Parks House, Wright Quad, Sept-Dec 1967 continued

..... MORE SEPTEMBER 1967_____ ::::: In September 1967 they were throwing these damned Superballs BETWEEN the walls of the narrow hall to see how many times they could get them to go back and forth........ I have my first letter to home in my room somewhere. I recall writing it as, of all things, I didnt know if the word for 'lone' was spelled sole or soul as I had never used it in a letter before and I stupidly made the wrong choice. Its around somewhere. ...... At the College Mall there was a store I liked best that was either the second or third one in from the main entrance on the right. It had all sorts of doo-dads, many having to do with writing. 'Wax' things were in that year and one thing to do was to seal an envelope with sealing wax and use a metal piece to emboss it. I bought the kit there and they had a whole section devoted to that stuff. I think I may have even used it on my first letter home which, if it has a postmark visible, will be quite interesting....... There was a guy on the second floor just a couple of doors in who was cleaning both his gun and his marijuana at the same time. First 'libertarian' I ever met..... We had to iron our shirts in those days. We had to rent irons at the main desk and there was an ironing room in the lounge where that TV was on the other side of the breezeway and Id try to teach myself how to iron. My roomie kidded me about the "shirts with the wrinkles ironed in"...... I bought a PARKS HOUSE sweat shirt at some point. I ordere it and had to wait for it. This one was red with drawn-in sweat. One guy said the one they had the year before with the knight thumbing his nose was better. I had bought a bunch of brand new underwear and white socks and shirts and threw them in with the shirt and they all came out PINK! I ranted in the hall about it and Steve said he'd take them if I didnt want them so I gave them to him. Then he stands in the hall and acts like i did him a big favor, saying "Look at these, all brand new stuff Im getting" and Im thinking I hope he knows how to get the pink out as I couldnt imagine wearing pink at age 17 but he was less uptight than I about such things. I had money that year so I didnt care about the loss...... I bought little dog toys and put them in the little cereal boxes we had and mailed them to Major using his name.... My roommate was always getting mail and always at his typewriter typing it. He said, "You have to send mail to get mail". True, but typing letters to friends and family seemed not right to me.... Note: Some of the above could have happened in October 1967 or even later. Thurs Oct 28, 1999: I wasnt able to take a harpsichord course like I had planned after seeing that teachers harpsichord on N.Sherman St. Too big a course load and they always had them the same time as my mandatory courses for Astronomy..... I had thought that I bought my tan/gold fedora during the Summer of 1967 while visiting York yet i have no memory of it my Freshman year in college. Perhaps I didnt get it until the Summer of 1968 while on a York visit. I lived in Astoria BOTH Summers....The cold war was going on. I forget if Bloomington had air raid siren testings but I seem to recall sihns for where shelters were, especially one on the East side of the square..... The electronic equipment of the rock bands always impressed me as I couldnt figure out how those guys who didnt seem that smart could understand all that wiring. Truth was that they didnt. No more than people now dont understand the insides of these circuit board TVs. But I didnt know that yet at age 17..... In late Sept? 1967 I was taken out east to a place i didnt recognize by that Hippie guy Frank to fly a kite on a beautiful day. Wasnt until much later I learned where we were that day. He warned me of snakes in the lot we were at. I wonder if that was even before I first went to the Mall as it was where the White Castle is now at the northeast corner of East Third Street and College Mall Road just before the funeral home out near the Mall. That had to be very shortly after arriving as I had no clue where I was. .... I didnt realize it but the parents were sent monthly newspapers telling them what was going on on the campus..... I recall my first Astro class when Prof Burkhead walked in with his big beard and big smile: He even looked like an Astronomer..... The Beatles were still huge then. They just went over to see that ridiculous Mahesh Yogi with their wives/girlfriends and their manager Brian Epstein just died which was headline news. His contract with them was about to end..... Over on Swain West's back stairwell, at the top of the stairs to the right, I wrote the word 'pneumonoultrasilicovolcanokoneosis' which I had seen in a PARADE Magazine that summer of 67. That word stayed between the cinder blocks from then until now. It was there from 1967 until long after I left and when I returned I saw it was fading so I redid it. If its still there its been there 32 years..... I think some people still used baby carriages then. I dont recall strollers..... There were still Caddies with big fins around but new cars were huge American made widetracks.... Guy at the end of the hall on other side of stairs where there were only two rooms worked for WQAD which became WIUS the next year. My roomie and I were in his room while he talked to us while holding a plastic coal scuttle for some reason...... I got my haircuts over at the Crosstown Barbers which was still there in 1995 and looked EXACTLY the same EXCEPT one chair was missing. I got regular haircuts and shaved regularly in 67-68..... My hair was so thick then that barbers had to thin it so they could work on it. And when I washed it I had a heck of a time combing it as I didnt use a brush in those days when many thought that weird..... I was told that right around the corner from us where there were rooms on the crossbar of the 'H' of the dorm that two guys hanged themselves the year before. It NEVER crossed my mind that they may have been gay. I thought it was the college pressure alone..... In those days shoes were of leather and American made and one had them repaired when the heels or soles wore down. I forget if I did that in Bloomington or waited until I got back East..... I dont think I ever walked north of the Greyhound Station/A&W (Both on 10th Street) in those days. Thought of it as Stonie Territory. There was no Burger King up there yet to attract students. However, there was a restaurant up Walnut from 10th which I never noticed and now wish I had a photo of...... In Sept 67 I was invited to two smokers for Frats but didnt go....... Guy on floor claimed his father was the Chairman of the Board of Proctor and Gamble and that he was from Cincinnati...... _________ _______ _________ ________ _________ _________ _______ _______ _______ _________ A typical day in September 1967: Age 17: Clock go off about 730am on MWF. Go to floor mens room to clean up. I didnt yet have a terrycloth bathrobe but resolved to get one after seeing that was what the college guys used. I also didnt have a carrier for soap, toothpaste, etc and was to get one of them once I knew of them there, Songs I'd hear in hall and everywhere: THE LETTER, APPLES PEACHES PUMPKIN PIE, LIGHT MY FIRE, PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY, HOW CAN I BE SURE,, The row of guys at sinks. This all new to me as a)I wasnt used to Middle Class culture and b) I was an only child who wasnt used to people. A GIRL LIKE YOU, NEVER MY LOVE, HEY BABY THEYRE PLAYING OUR SONG, PEOPLE ARE STRANGE, I DIG ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC,,, Back to room. BROWN EYED GIRL, SOUL MAN, Get dressed.Never dressed with a roommate around before, always had my own room. Walk out to right, INCENSE AND PEPPERMINTS, THE RAIN THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS, Thru metal door to entrance of next 'house' as that exit door was closer than Parks House door. LAZY DAY FOR YOU AND ME, WATCH THE FLOWERS GROW, Across part of courtyard. KEEP THE BALL ROLLING, I CAN SEE FOR MILES AND MILES, Under big breezeway to entrance which was under it at other end. In and turn right into bldg (Straight ahead would have led to where I picked up fruit box). DAYDREAM BELIEVER, EVERLASTING LOVE, I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER, Inside a few feet, turn left and immediately down a few steps (steps as wide as big hallway). Through hallway. WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN, HELLO GOODBYE, At end of hall one could go right to snackbar and front desk and mailboxes but we went up a long, wide flight of stairs. Turn completely around at top and get in line for breakfast. They check card and ID and count with a hand clicker. (When did I get ID taken?). I recall that the very first time I was on line the guy in front of me said, "Eat a lot of bread, the foods bad". I stupidly repeated it behind me and it turned out to be fine. Then pushing tray along in front of all those adult women I mentioned previously. Went out far doorway into the huge lunchroom. Big artwork murals high up on walls. Now considered important art. Then we ate with our floor by the window across the big room. We could look down on the whole courtyard and I could see my room across it- over by the corner of it by the doorway I came out of. They really had fancy expensive murals on the walls and rugs on the floor. Elaborate built-into-the-wall water dispensers. Seconds on many things. Coffee at end. Quite a social diff in those days between the college students and the adult servers from the city. Just like in "Breaking Away". Out and down the stairs and back across to the room to get our books. Now out Parks Entrance by the Jordan Ave breezeway (or sometimes all the length of the courtyard and across the field behind to the steep stairs there. But usually out by the crescent and out onto Jordan.)... 10-29 152pm: Down Jordan Ave. to the intersection (was that 7th St?, it was much more of a campus road than a 'street'). Right past the IU Theatre. The only real sidewalk was on the right and it had the woods next to it all fancied up with stairs and seats etc. In Sept/Oct 1967 there was a row of long banners (gonfalons) promoting a play with a weird Greek name (Amphytrion) I had never heard of and thought was something serious and risque. Sidewalk went past the theatre, in front of the art museum, and went around the right of the Showalter Fountain traffic circle. (see map). I could then cross there to the fountain and then to Woodburn Hall or go up a little to cross directly to it or up a little farther to where it met with the crowd coming south and cross with the two crowds to Woodburn on its farther side. That was where my first college course, Philosophy P100 was. I sure did feel like I was at college. Nowadays colleges are like high school with ashtrays (except they banned smoking). My 830am class was on the third floor, Woodburn Hall 343, Mr Barford, a young guy, towards the Fountain. Weird room much wider than front to back. Three rows of chairs with wide right arms. On three different levels. A row of windows were behind us and I could turn around and see the whole area including the fountain and museums and auditorium. I could look down on the movement below. It lasted from 830am until 915am. We had a pile of books for it as well.And my very first course required the very book that always represented college in the media: Plato's Republic. After class I went out into the very thin hall and turned right way down it and to the stairs. We then had 15 minutes to get to the next class. I went out either the back way or the front way as, I believe, my 930am course was Bowling/Archery with Mr Andres. Gym was mandatory but not like high school. Bowling!. I then crossed the street that went past Woodburn to Ballantine and was the most densely used walk. Then either through the Student Union parking lot or around the sidewalk around it. But into the traffic circle entrance to the Union. Thru the revolving door and left up the stairs to the second floor. Then the whole crowded zigzag route across the Worlds Largest Student Union bldg between all the different stores and meeting rooms. To right around the big campus bookstore and then left around the big Commons snack Bar or thru it to the bowling alleys on the other side of it. I was in it until 1015pm. The I left to the left and thru the commons and up the long, long staircase to the back exit. Across the street. Then either straight thru the edge of Swain Woods, past the Well House, across the wooden bridge (a regular one, not the X-shaped one now there) and up the stairs to where Swains East and West connected and into Swain West and up the stairs to the second floor with the crowd while looking out the window on the people moving below. OR I went out of the Union Bldg and then right around the Gargoyle Bldg and past the sundial and across the street (now a bricked walk) and down into the dark thickness of Swain Woods and thru it along the black-paved small road. Rain wood make a lake there, though so i couldnt do it then. On the other side I went across a wooden bridge with pipe rails and into the back of Swain West. Long, long steps. My first week I wrote that long word there at the top between the cinder blocks. Up to the seconf floor and to Swain West 221 with Prof Burkhead, a kindly man with a beard. I sat towards the back or at the back in a beginning crowded class of about 50 people. I was close to the back window but not in the first row by it. Usually second or third. There were no 'real' rows as people could put their chairs-with-wide-right-arm whereever they wanted and it was a jumble. Windows only looked out upon