SATURDAY November 25, 1967_____ ______ ______ _____ THE FOLLOWING EVENTS PROBABLY HAPPENED IN SEPTEMBER 1967, OCTOBER 1967 , NOVEMBER 1967 or DECEMBER 1967: I mentioned to Ernie, the boresser, while yelling down the hall to him while he was in front of his room by the fire door that my favorite Sci Fi author was Isaac Asimov and he said he was his too, "Especially the robot stories". I had forgotten about the robot stories as I had gotten into his later stuff,,,, My roomie Grant gave me his brothers white IU jacket he said didnt fit him. It fit me fine. Now the red lettering is faded and I keep it unwashed. 9/67?,,, 'Bass Weejuns" were supposedly cool shoes,,, Frank, 'the Hippie' who wasnt, made me Welsh Rabbit in the lounge mini-kitchen. Thats how I learned what it was,,, Howard Cosell hated IU and knocked all our victories. He'd be on the overhead radio in the Wright Dining Hall knocking us nationally as we ate,,, My roomie said his mother told him it was good to brush ones tongue. I thought it wasnt worth the extra work. Some time later an article appeared in the paper saying so and he showed it to me. I said that there are many little useful things to do that dentists were always telling us but theres no time to do them all. This was the era when even 'flossing' was only done by a few,,, One night I was sitting back on my bed when all of a sudden I heard a noise and little bits of something went thru my room. There were little bits of white on the walls. Someone (Ernie?) had put a toothpaste tube under the door and stamped on it,,, I never stopped to think about how many non-whites there were in baseball and I said 10:1 and my roomie said for me to name ten for his every one. He was correct. (In the 1970s and 80s baseball really got white again for some reason and then shifted back),,, I mispronounced the word 'epitome' to him and he threw open the door and laughed and told me to shout it down the hall. I didnt. Funny how I recall my mistakes more often than that of others,,, for equality, he changed the nameplate on the door. The top name was smaller than the bottom one. You could see he would someday be a lawyer,,, I used to talk about maybe someday transferring to one of the Ivy League schools that wanted me if I didnt like it at IU but I kept liking it,,, ____________________________DECEMBER 1967__________:GENERAL DECEMBER: We were now all just waiting for Iu to go to the Rose Bowl to perhaps play USC with OJ Simpson for the national championship,,, In the cold I had noticed that guys on upper floors would hang food out their windows in net-bags as refrigerators were not yet allowed,,,, Frank drew a picture of Grants girlfriend off a photo but the mouth was fuzzy,,, Vietnam War was bigger and Dale, I believe, spent Xmas there,,, I got some free posters thru the mail from a BIG TEN magazine mainly because one was of Al Kaline. I hung them up. One was for Arnold Palmer and said Player: Palmer and my roomie at first thought it was of Gary Player of South Africa apartheid,,, I kept trying to learn to gargle and never could without choking. Still cant,,, Leslie told me they had just had a ceremony for a girl who got 'laveliered' which was some sort of big step,,, The Madrigals were this month but I was now worried about having enough money for the future,,, While boressing I got ahold of one guys key and was thinking of making a clay mold and getting a guy at the mall to make me a key but I changed my mind,,, my stomach continued to keep me awake with what would be an ulcer,,, ______FRIDAY DECEMBER 1, 1967... ______SATURDAY DECEMBER 2, 1967.... ______SUNDAY DECEMBER 3,1967:.... ______MONDAY DECEMBER 4, 1967: ..... ______TUESDAY DECEMBER 5, 1967: ..... _______WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 6, 1967:.... ______THURSDAY DECEMBER 7, 1967: PEARL HARBOR DAY:... ______FRIDAY DECEMBER 8, 1967:... ______SATURDAY DECEMBER 9, 1967:... ______SUNDAY DECEMBER 10, 1967: ...... MONDAY DECEMBER 11: _____ TUESDAY DECEMBER 12: ______ WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13: ______ THURSDAY DECEMBER 14: ______ FRIDAY DECEMBER 15: To Eastland for that boress gift later mentioned? ______ SATURDAY DECEMBER 16:Right around here had to be the Xmas Boress Party where guys gave each other weird and insulting things as well as gold-painted Monon Railroad insult spikes. I still have mine. I went to the discount clothing store that was then at the end of the Eastland Plaza, picked out a huge pair of girls bloomers for it, and had my girlfriend carry it thru the line as I watched her talking to another female. I was too shy to carry it thru myself. Besides the spike I also got a t-shirt with 'I eat Chicago meat' on it. ______ SUNDAY DECEMBER 17: ______ MONDAY DECEMBER 18: ______ TUESDAY DECEMBER 19: ______ WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 20: CHRISTMAS RECESS BEGINS AFTER LAST CLASS.,,,,,.Nov 5,1999, Thursday....::: Indiana University SCHEDULE OF CLASSES at Bloomington SECOND SEMESTER. 1967-68... CALENDAR..... January 30, 1968, Tuesday,, Meetings..... Jan 31, Feb 1, Wednesday, Thursday,, Counseling ..... February 1,2,3 Thurs,Fri,Sat,, REGISTRATION..... MONDAY FEBRUARY 5,1968: CLASSES BEGIN, 730am..... SATURDAY FEB 10, 1968.. DROP AND ADD,,, FRIDAY MARCH 29,1968: Mid-Term Reports Due- 500pm..... FRIDAY APRIL 5,1968: SPRING RECESS BEGINS AFTER LAST CLASS..... MONDAY APRIL 15,1968: SPRING RECESS ENDS,730am,,,,, WEDNESDAY MAY 1,1968: FOUNDERS DAY, (930,1030,1130,1230 classes do not meet),,,,, SATURDAY MAY 25, 1968: CLASSES END 1215pm,,,,, SUNDAY MAY 26, 1968: REVIEW DAY,,,,, MONDAY MAY 27, 1968: EXAMINATIONS BEGIN, 745am,,,,, THURSDAY MAY 30, 1968: MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY,,,,, TUESDAY JUNE 4, 1968: EXAMINATIONS END: 515pm,,,,, MONDAY JUNE 10, 1968: COMMENCEMENT, 1000 am,,,,,,, OFFICES: JUNIOR DIVISION: MAXWELL HALL (Gargoyle bldg) DEANS: MADDEN, BUCHER, DAVIS, HERTWECK,,,,, REGISTRATION: FRESHMEN: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 1, 1968: 2:30 pm for names Jam-Kar at the old Fieldhouse with the huge dirt floor and desks all around. Freshmen came first along with half of Grad Students and Law Students, then Seniors the next morning and Juniors in the afternoon, then Sophomores on Saturday, Feb 3,1968 along with the other half of Grads and Law.... DROP AND ADD on Sat,Feb 10, 1968 for me would have been at 850am or later.... My FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE was MONDAY MAY, 27, 1968: none, TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1968: GERMAN: 1000am to noon,,, WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 1968: ASTRONOMY: 745am to 945am, Ireally did well on it to pull me up and get that phone call,,,,, SATURDAY, JUNE 1,1968: CALCULUS: 745am to 945am. I also had a physical ed class but I dont know if we had a Final Exam.,,,,, FEES AND EXPENSES. (Remember: No college loans then): UNDERGRADUATE: In-state: $180 ( $1,260 in 1999 dollars), Out-of-State: ME!: $495 ( $3,465 in 1999 dollars). But remember: Jobs also PAID twice as much or more in those days). These are for ten or more hours.

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