of 'Traveler's Checks' and I never had a checking account. And we knew nothing about college payments and noone near us had ever gone to college. So we thought I had to pay for BOTH semesters all at once: both tuition and housing. In truth we only had to pay for the FALL semester and we could even pay for the housing one month at a time! But we didnt know this so i had all this money in my pocket that I was very, very careful to not drop out of my pants while sitting in the seat for all those hours. I GUESS I didnt have to pay at the end of early registration and somehow knew that. Or did I carry it all twice? Beats me. I paid out of state fees so I was carrying $495 (Fall), $495 (Spring), $495?? (Housing) and more for ALL college expenses including books and clothing and food and travel for nine months. It had to be over $2,000 in my pocket. Which, converted from 1967 dollars was actually equal to at least $14,000. 10-11-99.............. Im sure I ate on the train and probably once again ate a $5 meal and left a $2 tip. Eventually I got to Indianapolis. Somehow I ligged all that stuff out of the train and out to the front door of the station. THIS time I had been thinking about what the MAIN campus really looked like if the big area i saw was only an offshoot. I took a cab to the Greyhound Station. I put my luggage in a locker again and walked up the main street again. In a newspaper machine a couple blocks along the main street on the same side as the Greyhound and at the corner of another main street I saw the front page headline of what I had missed while I was on the train: Joel Horlen, my second favorite AL pitcher (After Gary Peters) threw a NO-HITTER against my favorite player, Al Kaline, and the Detroit Tigers. It was SEPTEMBER 11, 1967. He does it the first time in my life Im stuck on a train with no TV access during the greatest pennant race of all time. No YMCA this time. I got the bus at door 5. On the way down, as we were pulling out of Indianapolis on the edges of the city we passed a restaurant named GAY DAN'S which had a weirdly dressed huge sign of a man waving. At that time 'gay' was just an unused archaic word I had only seen once in an old text book I had to read in class in first grade 1956. (In the 80s the chain was in TIME or NEWSWEEK due to its name change). Indiana was nothing like the EAST COAST MEGALOPOLIS. Trip down was the same. Once again into the sudden opening of Bloomington from the trees, by the split road with the park in between, under the RR trestle, turning left at the A&W on the right, seeing the 'venerable' Waffle House which was actually months old, and swaying violently as we pulled into the station. Suitcases and tape recoder out from under the bus. But THIS time the bus had been CROWDED and there were more cabs. And i wondered how the cabbie was going to pile us all in with all our luggage. But he did. This whole idea of 'sharing a cab' was something i had NEVER even thought existed anywhere. Cab was so crowded that I put my softcover books (a few from the 'pocketbook' company) on the shelf by the window behind me. Then we went down tenth street again, just like in August. I dont know where the others got out but I know that at the end there was just a girl and me. We kept going down 10th and passed the street where we turned left to Briscoe in August. This was all new to me. We went farther and suddenly turned right, went half a block and stopped. We were between two absolutely huge flat dorms each three floors high. There was a loading dock on either side but not directly across from each other. The girl got out and the cabby got her her suitcases and she went to the dorm on the left. I guessed she was going in some sort of back way. I had no idea that the dorm on the right was the other side of mine. We then kept going down the street and turned right. Into the campus. Big field on my left with many big buildings on other side. Then we were heading back west. Turned right at the next corner. Then we go half way up the block. Suddenly we turn into a big, big crescent where the inside of the crescent is a very pretty hollow with a stream down there. We pull to the middle of the crescent road and he stops in front of a huge breezeway. This is it. I see my new home for the first time. I pay him with a tip and he tells me that 'Parks House' is one of the subdivisions inside. I stand there for a second with all my stuff looking through this huge, wide breezeway with columns. Inside it on the left is a big statue of a sitting Ancient Greek man with boys. There were no bike racks in those days. Bikes were for kids and college 'men' had MONEY back then. I go through it to the other side. I see a park in the center and the building all around. Wright Quad was built like a GIANT letter 'H' with the semi-circle like a backwards 'c' on the left where I came in.: )H I could only take some of my stuff at once so i left the rest where the driver put it and went out from under the breezeway. I figured Id have to check each of a dozen 'houses' I could see the entrances to. Each was big enough to hold 50 people or more. I went to the first one on the left. There was paint all over the sidewalk entrance to it which was a couple steps down leading to a big metal door. The paint said