a roof and I couldnt see anything else. The shades were black. Board at front and side and they were both used as the profs put stuff on so fast non-stop throughout the class. There was often a Friday quiz. So many, many times did I go in and out the same way the first few years. Through the Swain Woods paths, over the little bridge right behind Swain EAST (It was not a crossbridge then) up the stairs from the bridge and then right to the Swain West stairs. Up the inner stairs to the second floor and down the long, long hall to the Astro and Physics classes. At 1115 Id go out the same way: down the hall, down the stairs (one could see out on top of everyone and across part of the campus from the landings as one went down) and out. I guess I got out at 11:15 and then back to ParksWright to eat. When I moved to Briscoe I really had to move fast as Briscoe was so far. I think I usually ate lunch alone in Wright at 1130am. As everyone lived in the dorms there was often a long line. I'd try to sit by the window. I think I always dropped stuff off at my room first and then picked it up later. I forget if I had sense enough to drink extra coffee to not nod off after lunch. I then think my next class in Fall 1967 was GERMAN 101 at Ballantine B331 at 1230pm. I DO recall my first day there. Same walk from Wright to past Woodburn but then I turned left and was in the flood of students passing the side of Woodburn on the wavy walk towards Ballantine. Very picturesque with the woods and streams and wooden bridges in front and to the left and the chapel to the front and right. Big open area. Then across a small street (see map) to Ballantine, the biggest bldg on campus. I went past the front of it and turned left. First time I was there I wasnt sure to do that or go up the stairs to a big outside landing where other college students were looking down. I went around and went under a huge relief on the side of the bldg. Then my walk opened into a fancy courtyard with students all around standing and sitting. (The book they sent me had a 1966 or early 1967 photo of it). I felt a bit self-conscious. Then into the main entrance where there was a huge turning globe in front of a big plastic decoration. Somehow I found my way upstairs to my class. This was my German DISCUSSION. (The 'main' class was the big lecture hall which I considered useless). Well, this guy was a young TA (Teaching Assistant) I cant find his name in the books, and our chairs were in a "U" so he faced us all and threw things at us for us to respond to. He liked saying, "Bloomingnothing". That class let out at 115pm and I had to backtrack to Woodburn to my Sophomore level G210 Human Geography course "Fowler" was the profs name. There were two huge auditorium lecture halls side by side on the first floor and it was in one of them. The rooms both had gigantic murals by a 1930s muralist whose work was always shown in books. What was on the walls was considered great art shown in art books and people would put their hands all over them! The lecturer was the most incredibly boring prof I ever had. He would stand up there behind the podium above me (I sat up front) and I could barely hear him as he droned on quietly and with no inflections. A boring nightmare. The guy sitting next to me took me to his room where people were filling out things to avoid Vietnam. I still have his name and info on a book at home. (I should contact him). He also took me to that weird restaurant I mentioned elsewhere. That course let out at 215pm. Now I have a problem as Im not sure of my other courses on MWF. What info I have left for MWF says: "Two language labs". I think I had them in the basement of Ballantine (photo in book) at 330pm to 415pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, but Im not positive. In them I was assigned a cubicle among many in a room where we would put on headphones and repeat what we heard for 45 minutes. There was a woman up front who could jump around with her earphones and microphone and correct us randomly as we went. I recall the first time she did it to me and what a surprise it was that she had been listening. Then at 415pm I walked from Ballantine Hall back to Parks-Wright and waited for supper. 12-1-99 Now on TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS I had ENGLISH COMP "W130" which was another mandatory one at 830am at Ballantine Hall room 003. I had not been in that room from FEB 1968 until Nov 1998. What a head trip. My seat in 1967 was just left of center and about 4? seats back. I almost never went as it took away my sleep on both Tuesdays and Saturdays as nothing came anywhere near after it. I forget the profs name but he was young. I also had a GERMAN LECTURE CLASS on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS. TWO are listed in the old 1967 book: 930am T,Th, FA005 (fine Arts bldg) with ZIEGLER and 130pm T,TH RH100 (RAWLES HALL) also with Ziegler. These were the MAIN German auditorium lectures I believe. Where all the sub-divisions came together. I do not recall having a class in Rawles Hall until my later Political Geography class and I do recall having SOME type of course in the FINE ARTS bldg at some time. However, I had thought my German class was on the first floor of Ballantine in its auditorium!? Maybe a later class? And I dont recall my Tues Eng Comp being followed immediately by a German class. This is a mystery. I do recall once standing in the main bldg of Wright by the 1st floor jukebox while it played Brown Eyed Girl thinking how easy that day would be with only one class to worry about but that, which i had always thought was a Tuesday, could have been a Thursday when all I had was the one German Class, it appears. But then that would have meant I had back to back classes on Tuesday, Eng Comp and German and just that 930am German on Thursday. That would mean that on Tuesdays I went from Wright to Ballantine and then back to the Fine Arts bldg. Wish I could get a look at that Fine Arts room 015...12-6-99................... .............. .............. ................ ................ ........ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____Rain in Cincinnati, September 1967: Saturday, Sept 9,1967: .07 stopped before 7pm,,,,, Wednesday, Sept 13,1967: .08 inch,,,,, Thursday, Sept 21, 1967: .74 RAIN!,,,,, Wednesday, Sept 27,1967: .25 RAIN, Thursday, Sept 28, 1967: .57,, ______ _____ ______ ______ They had no soda dispensers in those days. I dont think they came in until 1969 or 1970. The student govt was always fighting for that but of course it would mean an increase in housing costs. We had 'ades' in pitchers and different types of milks. We usually mixed chocolate milk with skim milk. In 1967 skim milk was considered to be for the worst fatso dieters only. Also had coffee and tea and some juices at times..... Had a wonderful 'zebra cake' we looked forward to. When i got in contact with a guy who lived two doors down from me at Briscoe Ten in 1968 he quickly brought up that cake..... In either 67 or 68 at IU these thick-skinned tomatoes first came out. A friend pointed them out to me. Colleges got them before the public. They were made that way for easier harvesting and shipping but the fragile thin-skinned tomatoes they had in 67 and before were much more tasty..... My hair was still so thick that I hated washing it as it was so heavy. I sure wish I had it now. .... In room 114 were two guys that seemed like 'studs' to me. As they got along so easily with so many girls. Most of us were doing all right in 67 but these two guys seemed to be cooler about it than anyone else..... In 110 on the other side of our room was a huge guy who was engaged and a good-looking blond guy whom the women would call to tell him how much they loved him after he had not been at all nice to them earlier that same night. ..... They took the floor photo in Sept? 1967 and i didnt show up. Too rebellious. Now I wish i had...... The 'hippie' guy on the end of the floor wasny either a real Hippie or a Greenbagger or a McCarthyite. He was his own type. I had a couple of McCarthites in my room in 1967 and they were well dressed. The Hippies werent really political. The Greenbaggers were very political and carried that green bag for books over their shoulders and wore things like that pea green army jacket I had in high school. ..... With a floor full of freshmen away from home for the first time, rebellious books were in. Floating around the hall were "The Story of O" and the works of The Marquis de Sade. I read them all. Gross! But forbidden before. This was the time that the de Sade play with the very long title was around to resurrect interest...... The new comic book then was DEADMAN who had a red and black uniform...... Before leaving my parents gave me a little sewing kit and a metal mini-coffee pot. It was a percolator as were all coffee pots Id seen at that time. I brewed both coffee and tea in it. .... I had a little white square clock to wake me up each day. It was on the desk above my head I think........ If I walked out of my room and went to the right I would pass one room, 114 on the right. Then would be that hall that led out and to the crossbar 'house' of the "H" of Wright Quad (see map). If I kept going past the hall there would be a drinking fountain on the left and the entrance to the mens room. About a dozen feet beyond the hall turned left and a dozen feet down there was the entrance to the lounge on the right and the trashburning room on the left. The room to burn trash seemed ancient and had a small olde solid metal door to dump the trash in on the left. I think that at the very end of that hall between the two doors there was a ladies room. Inside the lounge it was a BIG square room. And just inside the door on the left were trophy cares with wooden shelves behind glass. There were square tables and chairs all over and windows on both sides. The left windows faced out toards Jordan Ave but you couldnt see much past the hedges and there was no huge 11 floor library yet. The right windows faced out into the courtyard of the upper half of the "H". Across the big square room there was a little hall to the door to the next 'house'. It was technically THEIR lounge but they never used it. Ours was technically on the third floor. But in that short hall was a door to the right which had a soda cup vending machine on the left and a candy machine. I THINK the stove was also in there. I know there was a stove in that area somewhere. I only went thru that door and into that other 'house' maybe once or twice. That big longe is now shaped like a backwards 'L' as the whole far left corner was walled for a weight room when I was there in 1991 and after that it became a TV room with a better tv and more seats each year I returned. Imagine if we had that during the pennant race in 1967?! But it made the rest of the room rather useless. I think they also took part of the far right part and combined it with the little room we had and turned it into a laundry room...... The lunchroom had these weird pastel desserts I could never figure out. The strange 'icing' was always light blue or light pink or light green or light something and i dont even recall what was under the 'topping'.But Ive never seen those things before or since..... I had a 'seven-dollar shirt' I wore only on special occasions. Thats about 50 bucks today..... Was there a floor meeting between Sept 15 and Oct1? I dont recall. But I recall my first one when we all went up to the third floor lounge which was like a little bldg on the roof with windows on three sides and a door to the roof itself. One could see pretty far from up there. I sat close inside the door on the right on a couch. The house bosses sat to the left of the door along that wall. At either the first or second one they planned to have a hayride for guys and girlfriends. And perhaps thats where it wa smentioned that we were going to do the lawn display with Forest Quad on their front lawn. I dont recall if they were monthly or not. Perhaps the Scribe mentions it..... The majority of college guys smoked but it wasnt as bad as in NYC or among working class people..... We could also take coffee, soda, candy, cigarettes into class! That surprised me but it was common..... Numerous Playboy Mags around as that was its height. I think I bought one. ..... At the very end of registration week a girl called me to ask me out. Something seemed very fishy so I didnt fall for it. Turned out to be a joke that Steve Z. set up. He was the Jewish guy from Long Island. ..... There was no big highway then to Indianapolis.... I dont think I was ever in any of those 'department stores' on the north side of the Square..... One guy got fooled by a snipe hunt..... The first week of class the President, Elvis J. Stahr, former Sect of the Army under JFK, had an open house for all freshman. I didnt go. But another guy on the floor did and the way he talked one would think he had the only invitation..... ADD NO MORE TO THIS EXCEPT FOR THE WALKING BETWEEN CLASSES PART TO BE ADDED ABOVE ....... MONDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1999. 445pm................. _____ _____ _____

...... SEPTEMBER 1967, continued::: ..MAY BE REPETITIOUS. I'LL EDIT LATER. ...Wed 11-3-99 312pm. Had to take my ftaher to the hospital all day yesterday, Election Day..... SEPT 67: I had a little red button that said CURSE YOU RED BARON. As in Snoopy. I still have it..... My roommate wanted the window open wide and i wanted it closed so we compromised on open a little.... There were two football games in September and we walked over to see INDIANA BEAT KENTUCKY 12-10 on Saturday SEPTEMBER 23, 1967 in the final seconds for an upset and INDIANA BEAT KANSAS 15-10? Saturday SEPT 30, 1967 in the final seconds for another upset. I had NO idea that IU had been so bad as to have only won five games in five years and now won two out of two. ...... Worst lunches were the rare times they had just cold cut sandwiches when they had some problem with the cooking or whatever and when they had hotdogs. I never could figure out what to put on corndogs which I had never seen before. But with coldcuts people could smuggle them out and eat later..... We werent allowed to have hotplates or irons in our rooms. Nor refrigerators..... The big exciting thing in 1967 was to get ones own apartment which didnt excite me as I had already been living away from my parents in high school and I wanted to be inside the college atmosphere where I always immediately heard of anything that was happening. In apartments one missed out on all the stuff. But guys thought that it would help them with girls. But losers are losers no matter where they live..... There was a big cardboard letter 'I' on a string on every phone with a list of numbers for campus and off-campus. Think thats how i found DOG AND SUDS. I still have one from later years..... The maids came in to clean and the janitors to repair what we broke. We got two sheets and a pillowcase to start and a clean sheet and pillowcase each week..... (They no longer have maids and janitors waiting on them now)..... My roomie said his name might have come from some English slaveship captain..... In the Physics Bldg, Swain West, there were empty drums for HEAVY WATER right in the main hall on the first floor. The cyclotron was downstairs..... As we werent able to have refridges the thing to do was to have baby food! in bottles on your shelves..... The US POPULATION CENTER was in Bloomington, Indiana at one time in the past. I think it was in 1880?..... I didnt bother reading the papers my first week there but 1)The MONON RAILROAD had its very last passenger car run about the first week I arrived at IU and it was in the 1967 papers I was going through in the 1990s. and 2)a train (Monon?) was also in one of those early papers as going off the tracks at Smith St just east of Bloomington at a place where there was a parking lot along the tracks next to the bridge the train went over the street on and a pet store was on the other side. I had no idea where that wa sin 1967 but when i visited in 1991 I stayed on that very street and walked south to 10th street past that very place. ..... I could have taken French or Spanish in collge but I HATED those two languages and German was supposedly the language of Science then. Also seemed more macho to a 17 year old boy..... In my dorm room we had a big wooden chair right in front of the window with a coffee table and lamp next to it. And I believe a magazine rack and trash can. I'll bet those things and all the other loose furniture were never in the same room together twice as they were all taken out of the rooms over the Summers..... Think my roommate had the only radio..... Prof Burkhead took us on a 'tour' one night. We went up to the 4th floor Planetarium and mini-black light room outside which could only be reached by a special key. That was in Sept 1967 and I wasnt in there again until late 72 or early 73. Then he took us to the Observatory at sundown and pointed out all the satellites moving by overhead that I had never seen out east. And he used the phrase, "Those of you who will still be here four years from now". There were about fifty of us on that roof and only three degrees went out on average. I especially recall getting down as I was nervous of heights. We went inside where he showed us the rooms and the telescope for the first time and then we went outside to a narrow walk around the Observatory up in the air with a wrought iron? hand rail and then stairs up to a flat roof and then stairs up to a higher roof. I think. I know I didnt like going down. That had to be in the beginning of classes in September 1967..... Girls sports were pretty much unheard of then but the term co-ed was dying out..... "Dont trust anyone over 30". I was 17. 30 seemed a lifetime away. Almost grandfather age to me..... Think I got Hydrox cookies at the Eastland Shop Center as I couldnt afford Oreos, or so I thought. Actually, I had money that one short period..... The doors on our dorm floor were always open which made it seem much bigger and noone knocked if a door was closed. Only if it were locked. They dont do that in the 90s. No camaraderie..... I cut a red and black drawing of a German general out of an Evergreen? and hung it up. Still have it but its missing a piece from transit in June 68,,,,, At Crosstown Pharmacy they had a turing rack that had books by some eccentric Colonel who believed in the lost continent of MU. I bought each one as they arrived in Fall 67. His daughter took advantage of the Tolkien craze..... The Krishnas werent around yet..... Korea was 14 years behind and seemed like a million. But 14 from 1999 is 1985 which is yesterday. This shows a reason for the GENERATION GAP..... I had NO idea what was happening in Superman Comics. The big guy in room 110 bought comics but I forget which ones..... Frank, the semi-Hippie was Polish from noth Indiana and we discussed Polish Vodka and he mentioned Polish foods I never heard of. I dont know if it were he or someone else who taught me that the area in Indiana near the Illinois border by Chicago was called "Da Region" (It was a tough area and had Gary and another town) and there was a place with SAND along Lake Michigan called "The Dunes"..... Once when I was in the GREYHOUND coming down we passed through MARTINSVILLE, INDIANA and I saw a medium-sized professional billboard that siad WELCOME TO MARTINSVILLE, CAPITAL OF THE KU KLUX KLAN NORTH OF THE MASON-DIXON LINE. (I noted that we were probably south of that line). I was later told stories of there also being a sign that said N----R, DONT LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON YOU HERE and that an IU student with long hair walked on the Courthouse grass in Martinsville and was thrown in jail. In 1998 there was a big racial incident there that USA TODAY reported on..... I guess I got my IU gym clothes at the IU BOOKSTORE (with jockstrap?)..... There was no 'jogging'..... Smart guys wore sliderules on their belts. Expensive ones cost $100 and had leather cases. The rOUND sliderule was the toughest one and most prestigious..... Next to Swain Hall was Rawles. On the first floor there was a big lecture hall on the right and a hallway on the left. Along that hall on the left were glass covered bulletin boards. In Fall 1967 they were covered with MENSA recruiting stuff..... I think the hall floors were carpted but theyre not anymore.....Standing on that long lunchline wrapped around the stairs each day. .... age 17..... Either one or both of my rommies black friends on the second floor was a "Christian Athlete"..... There were raquetball courts right inside the entrance to the old fieldhouse where I entered all the time including for registration. I figured it must have been some kind of 'rich kid' sport..... I was teaching someone how to shoot dice on the floor of my room near the door..... We were playing poker and one guy wanted to take our photo at my bed for the house newspaper. One guy let a cig dangle out of his mouth to play at looking cool..... They had a student court to try students who broke the rules but I didnt like kids my own age and would never let them try me. I knew Id go to an adult for trial first. Too many bad memories of grades 4 through 9 and how I was ganged up on..... The ILLINOIS CENTRAL of song fame ran north and south just a block west of town down that hill. It stopped along a wide open space there. But I never knew it as that was STONY territory and I was wary of it until 1972. I still like that song. It goes from Bloomington directly to Gainesville, Fla and IU and many people have connections in both college towns..... I didnt know the existance of BRYANT PARK in Sept 1967. Dont think I knew of it until I stumbled on it with a girl one night in early November 1967..... Downstairs at the COMMONS snackbar in the Student Union there was a place for shows called THE KIVA which charged admission. But it had a reputation as a 'homo' place in 1967 so we didnt dare go there if we wanted to. I was never in it until 1972 when a prof took us there for a 'class' in the afternoon..... Indiana had KENTUCKY JOKES like how did they get into Indiana? First one walked and the others walked over on the slime. I was glad they drowned out the Polish Jokes that had been going on since the CIVIL RIGHTS BILL OF 1965. There was also a lot of joking about the Indiana people who supposedly went over the state line to Ky to marry cousins..... 1967 was the 50th anniversay of the Russian OCTOBER REVOLUTION of 1917 which, by the new calendar, would then be in NOVEMBER 1967,,,,, age 17... Guys played a lot of football out on the lawn in the WRIGHT COURTYARD (see map). I never did. Thats how one guy, now a prof at IU, ruined his leg for life one day..... One 'argument' for OPEN VISITATION that even my roomie used was that putting two guys together encouraged Homosexuality..... Lots of wonderful burning leaves smells in Bloomington in Fall..... I noticed these other guys had little plastic or leather bags to carry their shower stuff into the mens room..... The first time someone mentioned the JORDAN RIVER I thought they were referring to the RIVER JORDAN that had gotten so famous that Summer during the ARAB-ISRAELI WAR. But the pretty stream through campus with all the wooden bridges on it was named after a past IU President named Jordan..... I dont recall ever being in the OLD LIBRARY which was at the main entrance to campus at KIRKWOOD AVE on the left. But guys told me there was a glass floor and girls had to be careful in one area..... I would sometimes study in the SWAIN LIBRARY which was much smaller then and just one floor. The new wing wasnt there yet so I would walk in the same door that is there now and go right acrioss the room which is still the same size that way and sit at one of the desks which were then along WINDOWS and down below was a tiny traffic circle with a bench in the middle and a long driveway going up the hill to 3rd street..... I still have a can of GRIFFIN SHOE POLISH from 1967..... There was a late night supermarket at CROSSTOWN PHARMACY I'd go to to get a few things now and then from Wright..... Where the NEW LIBRARY parking lot now is was just a gravel lot. ..... First time I ever saw the GREAT LAKES was in 1967 but I forget when..... I promised my mother Id eat vegetables every day at IU and I did. They always had them in small side dishes and Id always take one and eat it..... I never heard the word 'graffiti' then..... My roomie told me he was at the INDY 500 I heard on the car radio in York in May 1967 and how silent that turbine engine ran compared to the others. TURBINES had been the 'wave of the future' since the 1964 WORLDS FAIR. In 1969 it became the WANKEL..... Not even most lefties ate granola or yogurt in 1967. That was REALLY weird leftie stuff then..... The banners that the IU THEATRE always had up with that weird GREEK play name were called GONFALONS..... Goalposts then were still the old 'H' shaped ones right on the goal line..... Some guys referred to GOD as "The Big G "..... i never heard a smart kid called 'gifted' or a retarded one called 'special'..... Before sunrise in the mornings I could here someone walk down the floor dropping copies of the IDS student newspaper and be grateful I wasnt that broke to need the money..... On FEE LANE coming from Briscoe into campus some wags climbed up on the train trestle and painted LIONEL to kid the small railroad. It was there for many years and the Monon people didnt think it was funny. I was always walking under it when I lived at Briscoe..... age 17.... There was a guy on the floor, I forget which one, who HATED Jello. Turned out he was in a hospital for a long time where gelatins were the ONLY things he could eat. So I never mentioned it. But I recall one guy would tease him at times and get him angry which I didnt think wise as this teased guy looked tougher than the teasing guy..... But I liked the Jello multi-flavored multi-colored cubes in the tall ice cream glasses that you could also put whipped cream on. And we had our own ICE CREAM FACTORY....age 17... . Never heard of gasohol in 67..... Frats had their HAZING then but it was never called hazing. It was pretty cruel at all of them as it was only a college thing and far fewer people went to college. When they started letting any animal into college its only natural that things got even worse and that more people at home cared. But one cute thing I heard was to tell a guy he would jump barefoot into broken glass blindfolded and then switch the pan of glass with corn flakes. Another one was to give him a clipboard with a pencil attached to a string attached to his p---s inside his pants and have the sorority girls sign the paper on the clipboard and theyd give the pencil a jerk.....NO college student other than the biggest nerd or the weirdest leftie would be caught dead on a bicycle even though cars were banned..... Just a couple of days after settling in two guys showed up at our room 112. I was on my bed and my roomie at his desk. Two older guys came to the door and asked to come in as it was their room a couple of years before. Just a couple or a few but they seemed OLD..... I never heard of 'parking garages' as in the big buildings. They were parking LOTS only..... I never could gargle. My roomie did it well..... Across from SWAIN EAST was a big frat ACACIA. They built this big catapult and were lobbing water balloons into the campus..... AMPHITRYON 