PARKS HOUSE as did the sign on the door. The cabbie had taken me right to it. So i put a couple of suitcases down at the entrance and went back for the rest of my stuff. I went in the door and up the stairs to the first floor as my room was 112. Then I turned right through another metal door with a very small window of very thick glass. No one else semmed to be on the hall. Guess I got there early. I went down the hall and found my name on a door with a roommate named 'Grant'. Immediately, with a name like that, I figured he was a black guy. But it didnt bother me. I figured that any black guy going to that collge was probably richer and more civilized than I (I was correct on all counts). I got inside first and saw my room for the first time. I had first pick of the bed and permanent desk so i picked the ones to the far left as they were right next to each other and closest to the window. I put my stuff on the two things to mark them. At some point I realized I left my books on the window shelf in the cab. I never made that mistake since and Ive been trying to relace those missing books since 1967. I KNOW what the sports ones look like. I then locked up and left the building. Hmmm: Where did I get the key? At some point I must have gone across the whole courtyard to the main office (I vaguely recall someone in the yard telling me where it was when I was still outside so I must have left my luggage out there while I went over. Or did I carry it all? And back then the mailboxes by the office did NOT have ones room number on the glass as they do now. They were numbered from the corner of 10th and Jordan and I was, I believe, #57. And I think we had combinations back then). Anyway, I walked back out under the breezeway and figured I'd better turn left as to the right was north and Briscoe somewhere. I walk around the semi-circle and onto Jordan Ave (Didnt know the name then). Then a half block south to the intersection and i see stuff in all directions. So I go right and a half block down I find myself in a wide street area behind the big Theatre. There was no traffic. And Im thinking that Ill remember this moment forever as NOW I am at COLLEGE: what I heard about all my life from all the people i knew who had never finished high school or maybe even junior high as they all were so broke. And that this was a REAL university. Much bigger campus than Columbia or what I heard NYU or York Junior College were. I still recall that moment decades later. I then stopped myself as I thought I had better get my softcover books back before I lose them. So I go back and call a cab. I wait at the semi-circle. I tell the cabbie to "Take me downtown. Whereever that is" Maybe I asked him where the cab companies are and he said 'downtown' or maybe I just guessed and asked him later. I dont recall. While we are in the cab on tenth street a block or two from where he turns left to get into town I ask him, "Where are the girls?" and he says, "You're in it". We then go past the Greyhound as the street in front of it is one way north and to the next street and turn left at the A&W which was across on the right. We go down to where we stop at a light with a courthouse square to my front left and a big hotel directly to my right and I tell him I'll get out there and I pay him and tip him. Now Im in Bloomington's Downtown for the first time. FRIDAY 10-8-99 430pm MONDAY 10-11-99 Columbus Day. So now Im at the corner of North College and West 6th Street. I think I got out of the cab on the left so I was on or near the NE corner which had the 'dept store', SE corner had the edge of the Courthouse Square, NW corner had the town hotel (Indiana Motor Inn) with the Lamplighter and Fireside Restaurants. SW corner had the Woolworth's. Everything was pretty dead. I then go down W 6th to the THREE cab companies they have a half block down behind the Hotel. THREE! All near together. I didnt yet understand why. And none of them have any idea what Im talking about. I keep using the term 'pocket sized books' and they all act like they had never heard of it before. This was the beginning of my understanding that different states REALLY did speak different languages. I say, "Well, they say 'pocketbooks' on the side of the books even though they really arent pocket-sized" and one guy says, "You lost your pocketbook???" And I go, "No, no, no. The small soft-covered books that are considered pocket sized although they arent" (Even that wasnt a good explanation as the sports one were BIG softcovered books) So I leave wondering if its just the cab yahoos or if noone in Indiana knew of any book other than hardcovers. I never did get those books back. I still look for them. I found a couple of 1968 and 1969 editions of them but not yet the 1967 ones. In over 32 years of looking! Then I went around the corner into the 5&10s for the first time as they were no different than home. Although I never heard of a 'Jupiter' before. I couldnt believe how the 5&10s were all on the same block. They were all on the WEST side of the square, the 'dept stores' all on the NORTH side, and the shoestores all on the SOUTH. I especially got a kick out of such small stores calling themselves "DEPARTMENT STORES". My mother was an executive at MACY'S- NEW YORK, "The World's Largest Store". The