38 was the name of that weird play I kept seeing banners for when I walked past the Auditorium each day. It was by Jean Gir??doux, so I guess it wasnt ancient..... One night, right as the sun was setting, I decided to walk to the all-night restaurant just south of Swain West that the guy who was in my HUMAN GEOGRAPHY class took me to. Some guy started following me in a car across campus. I thought, "My God! Subway queers here!?" I kept trying to nonchalantly get away from him and noone else was around for some reason that night. I finally thought I had gotten away from him as I walked past SWAIN WOODS and was about to go up between SWAIN WEST and RAWLES HALL and suddenly, to my shock, he pulled up from the west along the sidewalk and stopped to block me. I immediately turned around and gave up and walked quickly back to the dorm. That jerk really screwed me over. I thus NEVER saw that place again. I was always nervous about entering strange places full of kids my age unless someone took me there and that ONE time I tried it at night on my own and that had to happen. I never tried to go there again. After that I only went that way at night with a GIRL to show I wasnt 'queer'. I guess that had to be a few days or a week after classes started. probably later than Sept 15 and before Sept 25 when the PENNANT RACES got hot. Maybe the campus was so empty because it was a Sunday night? Saturday night? The first day of class was FRIDAY Sept 15, 1967. I had that class then. Did that guy take me right to his room at WILKIE then? Did I then go with him to that restaurant that day? Did I try to return after going home that Friday night?.That weekend was Sept 15,16,17. There was a full moon on Sept 18 which means perhaps a bright night. Or was it the next weekend Sept 22,23,24? I wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt that very first day and I told him Id be back after eating at the dorm as I was still frugal my first days there. ON THE GREENISH MAP LISTED BELOW one can see the huge rectangular new OPTOMETRY BLDG on the lower left ALL BY ITSELF just outside and touching the campus. To its right there is a street going from top to bottom. There are two black dots there near the OPTOMETRY BLDG. It was between these two dots where the RESTAURANT was that I was trying to get to and never did. You can see the main campus and the way the street goes north towards the space BETWEEN SWAIN and RAWLES. Thats where I was stopped. The OPT BLDG IS THAT LITTLE PILL SHAPED PIECE JUST TOUCHING THE CAMPUS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE MAP. There is now a HUGE parking garage where that restaurant used to be and homes on both sides of it. Also homes across the street. Buildings on both sides back then. Now they are all GONE! The aprking lot faces a huge open lot as does the OPTOMETRY BUILDING. All gone! When Id visit in the 1990s Id cut thru the OPT BLDG and thru the big lot across the street and then go beween the bldgs there which are now either frats or IU owned bldgs along 3rd street.. ..... There were still SILVER CERTIFICATES floating around and they would be honored until sometime in 1968. They were worth $1.60. Lets see Ive said for a long time that the inflation rate for 1964 until 1990s was 10:1 and for 1967 ABOUT 7:1 and a 1964 silver certificate was now worth $1.60 so thats about 16:10 or 8:5 compared to 10:7. Thats .625 compared to .70 and the guys buying the Silver Certificate had to pay you less than its absolute value so they could make a profit. So that sounds about right. 11-4-99 419pm_______________________ SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 1967: Monsoons kill 210+ in India, Confessions of Nat Turner published ______SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 1967: Gibralter votes to stay British, H.rap Brown speech leads to E.StLouis riots, US creates heaviest isotope ever, Lynda Byrd and Charles Robb engaged, economists call for tax increase, ______MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11, 1967: I believe the very first PARKS HOUSE SCRIBE was dated Oct 11, 1967. DeGaulle meets Wladyslaw Gomulka in Warsaw, Red China fires on Indians in Sikkim, E.StL riots still on, RFK attacks tobacco, Cosmos 175 launched, ______TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 1967: Israel/Egypt shoot across Suez Canal, Saigon students protest 9/3 elections, India/China keep firing at each other, E.StL 'negroes' drag whites from cars to beat, Senate supports Defens Approp 74-3, Cosmos 176 launched, econs call for tax increase, ______WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13, 1967: Israel/Egypt still firing, China still firing at Indian sites, police arrest E.StL negroes, ______THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 1967:Red Chinese firing lightens, SNCC rally leads to S.Chicago violence, Biosatellites seedlings grow in weightlessness, economists call for tax increase,______FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 1967: No more Ind/Chin shelling, Mailers 'Why Are We In Vietnam?' published, ______SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 1967: US and SV inflict major losses on Cong in Mekong Delta, Cosmos 177 launched, ______SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 1967: Harris Survey shows public really angry at Romney 'brainwashing' statement, USSR launches a satellite, ______MONDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 1967: FULL MOON: St Louis Cards win the pennant. My father was an usher at Shea Stadium in 1967 and I no longer was but I saw the Cardinal "El Birdo" games at Shea. US bombs Haiphong Mil targets, Hartford,Conn whites attack civ rgts marchers, HRapp Brown freed from jail, McNamara announces US will make ABM system, US Surveyor 5 launched, Met Opera opens season, ______ TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 19,1967: 'Negroes' lot in Dayton,Ohio, _______ WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 20,1967: Surveyor 5 lands on moon, film 'The Battle of Algiers' released, ______THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 1967: CERN to build nuke reactor, US pounds port of Hiaphing, ann 236 Americans died 9/10-9/16, James Garrison says RFK blocked Assassination probe, _____ FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22,1967: US conducts undergrd nuke test, ______ SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 1967: WE WIN OUR FIRST FOOTBALL GAME. OVER KENTUCKY IN A SQUEAKER. 12-10.... N.Viet/USSR agree on econ milit aid in 68, ADA supports LBJ 73-12, Hurricane Beulah ends- 46 dead, ________ SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 1967: Isreali Premier Levi Eshkol to settle people on West Bank, More S.Viet demon against 9'3 elections, Walter Reuther calls for end to Viet bombing, _____ MONDAY SEPTEMBER 25, 1967: US bombs DMZ, _______ TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 1967: US still bombs DMZ, Clifford Cases 'crisis of confidence' speech against LBJ ________ WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 1967:US bombs DMZ, US against settlement in West Bank, Thruston Morton says LBJ brainwashed by military-industrial complex, US launches Comm. sat. Pacific 2, US undergrd test, man who killed Rasputin dies, _______THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 28, 1967: french attk US actions in Viet, US bombs DMZ, Laos kills NV soldiers, US cigarette use up substantially in 67, ______FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 1967: Turkey wants US nuc landmines vs USSR, Buddh monks march in Danang, US bombs Hanoi MIG base, Stokely Carmichael in NVietnam on 8/25, ______SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 1967.: INDIANA 18, KANSAS 15. WE WIN AGAIN!! I WAS THERE! A SQUEAKER. NOW WE'RE 2-0.... The very last days of September 1967 meant the last days of the great 1967 pennant race between Detroit (Kaline), Chicago (Peters), Boston (Yastrzemski), and Minnesota. So three of my favorite players were involved. And Minnesota had their Series in 1965 so I was hoping for the other three. I bet a pack of gum for five cents with a Christian Athlete black guy on the second floor. The White Sox went from first to fourth when the other three owners ganged up on them as they hated the owner of the Sox but the Sox had barely missed the pennant and Gary Peters had great years in three of the previous four seasons so I was hoping theyd take it. I bet even though they were fourth. They then made a great comeback but suddenly they LOST a double header with their two best pitchers against the worst team, the Athletics. So they were actually out of it two days before the end. Then my second choice was Detroit due to Kaline. And my third was Boston due to Yaz. ___________________ OCTOBER 1967: The first week of Oct 1967 meant the end of the great AMERICAN LEAGUE pennant Race that went down to the last day and the beginning of the 1967 World Series... S.Viet police brk up demo aginst 9/3 elections, Us bombs NV missile sites.... THE SERVER HAS BEEN DOWN CONTINUOUSLY!!..11-3-99..... 11-4-99: I stupidly left my info home but I do have my original Schedule of Classes for Early 1968 here in the wrong bag so I'll start that page instead. .. ______________ ______________ ______________________ _____________ ___________________________ ___________ __________ ________ ______________________ _______________ _____________ ______________ ________________ ________________________ ____________________ ____________________ __________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________ __________________ ______________ __________________ __________ ______________ __________________ __________________ ___________________________ ________________ ________________________ ________________________ ___________________________________ _____________ _____________ __________________ _______________ ____________ ________________ ___________ ______________________ ___________ ____________________ _________ _______________ _________________ ____ ___________ _____________ ____________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ ________________ __________________ ______________________________________ _____________ ____________________ _______________________ ________________________ ________ _________________ ________________________ _______________ _________________ _____________ __________ _______________________ _______________ _____________ ____________ ____________________ ________ ______________ __________________ _____________________ _________________________ ___________ ________________ ___________________________ ___________ _____________________ ________________________ _________________ ________________ _________________________ ______________ __________________________ _______________________ ___________________________________ ______________ ______________________ ______________________ _____________ _____________ _______________ _________________ ________________ ______________ _______________________ ________________ ______ ________________ _________________ __________________ _____________________________________________________ ________________________________ ____________ ____________________ _____________ ________ _____________________ _______________________________ ____________ __________ _______________ _____________ __________________ ___________ ________________ ______ SUNDAY October 1, 1967


GREATEST PENNANT RACE,,, WORLD SERIES,,, HOMECOMING FLOAT,,, DATING,,, MIRACLE FOOTBALL TEAM,,, MID-TERMS,,, STUDENT ELECTION CAMPAIGNS,,, MARCH ON PENTAGON,,, MY 18th BIRTHDAY,,, DEAN RUSK VISIT ON HALLOWEEN,,, The first week of October 1967 meant the ending of the GREAT AMERICAN LEAGUE pennant race that went down to the last day and the beginning of the 1967 World Series that went seven games. _______ _______ SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30: indy 40/71 .00, clr Went to Kansas vs Indiana football game with other guys on my floor. . We won 15-10 in closing seconds. Then back to ParksWright for pennant race. Minnesota vs Boston. Watched with the crowd in the next lounge south. Yaz was in danger of losing his TRIPLE CROWN. Both he and Killebrew were tied at 43 homers. Yaz hit one and then Killer hit one as we all watched. Boston won. Also had to wait for Detroit-California DoubleHeader._____ ERASE ALL BEFORE HERE ______ SUNDAY OCTOBER 1, 1967: cinn 48/77 .00,pt cldy, indy 47/80 .00,cldy, lou ?? pty cldy: Boston won the Pennant. I was with a bunch of guys in the next house south where I had to go to wash and iron my clothes. Lot of guys watching made it much more exciting. And we knew that this game would determine the TRIPLE CROWN, THE MVP, THE CY YOUNG AWARD, THE HOMERUN TITLE and THE PENNANT. TV was in the corner up in the air in the lounge next to the little washing machine room. The pool table that was there in 67 was still there in 1995. It was JIM LONBORG, Bostons 20 game winner vs DEAN CHANCE, Minn's 20 game winner. HORLEN of Chicago Whitesox was the 3rd Cy Young candidate. Boston beat Minnesota to win it but had to wait for the outcome of the second Detroit-California game. I was in my room later when Detroit won. , US bombs Campha port, NV ______ MONDAY OCTOBER 2, 1967: cinn 56/82,.00,pt cldy, indy 59/85,.00, cldy, lou 55/82,.00, pt cldy Fr. farmers demonstrate, Egyptians flee Suez shellings, HARRIS POLL SAYS PUBLIC SUPPORT OF VIET WAR NOW AT 58% FROM 72% IN JULY!!!, US says it slowed Chin supplies to NV by bombing, ______TUESDAY OCTOBER 3, 1967: cinn 55/83 .00, clr, indy 56/85 .00, clr, lou 55/83 .00,clr: "LAST MONON PASSENGER TRAIN MAKES ITS RUN". EIGENMANN HALL TO BE BUILT FOR GRADS. See music of Oct 3, 67 below. , 9/3 S.Viet election validated barely, CARL STOKES wins nom for mayor of Cleve, DIRKSEN attks LBJ Viet policy, house stops Republicans from cut spending barely, USSR launches coomun sat, WOODY GUTHRIE DIES IN NY AT AGE 55, .And StLouis wins GAME ONE OF WORLD SERIES over Boston 2-1. I had that huge 'portable' tape recorder with huge reels that could record slowly. I left it in Bill Ts room to record a couple of the WS games. It would be a HOOT to here it again. The tape is around somewhere. I played back only the first few minutes and it recorded fine. But more interesting is the fact that it RECORDED THE VOICES of those of us in the room at that time. Imagine playing it and actually hearing our conversations at Parks Wright in OCT 1967 when we had all just started college!!! ______WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4,1967: cinn 54/87!,.00,clr, indy 55/87! .00, clr, lou 55/85 .00, clr: Boston wins 2nd game 5-0. Obviously Bill had a TV in his room yet I watched the Pennant Race in that other lounge. Perhaps because he went away for the weekend?KING HUSSEIN ASKS LEVI ESHKOL FOR TALKS, NV siege of Conthien broken, US bombs close to Red China, ______THURSDAY OCTOBER 5, 1967: cinn 60/80, .00,cldy, indy 66/74, 1.04!!, cldy, lou 60/82 .00, pt cldyStLouis wins 3rd game 5-2, US ann 141 US deaths for 9/24-9/30, ______FRIDAY OCTOBER 6,1967: cinn 53/59, .51!, cldy, indy 55/63 .58! clr, lou 58/68 .42,cldy STUDENT SENATE PASSES BILL TO END WOMENS HOURS! Matthew Ridgeways "The Korean War" published (I read the paperback on the plane to Indiana a year or two later), ______GLITCH SCREWED IT ALL UP______ SATURDAY OCTOBER 7, 1967: cinn 46/66 .00, cldy, indy 47/67 .00, cldy, lou 54/75 .00,cldy. IU AT ILLINOIS. WE WIN BARELY! Former Greek PM Papandreou released from house detention. US paratroopers in savage fighting in north South Vietnam. (fix glitch, etc)_____ SUNDAY OCTOBER 8, 1967: cinn x7/xx, .x0,cldy, indy 54/68 .50! rain, lou 59/74 .45! cldy, Letter refers to "SUNDAYS LOVE-IN AT DUNN MEADOW. 101 Airborne fights its way out of encirclement in north South Vietnam. Democrats announce their convention will be in CHICAGO in August 68!, GALLUP poll says 48% Americans want to reduce role in Viet, 37% want to increase it, 28% approve as is. Arthur Schlessinger assails 'obsession' with Viet Victory, Clement Atlee dies, age 94. I recall this. (fix glitch)______ MONDAY OCTOBER 9, 1967: cinn 49/51 .00 cldy, indy 47/50 .00, cldy, lou 49/53 .00, cldy, USSR launches French weather rocket, Che Guevara MAY have been killed, US command that 4,000 troops recently sent to north SV for fighting above.,Indonesia to break with Red China, US Supreme Ct supports lower court ordering South desegregation, Court also supports contempt of ct conviction of ML King, Eugene mcCarthys LIMITS OF POWER published _____ TUESDAY OCTOBER 10, 1967: cinn 45/50 .00, cldy, indy 43/51 .04 pt cldy, lou 43/52 .00, cldy CHE GUEVARA DEATH CONFIRMED, Chou En-Lai admits Cultural Revolution adversely affected China production, NUCLEAR WEAPON SPACE BAN TREATY INTO EFFECT, ___________WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 11, 1967: cinn 42/51 .00,cldy, indy 32/51 .00 cldy, lou 33/56 .00,cldy HAWKINS LEADS IMPACT TICKET, says paper.(I recall he came into the room while I was at my desk and immediately threw me a pack of matches with "IMPACT!" on them. I still have them. STLOUIS WINS 7th GAME AND WORLD SERIES 7-2!!! ___THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 1967: cinn 33/50 .00,clr, indy 30/62 .00,clr, lou 33/62 .00,clr,..... ______FRIDAY OCTOBER 13!!!, 1967: cinn 38/70 .21 rain, indy 37/72, .32 rain, lou 36/76 .18 rain, ..... ______SATURDAY OCTOBER 14, 1967: INDIANA 20, IOWA 17!! ANOTHER SQUEAKER. I WAS THERE. THINK I STILL HAVE TICKET STUB. WE WIN AGAIN!! NOW 4-0,, Temp 31/53 cinn, .00 rain by 7pm but rain started after that, 32/52 Indy .00 rain but starting, 33/60 louisv .00 rain, just cloudy. Map shows rain over Indiana.I was there when Indiana AGAIN barely won: this time against Iowa...... ______SUNDAY OCTOBER 15, 1967: cinn 52/81 cldy, indy 53/83! cldy, louisv 55/83 ptly cldy, map shows lot of rain coming from Wisc to Tx. moonrise 523pm est-415am, sun 706am est/618pm est have to convert...... ______MONDAY OCTOBER 16, 1967: cinn 65/73 .illeg amt, indy 62/65 .46 rain, louisv 64/73 .01, rain, all Indiana under rain excpt 'region' ..... ______TUESDAY OCTOBER 17, 1967: cinn 61/65 ptly cldy at 7pm but had .11 rain during day, Indy 59/67 1.67!! inches rain!, Was this the day we couldnt get across the courtyard to eat due to the torrent? , louisv 60/67 .45 rain earlier,now pt cldy. All Ind under rain.... ______WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18, 1967: cinn 50/60 .03 rain but cldy at 7pm, indy 44'54 .06 rain, cldy 7pm, louisv .00 rain cldy, rain in north ind & ohio, ..... .....______THURSDAY OCTOBER 19, 1967: TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! I missed it. It was before sunrise. 43/57 .02 clr, indy 41/58 .00 clr, louisv 47/63 .00 clr, rain in Penna...... Between 10/11 and 10/20 my roomie was campaigning and even shook my hand on the lunchroom line. Someone asked me earlier if I was his campaign manager. But I had NO interest in politics in those days. ______FRIDAY OCTOBER 20, 1967: "IMPACT!" WINS! cinn 31/65 clr, indy 36/65 clr, lou 35/69 clr, rain above lk mich, ..... ______SATURDAY OCTOBER 21, 1967: INDIANA 27, MICHIGAN 20! WE WIN AGAIN! AWAY! At Ann Arbor.Another Squeaker, NOW 5-0. cinn 32/61 clr, indy 35/62 clr, lou 38/65 clr, clr to Idaho..... ______SUNDAY OCTOBER 22, 1967: cinn 33/64 clr, indy 34/68 clr, lou 35/71 clr, also clr to idaho, ..... ______MONDAY OCTOBER 23, 1967: cinn 41/74 pt cldy, indy 41/76 cldy, lou 41/77 clear, rain in minn/dakotas coming, ..... ______TUESDAY OCTOBER 24, 1967: My parents anniversary, 300 IU STUDENTS TO D.C. PENTAGON. cinn 55/74 cldy, rain not yet into cinn at 7pm, indy 52/72 .43 rain, louisv 59/77 .47 rain, rain over all Ind but not yet reach ohio, .....-age 17- .. _____ _____ _____ GENERAL OCTOBER 1967: (As good a place as any to discuss generalities)..... Big Red gum appeared. I thought it was a local brand as IU was called 'Big Red'. I thought it had something to do with the football team... Gymnastics were NOT big for girls or anyone else yet. Nor was all this Oriental-type fighting. We were always taught that men never fought with their feet..... Gyros were still a NYC thing and not nationwide. Same with Polish Sausage. And Bagels. People in Bloomington often never heard of any of these things...... First place I ever lived in without any seagulls. Even York has seagulls and we are 13 maile from the Susquehanna River and 50 from the Chesapeake Bay..... Maybe it was in October that the mad slide projector guy started. Across from our window was a very large wall on the main Wright bldg. No windows. Someone upstairs in Parks Wright would project huge slide pix of naked girls on the wall at night. Naturally guys would hoop and holler.... No cheap generic brands yet. No plastic lighters, they were all metal and had to be refilled. Usually Zippo or Gem..... Very few things were 'lo-cal'.... The guys in 110 had an N-gauge train. First time I saw one that small. It wasnt even a train. It was a set of mining cars with the mini-engine..... Records were 45s and 78s..... People used carbon paper, no public Xeroxes..... Things going on in Sept still did in October..... A lot of guys partied all night. The hall was mostly freshmen. I missed a lot of sleep. ..... I mentioned that the girls from York,Pa were a lot prettier than the ones from NYC which all seemed to want to look and act like greasers. But one day some guys came back from something where there were girls and they said that there was one from York,Pa and she wasnt pretty at all..... Democratic party was extremely more powerful than Republican since Nov 1964 Elections. RP was practically a minor party and articles written about its demise..... Despite the great pennant race baseball continued to go down in popularity while football continued to rise. Baseball, movies, hamburgers and cartoons were all dying!... Never really heard of 'abortion' or euthanasia.. people who opposed peacetime draft were 'cowards' and 'traitors' we were taught.. divorces still very rare... co-habitation illegal and enforced... kids wore baseball caps, sneakers, and rode bikes. Not adults or teens.... .age 17 .. FRIDAY 11/12/99.. ... No jogging suits.... Big soda bottles still glass. No plastic small soda bottles...... Frank, the quasi-Hippie made us both Brandy pancakes at the stove in the first floor lounge. Big deal when one is 17 in a 21 drinking state..... Computer classes had a nightmare reputation. All done with computer cards on the same machine. One card out of order or one mispunched hole and it was all vomited back and you had to find and figure out your mistake. Computer centers were open 24 hours a day and kids would lay all over the floors waiting for their cards and they kept having to put them through and wait. And half the time the computer was down..... Our parents got newsletters and we didnt know it. My roomies election was on the front page. ...... BRUT was THE after shave/ cologne to wear. I used a lot of Aqua Velva Lime..... Playing a trick on someone was called BORESSING..... I didnt know cassette film existed until 1969 but it did in 1967. But film and developing was MUCH more expensive then than now when one corrects for the REAL inflation rate. It was almost seven times more expensive....... Due to all the Polish jokes Bill T. started off being apologetic but then said he had thought all Poles were stupid. He also said his family voted against JFK as they thought Catholics had guns in their cellars to rise up for the Pope! Backwoods Indiana?..... People would get thrown into the Jordan River as a prank. It was a stream..... The letters POTFH were stenciled around campus. Purdue guys would do it. It meant, "Phooey on the f---ing Hoosiers". And the 'P' could also be something else..... I walked a lot faster than Hoosiers. But I also outwalked New Yorkers..... I got into the habit of cutting thru the WORLDS BIGGEST STUDENT UNION to get from Wright to Swain. From Wright, past Theatre, past Showalter Fountain, past bldg my Philosophy class was in, either through or around Union parking lot, into bldg, up stairs to 2nd floor or around room and up elevator, down hall with the crowd, wrap around bookstore to the right, down hall, left around Commons cafeteria, thru the hall past the little shops, up the big steep steps and out. Sometimes I took the elevator up to the next floor and through the bldg. The back exit was right before SWAIN WOODS by the gargoyle bldg. ..... What I MOSTLY recall about SEPTEMBER 15, 1967 to OCTOBER 25, 1967 was having to carry an overload of tough courses I STUPIDLY signed up for. And being in a nearly all-Freshman dorm floor where everybody had a good time partying until all hours and also wanting to go outside and just walk around and check out all the interesting differences of a town I chose out of a book to live in far away from home for years. I was not getting any sleep at night. I would fall asleep right after my last class of the day. I was carrying too much and not putting enough time into my studies. I was screwing around more and more at night. On the one hand I knew I had an overload and should be really just working around the clock to save my grades. On the other hand I was living with a bunch of guys having fun for the first time in my life. And I knew that my Astro career could go down the drain and I could wind up in Vietnam. But I also had all this fun going on around me in a nice town without NYC thugs attacking me or rotten York relatives. My guts hurt more and more. And when I was trying to sleep at night I would wake up with my guts really hurting and wondering why. I would then go sit in the mens room thinking that maybe I had the runs causing the pain but that wasnt it. I went to Brummetts pharmacy (Where I made that call home the night I was lost) and eventually cautiously bought some No-Doz. They always had it right at the register. I was really worried about taking it as I was brought up to beware of strange drugs of any kind. But I needed to take some all-nighters to catch up. Was it around Mid Terms that I first took No-Doz? I dont know. But now I know that maybe I was RIGHT about being worried about taking them as they might have helped me get that ulcer...... Once I went into a fancy gift shop just off the Kirkwood entrance to the University and in it was a perfectly made poster hanging from the ceiling portraying many of the DISNEY CHARACTERS in obscene sex acts. Place was called NATHAN HALES and it was all old wood inside and gifts for rich kids it seemed to me. They had the cash register on an ancient stand that looked like a podium. That same stand was still there in 1991 when I returned but now it stood alone. The new compter registers couldnt fit. That poster became a landmark copywright case and the humorist lost.... Anyway, it was about this time that I wrote the semester off. My course load was way too big. I had way too much work to do. Too many clases to go to assigning too much work apiece and too many in the early morning including Saturday. I was alrady missing out on too much- in my 17 year old mind, anyway. I didnt wait all my life to go to college with the 'rich kids' just to spend all my time at a desk studying around the clock- which is what i would have had to do to do well with the overload i ignorantly took. The fact that I was on a floor overloaded with Freshmen ('froggies') and very few upperclassmen and sealed off at both ends by the Breezeway entrance and lounge made matters much worse. The others were just partying kids majoring in