little dept stores were still bigger than anything else downtown, though. I did not go over to either the EAST side of the square or the SOUTH side. So I thought that THIS was the extent of Bloomington. Had I gone to the SOUTH side where the shoestores were I would have seen that on 5th Street between the Square and the University was KIRKWOOD AVENUE, the main street. I had NO idea it existed. I must have been VERY cautious in those days to not even walk around the square. But maybe night was falling or maybe I was in a hurry to get back to see the UNIVERSITY and not the town. Beats me. I do NOT recall how i got back to Parks-Wright. I dont recall if I went back and got a cab at one of those places or if I walked back north until I hit TENTH STREET and then walked east until hitting Wright Quad or what. I THINK I took a cab. I dont recall the walk. MON 10-11-99 700pm TUES 10-12 1222pm: I don't think I met my roommate that day but I might have. There were also two brothers that I somehow met although they were in the next 'house' down (on the other side of the breezeway). I dont know if I met them before or after my roommate. But the two of them took me to the shopping center I did not know existed. I had been to the shopping centers in York,Pa but my image of them was that they were WAY outside of these small towns. The idea that I could easily walk to a shopping center was surprising. We walked thre from Wright Quad but I know it was not the shortest way which would have been diagonally across the center of the Wright open area and then across the field. The only way I can figure other than that was down Jordan but that doesnt make sense either as I didnt know Jordan the following Sunday. I have no idea how we got there but we did and I remember we went into the 5&10 there as i wanted to eat a BLT. We sat at the counter near the window. As I knew about the BLT it must have been the Woolworths there and not the Grants 5&10. I ate at 5&10s a lot upon arrival as they were national franchises so I knew what they had. The three of us talked there for a while. Interestingly, we did NOT walk to the very end. probably as at the end was just a big clothing store. Upon returning someone asks me, "Did you go to the Mall?" (Was it my roomie?). And Im thinking, "What's a mall? Is it something different out here than in NYC?" In NYC the only places called 'malls' were big flat open areas that only tourists (ugh) go to. Like at the UN bldg or Rockefeller Plaza. But I didnt see the Mall from the Eastland Shopping Center as it was farther back. So back I go. This time by myself. This time I think it was the next day. And back then Third Street had one fewer lane and when one walked on the narrow asphalt sidewalk past St Charles Catholic Church, its rectory, and the fields one was below street level and could see the cars overhead. Nothing like that existed in NYC or York. A car going off the road could land on someone walking below. I walk to the end of Eastland and I dont see anything as Im approaching. Just a big (muddy?) field beyond as the shopping center walk ended abruptly. But when I get to the end of the walk I see it. (Fall 67 song:& "I Can See for Miles and Miles and Miles" & ). Eastland wasnt as long in those days. And at the end there was a big cheap clothing store and a big field all the way to the street many yards away. No Eisners or Oscos or whatever is there now. No paved parking lot with all the new bldgs they now have on it. Just a big grass field with a thin muddy footpath. I walked that dirtpath looking down to avoid the mud so many times that it burned in my brain like it was yesterday. Eastland wanted nothing to do with the new usurper 'mall'. 10-12 1248pm (((((((NOTE: Im now having a tough time with the sequencing. Message from IU Reference said that Regular Registration in Fall 1967 was Sept 12,13,14 and classes started Sept 15. I also have a note on another page that the 'New Student Meeting' was Sunday Sept 10, 1967. Yet I always swore that I arrived in Indy on Sept 11 as I recalled the Horlen no-hitter in the newspaper box!!??? ))))))

..NOT PROOFREAD and Im afraid to correct as it keeps erasing a hundred words when i try to change one letter.......... I enter the 'Mall' and Im quite impressed. This is just something out of science fiction out east. I read articles about doing such things but they were always worried about the expense of enclosing an entire 'town center' and about the roof caving in. Dont forget that the Astrodome was something called the 8th wonder of the world at this time. This was something in the far future in NYC. So here are these Indiana bumpkins ahead of us worldly New Yorkers. Embarrassing. In those days it was less than half the size of what it is now. It dint yet have the theatres or the MCL cafeteria. Way in the back was the Hall of Cards which was mostly just catering to the Peanuts frenzy then at its height and the big 5&10 next to it. (Where I got my FIZZIES when we werent allowed to have refigerated 'sodas' (Excuse me: 'Cokes'- more on this later) in our rooms. ............ At some point I met my roomie. He was an erudite good-looking Black guy like I expected. Looked like Harry Belefonte or someone. Father was rich and owned something to do with plumbing for the university system. Mother was in a mink coat. They took me to the Howard Johnsons with them to eat in their new Lincoln. I also recall getting out of their car once at the Student Union and also driving by the FIJI house on 3rd street with the father and son and the father mentioned that the Fiji house was still there by Swain Hall. That was the first time I saw it or heard it called Fiji. Actually, it did fit the stereotype of rich black people with the Lincoln and Howard Johnsons but that probably had something to do with the discrimination policies of the past that whites arent aware of. the father once mentioned how he sat in a whites only area in a theatre in Indy and the guy came to tell him he shouldnt be there and he said, "Oh, come on (name), you know me." And the guy let him alone. Grant grew up in a much waealthier family than I did and when I mentioned his parents had more money than mine he said, "But your parents only have one kid" which was trye but he didnt know how broke we were from 1949 until 1963. We were just SUDDENLY upper-middle class............. The next major thing I recall was having to go to FRESHMAN ORIENTATION at SWAIN EAST. According to my 1967 SCHEDULE OF CLASSES I had to be there at the NEW STUDENT MEETING- JUNIOR DIVISION SEPT 10, SUNDAY, 730pm... Sunday night!!! So I set out from Wright with NO idea where I was going. There were NO signs in front of the buildings in those days to tell me which ones were which. And Im walking all over the campus for the first time. At 730pm in September, Central Time. I guess it was twilight. I just remember walking up and down and back and forth to try to find it in the dusk and not willing to ask anyone for some reason. Actually, in NYC I never approached strangers. But finally I was walking down a large street and I FINALLY found it. I went into the ancient building and down the stairs where we were all crammed into a small classroom to the left while going down. It was for SCIENCE and MATH majors only. I recall sitting there, age 17, with my stuff I got from the school and taking some notes. But I now cant recall a word that was said. By the time it was done it was very dark outside. I recall using the old mens room and wondering about the strange see-through insects. NYC is held up on the backs of ten trillion roaches but I had never seen a Silverfish before. Maybe the two are incompatible. I then left and I was standing outside in the dark with absolutely NO idea where i was! I walked to the right a ways and couldnt see anything i knew. So I turned around and walked the other way. It was very dark and i was cold and i had NO idea if i was walking the right way or if i was geting farther lost. I was 17 and in a stange state where I knew noone a zillion miles from home. Funny how long the walk seems when one doesnt know if one will have to retrace ones steps if youre going in the wrong direction. The streetlights were awfully far apart and dim. No crime, I guess. I keep walking and lo and behold, there was a lighted phoine booth in the distance across the street by some very dark bldgs. So I go to it and there is a closed pharmacy behind it (Brummetts, sunday). I call my parents collect. I dont tell them Im in trouble but it was good to hear recognizable voices. So I talk a while until Im feeling better. And it was warmer in the booth. After the conversation i continue walking in that direction to the end of that block. Thers a big street there. Now what? Do I keep going up a street i never saw befgore or do I turn right and go farther south or do i turn left? I could have gome in any of four directions i was so lost! So, luckily, I go left. I keep going while recognizing nothing. There were no sugns with arrows saying where the various bldgs are. The fact that the street curved made it worse as i couldnt see very far down it. It also went up a slight hill. And Im thinking that Im even worse off and there doesnt even seem to be anyone around. Blue laws kept everything closed in those days. But I finally get to the Jordan street intersection where I recognize Wright Quad's semi-circle in the distance. (There was no huge library across from it in those days, especially a brightly lit one. Allthere was then was a big field and gravel parking lot). Then i enter Parks-Wright as if it was all a piece of cake. But I recall people there so I must have been there a little while. NOW here is what is interesting: the booth was on 3rd St which is the same street the EASTGATE S.C. and COLLEGE MALL were on farther on east. Yet i didnt recognize it. So that means that either this took place before i went to those places OR they took me by a diagonal route. But all the diagonal routes coincide at some point yet when I was taken the diagonal route through Wright's courtyrad to Forest Quad near Read Center it was the FIRST time. And THAT wasnt until HOMECOMING week in October! So I guess this happened BEFORE I went to the mall and s.c............ IM MAKING DUPLICATES OF THIS AS IT KEEPS ERASING MY WORK!!!... ...... I was hungry and I liked hamburgers in those days, not cheeseburgers or pizza. So i went through the phonebook and located a place called DOG AND SUDS that delivered them. I had no idea where it was. He came and gave me the bag and I gave him a tip. "What's this?" he asks. "A tip", I told him. There were others in the room so i guess it was after the first day i was there but perhaps before the snack bar was open or known by me. I guess they didnt tip out there. ............. I also recall offering to buy SODAS for everyone who was standing in my doorway talking to me and my roommate. I had discovered the Wright snackbar.(Or it finally opened) Sodas? To Easterners that meant a carbonated beverage like a cola or rootbeer. To Hoosiers it meant something like an ice cream soda! weird! So what do you call carbonated beverages, I asked? "Cokes", Im told. Cokes? You mean that includes Coke and Pepsi and root beer and 7up? Yes, Im told. These people have screws loose, Im thinking. _____________ Looking back on my Freshman experiences i can see two huge mistakes the schoo it self had a hand in: 1) They put too many freshmen on my floor. The first floor of Parks-Wright is truncated due to the lounge at one end and the breezeway entrance at the other. So there were, according to the 1967 REDBOOK, 24 of us sealed into the short hallway on the first floor and almost all of us were freshmen. Cut off from other influences. On the second and third floor the halls of the 'houses' run into each other in continual hallways along the dorm. We hadnt a clue about anything. The only thing all these freshen did was party and raise hell 24 hours a day. If we had made up, say, 25% of the floor with uppervclassmen making up the rest this would never have happened. But as we know-nothings dominated the hall we were the major influence. The result was that the floor pulled a 1.6 GPA (and it was only that high because the few upper classmen did so well) and everybody either flunked out or was on academic probation. During my second semester, 1/68 to 6/68 the floor was like a ghost town as so many freshmen flunked out or quit as their grades seemed so low as to never be able to get up again. (There was another mistake. We were under the impression that, to get into grad schools we HAD to have at LEAST a 3.0 average over the entire four years. Naturally, if youre starting with a 1.0+ its almost impossible to get it up to 3.0 in time. I was later shocked when I got my grad school forms that all they seemed to care about were 1) Our GPA in our MAJORS and 2) Our GPA in our JUNIOR and First Semester SENIOR years. HAD A COUNSELOR TOLD US THAT we would not have been so disillusioned about our future possibilities AND those guys would not have quit and joined the military during the Vietnam War. TUES.10-12-99 305pm WED 10-13 315pm: Some wound up in the service, including VIETNAM. ..... The second thing was that the counselors didnt really counsel. I had NO idea what a freshman schedule should look like so I went by my honors high school one and proceeded to fill in every time period on Mon, Wed, and Fri with all the 'labs' and 'discussions' on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My counselor did not stop me from doing it! I had a SEVERE overload and didnt know it. Especially since i was also taking some Sophomore courses as a Freshman. And majoring in Astro. I still recall meeting my counselor. It was in the same bldg that housed the KINSEY INSTITUTE. I walked in (there was an alcove with nice wooden booths on each side, one is gone now)and looked around the foyer. Then i noticed the room number was directly on the sharp left as i came in. According to my Redbook it was SEPTEMBER 11,12 1967; monday,tuesday. And he did make a comment on the number of courses and i said, "well, thats what my high school schedule looked like" and he said, okay, and signed it. As an experienced adult who was being paid to counsel he should have said, "This is COLLEGE, not high school. Youll be assigned MUCH more work in mUCH tougher courses and being in ASTRO youll be competing against many of your own kind for a few degrees. And youre trying to compete with Sophomores who know all the tricks from experience"..... A THOUGHT!!: I registered for classes in AUGUST so why would I be at the counselors in September as the idea of the counslling was to get my schedule okayed BEFORE I went to sign up. Did I acually go to an AUGUST counselling i forgot? Or did I sign up in August and then go to this thing so that he could tell me to go to 'DROP AND ADD" if he thought I had signe dup for too much in the Summer??? My memories are not perfect. ............. More strange things about INDIANA in SEPTEMBER 1967: You couldnt buy pizza by the slice in Bloomington as you could in NYC. Only a WHOLE pizza at once! (Actually, York,Pa didnt have ANY pizza delivery until about 1985!) In NYC I used to walk down the street and buy pizza out of store windows as well as knishes. But I was elated that DOG AND SUDS delivered HAMBURGERS! I knew of no place in Astoria or York that delivered Hamburgers. Re: the kid who didnt know what a TIP was. As an usher for the NY METS in 1966 most of my income was in tips. Except i forget how much i got when the Beatles came.) (The same thing happened to me the first time I bought gasoline for my first car in late 1978. The kid who pumped it in the rain on North George Street just after going under I-83 asked what the money was for)

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