easier things than what I was so I had almost all bad influences and and was sealed away from good ones. So I just wrote off the semester and decided to mostly just have a good time. NEXT semester Id take a normal work load. Actually, I may not have made the final decision until November. Im not sure. But it was sometime between mid-Oct and mid-Nov. I know I also went through a period where i tried to burn the candle at both ends by raising hell half the night and still trying to keep my grades up. I know Id fall asleep right after supper but then Id have even worse insominia. My roomie got the idea that warning me about napping would help me sleep at night but it didnt work. Even if I wanted to sleep at night there was so much partying going on in the hall I couldnt sleep much anyway. ______WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 25, 1967:I think that this was the day the "RED BOOK" came out. I forget who told me about what a great thing it was for meeting girls. But I knew that if you heard their name in class and had one you could look up where they were from, what dorm they lived in now, complete addresses for both, their local phone number, their major, and what class level they were (fr, soph, jr, sr). There was a girl in my Astro class who caught my eye and I immediately bought one and looked her up. It took me one day to get up the courage to call her as she was the first girl I ever asked out. So I knew I wasnt going to do it from my dorm phone. cinn 39/49 .56 rain, indy 40/44 .11 rain, louisv 44/51 .24 rain, rain leaving Indiana,..... ______THURSDAY OCTOBER 26, 1967: LAST QUARTER MOON. Not many classes on Thursdays. Called for first college date. Walked across courtyard at Wright Quad, up the stairs, and to the row of phone booths built into the wall by the cafeteria entrance. Really still and silent there at night and lots of privacy. (Booths are gone now. Wooden panels over where they were).I had always heard that one should ask at least a week ahead of time so I called her on a Thursday for the NEXT Friday. She then said, "Why not tomorrow?" This shocked me but I agreed. I had no preparation for my first date and it was tomorrow! I had nothing planned so I went back to my room, borrowed an IDS paper, and looked for a movie. I saw something called POINT BLANK with Lee Marvin/Angie Dickinson at the INDIANA THEATRE downtown that looked too violent and not something a girl would like (Its now a 'film noir' classic) and a double feature with THE GROUP and WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE WAR, DADDY? at the TOWNE CINEMA , which seemed too sexual and political. And there was THE TRIP at the Radical VON LEE near campus which was about LSD and starred young nobodies I never heard of (Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper: Two years before they were in EASY RIDER).Also too radical. I then noticed "LUV" at THE PRINCESS which seemed to be the term Beatlemaniac girls used and it had the guy Jack Lemmon I really liked in HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE and Peter Falk from MAD,MAD WORLD that I saw in York my senior year and 1964. So I went back to the phone, called her back, and made the arrangements. We could have also gone to see THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO on Oct 28 but Chad wasnt with them anymore and he was replaced by a forgotten newcomer named John Denver. That weird Greek play, AMPHITRYON 38 was also every night at 8pm but I figured it would be something too risque. cinn 31/53 .00, rain, indy 32/52 .00, rain, louisv 33/60, .00, cldy, map shows rain over state. The .00 means that it didnt rain before 7pm on that date but the 'rain' means it was what was happening at exactly 7pm and that they hadnt taken a reading yet...... ______FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 1967: For years I believed a lot happened on this day but now I wonder how I could possibly have gotten it all in especially as Friday was a heavy class day. I recall that I was in the Parks hall with Jim, the house governor and perhaps one other guy and we were to walk over to Forest Quad to work on a homecoming float with them. We then went out the door and, instead of going out to the crescent and down Jordan, which was the only way I knew to go in that direction. (Note that this is late October and I had been there for over a month so I wasnt very exploratory) Instead we kept going along the middle of the Wright courtyard for the very first time. I had my very first view of what was that way. We got to the end of the long, long courtyard and then there were tennis courts (this point in time is burned in my memory) so we turned right. I had no idea they were there and had never seen this area. We then went south again around then and I saw that the field just kept on going and going with school bldgs at the edges. We went over a very old, very pretty bridge and then left 45*. Went past a hollow on our right with old trees on it and along a very old section of campus with ancient trees and ancient old steps mostly covered by dirt. The field kept going until we reached the back of Forest Quad (Now there are tennis cts behind it) and we walked around it on the left to the front (Another sharp memory). Then we went to the area in front of Forest to meet some girls and work on the lawn display. I knew nothing of this and I forget what I did. I met a couple of girls but Jim gave them a phony name and I corrected him about it. I wasnt afraid to tell them who I was. Why should I? I do recall going inside to use the first floor phone booths on the left to call that girl about the date. So I always thought it was the same night as when we worked on the display. But would I have done that and then go on the date that night? Did I cut all those classes? I also did not know who the "Wizard of Id" was. But I knew it when it was described to me by Jim. Our display was to be one of the castle and characters. There was no "Forest Quad" big sign in those days. But we were where it is now. (Jeez, those 18 year old girls are now 50). I think that that was the only day I was there. cinn 41/53 .03, cldy. indy 39/42 .08 cldy. lou 43/54 .03, clr, map shows rain in Canada, front passing over York,Pa. Wind from E to W 9-15 mph. I had a lot of classes on Fridays but I wouldnt be surprised if I cut some on the day of my first date. Probably at least my 830am and my 330 pm. I'm not even clear on all the details anymore. Guess I wore my "seven dollar shirt" I kept for special occasions. (I still have that worn-out old thing). I called the taxi as thats how it was done on a campus with no cars allowed for most students. It had to pick me up in that crescent at the main entrance. We went up about one or two blocks and to the left into the circle in front of Read Hall, which was then all-girl with no males allowed upstairs. I waited with all these other guys who had also left their cabs outside. The elevator would come down every couple of minutes full of girls going on dates. I stood at the far wall (small room) and she finally came out. She wasnt even really sure who I was so I wore my bright red 'red baron'button. I had a box of candy with me I had bought downtown somewhere. Then I recall going out with her between the two sets of doors like it was yesterday. Jeez, I was 17 and it was 32 years ago! The same distance as from 1967 to 1935! We got in the car and I held it open for her and the front was facing to the right so she was right behind the driver. I could not believe how she and the driver got so friendly immediately. (It just dawned on me this exact second. Could she have ridden in his cab before??). I was a little ticked off and even more worried as they were so easy going about all this and I felt extremely nervous. We went downtown somehow. And got out in front of the theatre showing "LUV". (That theatre has since seen its rear collapse and is now a restaurant I was in in 1995 and it had HER name!!). Theatre had a weird foyer. Immediately inside it was normal where one bought ones ticket. But in the next room one was faced with stairs going up and stairs going down with NO more floor at street level. I have never seen that before or since! (Its still there in the restaurant). I forget if we went up or down. I just know that all the theatres were packed on date nights although there was no line. "LUV" was awful. After we left I'm not sure where we went. It was dark out. Did we walk down a couple of blocks to the A&W to eat? (Its now a pet shop). I know we did that at least once. I have memories of walking places with her. I doubt if after the first date we took the 'A Propos' walk I mention later as we were too familiar then. Was this the night of the UNIVERSITY STREET walk? Beats me why I can no longer recall. I knew it all clearly until my early 30s. Just where the heck did we go until she had to be in at Midnight? I know that as a good Catholic boy I didnt touch her on the first date. 11-15-99 monday. 11-16-99 .....STOP HERE> TRANSFER ALL PAST THIS TO NOVEMBER::::::: ... SATURDAY OCTOBER 28, 1967: cinn 38/46, .01,clr, indy 34/47, .04,clr, lou 37/49,.03, clr, rain in w.nebr. IU football team at Arizona for a NIGHT game. We cream them. I may NOT have heard them over the air in the Commons while walking through. ..... SUNDAY OCTOBER 29, 1967: cinn missing! not in paper!,oct 30 issue, indy 33/63, .00, pt cldy, 33/70 .00, clr, rain from wisc/ohio to La. ..... MONDAY OCTOBER 30, 1967: MY 18th Birthday! 45/70, .00, cldy, indy 45/69 .00, cldy, 46/75 .00, pt cldy, rain along ill/ind border coming in. Went to fancy restaurant at night. Lamplighter? in downtown hotel basement...... TUESDAY OCTOBER 31, 1967: HALLOWEEN! cinn 42/58 .64, cldy, indy 53/58 .41, rain, louisv 53/65 .09 cldy, rain over s.ind to biloxi. Dean Rusk comes to IU auditorium I walk past every day...... WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1967: cinn 54/61, 1.07!!, rain, indy 48/61, .00!! , cldy, louisv 51/62, .76,rain, rain from hudson bay to fla, .... NOT COMPLETED Trying to dredge out old memories. . ................... ............................. ............................... .......................... ........................ ................... .................... ...................... ...................... ..................... ..................... ..................... ....................... ....................... ....................... .................... .............................. ....................... ......................... ........................... .......................... ............................... ............................. ............................. .............................. ............................. ............................... ................................ ................................ ............................... ................................. ................................ ................................. .................................... ............................... ........................... ................................ .................................. ................................... ................................... ................................. ............................... ................................. ............................... ................................ .............................. ....................... ............................... ............................. ............................ ......................... ........................ ................................. ............................ .............................. ........................... .............................. ............................ .............................. .......................... ............................... .................................. ............................... ............................... ..................................... ............................ .................................. .............................. ............................... .......................... .............................. ............................... .............................. .................................... ............................... ................................. ......................... ........................... ............................. ............................... ......................... ................................ .................................. ................................ ........................... .................................. .............................. ...................... ........................... ................................... ............................. .......................... ................... ........................... ............................. ................................ ............................. .................................. ................................. ................................ .................................. .................................. ...................................... ...................................... ................................. ................................ .................................. ....................................... ................................ .................................. ................................... ................................. ..................................... .................................... ......................................... ....................................... ....................................... .............................................. .........................................


More General October: I used the hip flask I got down south as a kid to sneak alcohol into football games,,,, My roomie insisted my hair was black when I knew it was brown so I cut some off and spread it out to convince him (It was just oily as I only lathered once until he suggested twice),,, QUASARS were the big science thing, even a TV was named after them (No 'black holes' yet), what few groceries I got I got at the IGA on 10th street nearby, the other supermarkets were more expensive,,, we scrupulously avoided the dreaded 'stonies', I mixed up my chronological order of Astronomers on a test,,, My bowling course lasted HALF the semester which I guess was into early November. I started out in lane one with the worst guys and one day I suddenly rolled my first 200 game with a perfectly straight ball with the prof then doing my scoring- the next time I came in he put me in lane five with the very best but I didnt stay long. I wound up in number three. He thought I was sandbagging!! in the beginning but I wasnt!!______MONDAY OCTOBER 30, 1967: MY 18th BIRTHDAY! cinn 45/70! .00 rain, cldy,, indy 45/69 .00 cldy,, louisv 46/75 .00 pt.cldy,, rain along Ill/Ind border at 7pm heading towards us. This was THE Birthday for New Yorkers as our drinking age was 18. So naturally I was in a strict '21' state. As it was a Monday I must have attended classes. And avoided being thrown in the shower on my Birthday or in the Jordan River. ..... I HAD TO SIGN UP FOR THE VIETNAM DRAFT!!!. I had thought we had to do it ON our 18th Birthdays. I did not know we could do it within TEN days one way or the other! So I went downtown and searched for the Draft Board. I located it right across the street from the BURGER CHEF on SEVENTH STREET. There is now a Hardees where the Burger Chef was. Across from it were a couple of very non-descript doors along the side of a blank wall. After all, North Walnut St was the main street and this was just the side of the store on the corner. There is now a PAWN SHOP just past the doors which are still there but sealed for years it appeared when I went there in the 90s. I walked across the street on Monday Oct 30, 1967 and went in. There were stairs just inside and I went up. Up there was an old office with a bunch of women typing at old desks. Only one male in the place and he was in the back office. I went back there. I sat in front of his desk and answered some questions. I forget if I filled anything out. He asked me if I had any scars and I said 'no'. I didnt even think of the ones on my two fingers but I didnt want them on record anyway. I was the only 'kid' there. Then I went downstairs and left. Interestingly, there is NO RECORD of the draft board being there in the CITY DIRECTORIES. It lists it as across from the Court House up the stairs in the middle of the block on the first block of N.Walnut St. This place was right behind the FEDERAL BLDG and may have been temporary or an extension. That Federal Bldg (I did not know what it was back then) was always quiet and strange and noone could just walk into it. Its still there. Guess I missed some classes that day as Monday was busy for me. Did I eat at BC? Did I then walk around the corner to where my date would take place? I had a date with that girl to go to the fanciest restaurant in town which was in the basement of that Hotel on the corner. I think it was called THE LAMPLIGHTER. But I didnt have a suit with me. So I borrowed a fancy sweater from someone and wore a tie under it. A photo was taken of me and I have it hidden away somewhere here. I went over in a cab again to pick up the girl and we went to the restaurant. The cab surprised me by going past the side of the hotel to the back. It turned out that there was a little pull-in lot back there designed just for cabs in those no-car days. (Its now a concrete 'park') We went into the back door and down the stairs. The hall was right in front of us as we went thru the lower door. I recall that there was a bug hump on the floor. I dont recall if I tripped on it and was self-conscious or if I was just worried about doing just that. But I recall it bothered me. At the end of the short hall the restaurant was on the left. It was quite nice and quite dark. And small. With a fire place in the rear. We had to stop at a desk at the right where I had made a reservation. But it was pretty empty as it was Monday Night. They sat us on the right a couple/few tables up with one/two between us and the fireplace. There was one couple at the very front right and another came in behind us later and the were on the back left. The farthest away from each other three couple could be. (Although one may have just been one guy, I forget). They handed us munus and I said that I knew what I wanted. "Its my 18th birthday and I want your best staek!". That would be the NEW YORK STEAK, the waiter said. That figures, I smiled to the girl. My date ordered Vichyssoise which she said she already had with her parents and I ordered it as well. I had no idea what it was at that time but I had heard of it. For some reason I absolutely could not pronounce it. No problem since but that night I couldnt. I foget what else we ordered. The polite waiter asked if we'd want something to drink, "Some coffee, tea, or (I forget what he called soda)" which was a nice way of telling us we were both underage for alcohol. I mentioned to him that it was a nice way to go about it. I forget what we blathered about. At the end of the night I gave the guy a big tip for treating me well all night. Then we left. I dont think we went out the back way we came in. We might have walked right past that door without thinking and right up to the main foyer of the little hotel. I think there was an ancient metal mail box on the left just before the door that was still there in the 90s. I believe we went out onto N.College Ave just above the corner of 6th St. Think we went straight across the street in the quiet dark Monday night and along across from the courthouse square then down the other side of the square. (Unless we went down along the west side first and then along the south side). But we got to the corner of of Kirkwood and Walnut on the SE corner of the square and then proceeded east on Kirkwood. Went along it two blocks with noone around. Now at that point in those days there was a building at that corner. (Now there is a parking lot). We turned there and went south. This shows how little I knew town after being there for 1 1/2 months. We both thought we were headed towards the campus!! We kept going and going down that street two blocks from the square. We didnt see any other human beings and their were virtually no cars at night in those days. I was getting nervous. We finally got far enough down to where there was a sudden bump in the road. I foget if we gave up going south then or if we walked an extra half-block to look over the hill and see that it just kept going into nothingness. But a street started right there that went East so we went that way. Now this street was even DARKER. Again we walked on the right side of the street. Again no people or noise. It was darker because of the overhanging trees and the fact that the houses were all a few yards back from the sidewalk and all above us. They also all had tall hedges on the front of the yards that were all way above the sidewalk. That meant no house lights reached us. The sidewalk was ancient and cracked as were the trees. We went on and on in the chilly dark night on the claustrophobic street. It was however very nice and quiet and pretty. I recall one home on the right where I could make out a TV screen way back behind part of a window and I began thinking about knocking on one of the doors. The street was University Avenue and in those days it was still devoid of students and housed townies and professors. Unsullied! by student noise and dirt and no renters! Just owners. Just families. We went even farther this time and STILL didnt reach the campus although we should have run into it a long, long time before. Note that, as a gentleman, I walked on the curb side all the time. No feminism then. Suddenly, we got to an intersection and one of us noticed a series of lights (vertical?) in the distance to our LEFT that looked like they could only come from school buildings. So we turned there and started walking blocks that way. FINALLY we realized we had reached the campus. And then some! I think that what we saw (but Im not positive) was the old EDUCATION BLDG or the Music Bldg next to it and the street we finally came down was the one that was at the corner of the entrance to BRUMMETTS PHARMACY. We were way, way beyond the campus entrance. Just a block or so before Jordan Ave where we both lived. I THINK this was on my birthday BUT Im not positive...... ______TUESDAY OCTOBER 31, 1967: HALLOWEEN!.. cinn 42/58 .64! rain, cldy at 7pm,, indy 53/58 .41! rain, rain at 7pm,, louisv 53/65 .09 rain, cldy at 7pm,, rain over south ind to Biloxi,,, Tuesdays were usually slow days for me. On this day I was walking back to Wright Quad past the Huge Fountain and Theatre on my left and I was going right down the middle of the street and wondering where the cars were. There were a few cars on the street during the day. Then I get half-way along the theatre and I notice that people are just hanging around on the sidewalk opposite the theatre and that there are PEOPLE UP IN THE TREES! So Im standing there and I see my birthday date from the night before appear with her friends coming from the other side from Read-Curry. Then who walks out of the side door but DEAN RUSK, Secretary of State. Seems he was giving a speech inside. He comes out and hes within a couple of feet of me and even glances at me. Probably wondering what Im doing out there. Did I barge right past barriers in a daze? Was I reading as I walked? How could I get so close so quickly? But a huge crowd started to form behind me. And then I see from the street in front of me a big contingent of men in full riot gear coming out of army buses parked just past the theatre on the right. I think I had walked past them that morning. They come running up towards where I am. Then behind me I hear noise and see only an empty street behind the crowd behind me. Then, from around the bldg where the Fountain was I see all these GRAD STUDENTS with signs against the Vietnam War coming towards us. I guess there were a couple hundred of them. But a car pushes its way through the crown from the side where the buses were and Rusk gets in. Then it pushes through the crowd of grad students and goes off towards the Fountain and beyond. I thought what a place. I never saw Rusk at all in nYC and here he was, right next to me. I forget if I talked to the girl I was out with the night before. On Halloween night there were a few kids in our dorm Trick or Treating from the city. I dont know what I did Halloween night but Im sure that all night I was aware it was Halloween which used to be my favorite holiday from age 4 or 5 until 14. ______WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1, 1967: cinn 54/61 1.07" of rain, rain 7pm, indy 48/61 .00, no rain, cldy, louisville 51/62 .76", rain, rain from hudson bay to fla. What I really remember about that Lawn float was that it RAINED all of Homecoming week and everyones display was either ruined or half-finished. They were all tissue paper! So I never really got to see any of them done. Prizes were eventually handed out on Homecoming Day somehow and Wright/Forest won one. There were lots of prizes. ______THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2, 1967: IDS says that the MADRIGAL DINNER COMING in December. I didnt read it at the time and didnt know what that girl was talking about when she mentioned it later on. ______FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3, 1967: This was when we went to see THE SAND PEBBLES downtown. I had never heard of the main actor, but she sure did. Seemed he was a guy the girls liked. He got killed in the end and she cried. She said on the way out (or was it later) how much better it was than LUV and I certainly agreed. ..... ______SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4, 1967: HOMECOMING DAY!! INDIANA 14, WISCONSIN 9, We're 7-0!!! I was there with my girlfriend. I recall the seats and I kept my ticket stub!,,, IDS listed the Floats and Lawn Displays that won. Ours got some sort of prize but it DRIZZLED all week long all over the tissue paper displays. They were all a mess and/or ruined! I distictly recall a barely 18 year old me walking by in the rain on East 3rd across from the Wright/Forest display in front of Forest and seeing it sitting there alone being ruined by the rain and half-done. ..... ______SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5, 1967:...... GENERAL: NO SPECIFIC DATES: I recall one night, was it after THE SAND PEBBLES? Did we have to go out the back way? The theatres in Bloomington turned on the lights after movies ended and chased everybody out. If there was another showing we had to go out the back and down the fire escapes in the dark. All those people on those things. And whenever I got into the alley I had no idea where I was. I went back in the 1990s to get myself oriented in those alleys in the daytime to see where I had been as back then I had not been on the connecting side streets, never mind the alleys, until chased out in the dark. Anyway, whether we came out front or back, or whether it was after the Sand Pebbles or not, we once walked down EAST SIXTH STREET in the dark. And it WAS dark. Not being a fear of crime the lights were did. And there was no huge back of the city library then. That bldg did not yet even exist yet, not until about 1970 or 71. And the extension to the rear wasnt until about 1993? and it didnt take over the whole damn block until about 1995. Nor was there a huge illuminated library at the end of the street in 1967. College then was special and college towns were nicer, much nicer. So we walked down the dark street that had nothing but small private one-family houses with lawns fenced by hedges. Block after block of quiet and darkness and foliage and no cars going by. We were on the right, towards campus. Then we ran into a small illuminated sign of all things in front of what seemed like any other small house in the dark and the sign said, A PROPOS, which I then didnt understand. And she said, as a joke, "I accept". That bldg is now THE RUNCIBLE SPOON which is a nationally rated restaurant. Now the quaintness is mostly gone. There is that huge garage across the street and that huge library has an ugly blank wall along the sidewalk where the little houses used to be. Now here is the question. Did we then turn right and go down across KIRKWOOD and on to UNIVERSITY Avenue or was that another time? Was that when we went out on my 18th birthday? ______MONDAY NOVEMBER 6, 1967:..... This is as good a place as any to put this general Nov 67 info: Besides the two trips to the theatres, the A&W visit and the Lamplighter night I dont recall us going anywhere else special. She mentioned the MADRIGAL but I had no idea what or where it was and she had to tell me. .. I think we were going out thru the main entrance of the 'Worlds Biggest Student Union Bldg' when she mentioned her parents had gone to Chicago. ,, The nights were FREEZING (at least I recall them that way) but we werent allowed in each others dorm rooms . So I recall us trying to get warm in the foyers of various bldgs. I especially recall the hissing heaters in the ancient high-staired bldg near the Well House, and Goodbody Hall (whose name she didnt like), the stairwell of Swain West, the top floor of Ballantine which was nothing but a small stunted hall (some guy jumped out of it earlier in the semester but I couldnt see how), ,, Somehow we went past the A&W one night (after that meal?) down a small block, turned left, and discovered what looked like a long-closed-down ancient factory with a deep doorway entrance. (In fact, in the 1990s I learned it had just closed before we got to IU and it was front-page news as it was so important! I also learned it was the population center of the USA at the turn of the century. We had no idea!! I didnt know any of this until decades later). Across from it on what I now know is called N.Morton St. were two recessed stairways with no bldg above! One went way up to the Motel parking lot on North College Ave. I wondered why they would bother building it to such a nothing street but obviously it had something to do with the closed factory. The other I dont recall well but it was closer to the A&W and it was torn down in the 70s or 80s. I forget which one we went into to get out of the wind even though both just went from the sidewalk to parking lots but inside. I dont think that I ever went all the way to the top of the stairs to see where they led at the time. Now Im not even sure which one we were in most of the time. I had taken photos of both once but the film may have been lost by Wal-Mart. That is I found some old film I tried to develop to see what they were and they lost both rolls.),,, Read Hall, women only, had two levels of lounges and quite an underground tunnel complex. The rooms and rooms of lounges had dozens of couches squeeezed together and were used by a hundred-plus couples making out. There were a couple of 'chaparones' prowling about now and then. It was 'IN LOCO PARENTIS" time.,,, They also had WOMENS HOURS then and outside of Read Hall just before 11pm on weekdays and 1am weekends there were dozens of couples standing right outside making out until the last second when all the girls had to run inside or get in big trouble for being late. Men had no such hours that year for the first time. Up to the year before men had hours and womens were one hour earlier as they gave males an hour to get home afterwards.,,, One night in Swain Woods between the Physics Bldg and the Observatory a horse and rider almost stepped on us in the dark. Ive never seen one in there since.,,, There was also the WELL HOUSE where the tradition was that a girl wasnt a co-ed until she was kissed there at midnight while the clock tower bells rang overhead. That clock towere burned to nothing in the 80s and was rebuilt. ,, Then there was the park to the south whose name I didnt know. Note: I knew the names of almost nothing all the time I was out there. The only street names I knew were KIRKWOOD and FEE LANE. I didnt even know Walnut, College, 3rd, 7th or 10th! I have NO idea how and when we discovered that park ("BRYAN"). And after 1967 I never noticed it again until 1971. It was even farther south than when we got lost. To get there one started at Swain (We were often in Swain EAST at night by the front doorway but often in both). But when we came out of Swain and went south far enough one would reach it. On the way down at night (and the streets were DARK) there was a surprisingly lit-up little grocery store about 10-15 yds west of us on the south side as we crossed. All by itself. I recall the very first time I saw it and how surprised I was. We always 'passed' it and saw it in the distance but I was never in it until 1971 when i approached it in the daytime from the west. Until then it was a mystery why it was there alone and lit at night. The park was very large and had many rills at 50* angles. I dont think we eber went across it. It was a few blocks long in each direction and extremely dark at night as there were no lights in it. No development either. Mnay nights it was so cold my nose ran constantly.,,, Then there was the CATHOLIC CHURCH. It was on 3rd st right before the mall. Third had one fewer lane then. The church was on the corner at a 45* angle. Then there was a log patch of lawn after it and a small Catholic School and then a lawn all the way to a Protestant Church on the next corner far away and then the Eastland Shopping Center parking lot across the street. We'd go behind it at night after the mall closed and there was little traffic. Behind it against the back was a small kiddie park with a push-carousel we'd sit on. And some other kiddie things around. Behind us was a long, long field as far as we could see. One night we tried running across the field at night and we hit a wire strung across the field for some reason. they had those wires in various places in those days. We had also run into one in front of Willkie Quad when we tried to cut thru a little hedge sidewalk piece in front. After hitting that we went no farther but it still looked like it went on forever. But there was probably the street back there then that headed at the back of the mall and a field beyond. (Now the kiddie park is not only gone but the spot was gouged out to make a weird wide basement level entrance to the church and its all lit up late. the old school is now a rectory and the field only goes back a few dozen yards before it hits a huge parking lot. Behind it is a new Catholic School. Then a street, very busy. Behind that are non-stop development apt complexes for students. The loans vastly brought in more students. ______TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7, 1967: Election Day? I was 18 but one couldnt vote until 21 in those days. The 1967 election was where Nixon began his comeback from the 1962 debacle. ______WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 1967: FIRST QUARTER MOON: Calendar says "Mid-term reports due" 5pm. Does this mean that the mid-term exams were just before? Could they have had them on Monday and Tuesday? But that would have been on Election Day. Were they the week before? But then wouldnt Wednesday be a bit late? Were Mid-terms during my Birthday and Halloween and Rusks visit and on Homecoming week? That makes no sense either! All I recall about my very first college mid-terms is that I pulled my very first all-nighter (Unless I did it for an earlier test), I pulled an all-nighter in the first floor lounge at the center table. I used No-Doz to stay awake and I was offered "Bennies" and refused them and when I came out of a class that girl was waiting for me, I think. I know that I didnt realize that our parents got copies of our grades and mine werent very good and I got a mid-semester warning. But I had already expected a bad semester from my overload. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> This was the month I just let my grades completely collapse. They were already a mess from the overload I took although I did well on my midterms. I spent this month dating that girl every night. That was one heck of a freezing cold November and I thought, "Jeez! This is a really cold state to be this cold at night so that almost noone is even out anymore at this time of year and this far south. It wasn't until I was in my late 30s and looked up the facts about NOVEMBER 1967 that I learned that it was a month of ALL-TIME LOW TEMPERATURES in Indiana. Just my luck. The first year Im out with a girl at night as we werent allowed in each others dorm rooms there had to be all-time lows!! ... THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9, 1967:..... ______FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10, 1967: cinn 49/63 .04, rain, indy 51/62 .01 rain, lou 39/66 .06, rain , map shows rain to Ky border. ______SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11,1967: INDIANA 14, MICHIGAN STATE 13. WE'RE 8-0!!! THE GREATEST MIRACLE COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME!! Another Last Second Squeaker!! Cinn: Omitted!, Indy 49/59 .35 rain!, Lou 50/0mitted .00 cloudy, map is upside down too. Shows rain from Montr/Buff/Pitt/Cinn from ne to sw. Just east of Indy. Chicago also missing, cleve rain!, columbus rain!!, ARMISTICE DAY!: NYT : "INDIANA GAINS 8th IN ROW" Michigan State 14-13 victim. AT East Lansing. ,,, Purdue Routs Minnesota 41-12, Keyes sets TD mark,,, NUMBER ONE TEAM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA UPSET!! by Oregon State. UCLA CRUSHES WASHINGTON 48-0, Gary Beban,,, Penn State Win,,, Fort Marcy Upsets Damascus,,, Proud Clarion Makes track Record at Aqueduct,,, JOHNSON INVITES HANOI'S LEADERS TO "NEUTRAL SHIP", 3GIs RELEASED BY CONG, Photo of LBJ on the Enterprise,,, Tenn 35 Tulane 14, Okla 52,Io St 14, Fla 17,Ga16, 100 story Bldg in Chicago reaches 1/2 way mark,Hancock,, SWEDEN ADJUSTS TO NEW TRAFFIC RULES (Switched sides), Visible satellites: Echo I, Echo II, Pageos, 630am/ 442pm, moon 228pm/set 107am EST Photos: Recovery of Apollo 4 spacecraft."Doubts about Moon Landing, Caused by Fire on Apollo in January, Swept away,,, LBJ Appeals for unity on war.,,, Stolen Diners Club Cards.,,, Art Buyer cant pay $467,000 Bill- 1st time heard happen,,, Lincoln Center crane falls,,, Astor Hotel on Times Square being demolished,,, Hershey firm on drafting protestors,, Connally wont run again for Gov,,, Water main breaks in financial district, Surveyor 6 Lunar Photos called 'Dramatic',,, Arlo Guthrie sings of urban dust bowls,, ..... ______ SUNDAY NOVEMBER 12, 1967: cinn 52/60, .00, pt cld, indy 40/58 .00, cldy, lou 54/65 .00 clr, map shows rain north of Indy, (Mon 11/13nyt:) Mayor Lindsey Speaks, Japns Premier Greeted in US after riots at Home, Incr Jap Demand for Okinawa, LT GEn Gavin sees US Troops In Viet in 5 or 10 years due to LBJ non-victory policy,, USCs 1st Loss Likely to Raise UCLA to Top in Rankings. Indiana and Wyoming ONLY Unbeaten Major Teams, Purdue 5-0-0, 7-1-0, IU 5-0-0, 8-0-0, Minn 4-1-0, 6-2-0, OSU 3-2-0, 4-3-0, MSU 2-3-0, 2-6-0, NW 2-3-0, 3-5-0, Mich 2-3-0, 3-5-0, Ill 1-4-0, 2-6-0, Iowa 0-4-1, 1-6-1, Wisc 0-4-1, 0-7-1, PAC EIGHT: UCLA 4-0-1, 7-0-1, USC 5-1-0, 8-1-0, Ore St 3-1-1, 6-2-1 ______MONDAY NOVEMBER 13, 1967: cinn, 45?/washed out, .x0,see rain, indy 4x/31 .02 pt cldy, lou 34/49 .08, rain, Map shows rain over s.ind, NYT 11/14: Photo of 4 Viet deserters in Japan, Britain Said to get Credit As New Support of Pound, House Rules out $600 mill cut in Pov Bill, New Anticrime Bill Proposed By Rockefeller, Bunker sees LBJ, predicts Saigon sharply incr control in 68, 60c fare seen, , Randall, 8th Jet with 67 knee inj, undergoes surgery, CENTURY DIVISION: stl 5-3-1, cl 5-4, ny 4-5, pitt 2-6-1, CENT gb 6-2-1, chi 4-5, det 1-4-2, min 2-5-2, CAP 7-2, ph 4-5, was 3-4-2, no 1-8-0, COAST BALTIMORE 7-0-2, LA 6-1-2, sf 5-4, atl 1-7-1 THIS WAS THE YEAR THAT BALTIMORE WENT UNDEFEATED IN ITS FIRST 13 GAMES, THEN LOST THE LAST ONE TO LA AND THUS LOST IT ALL: NO PLAYOFF GAME!! AFL: JETS 6-2-1, hou 5-3-1, bos 3-6-1, buff 3-6-1, mia 1-7-0, OAKLAND 7-1-0, SD 6-1-1, kc 6-3-0, den 1-9-0, THE YEAR THE JETS BLEW IT IN THE END, TOO. ______TUESDAY NOVEMBER 14, 1967: This is when the College FB Rankings came out at night. ______ WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 15, 1967: NYC: "Temperature Dips To a Record Low of 20 for a Nov.15" (with 'driving winds from the NW at gusts up to 37 mph'. Low reached at 10:02 pm. Prev rec 218 1933. cinn 26/35! clr, indy 25/37! clr, louisv 32/40 pt cldy ______ THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16, 1967: FULL MOON!: cinn 22/43 cldy, indy 24/45 cldy, lou 24/49 cldy, Yaz MVP in AL. 1st time in 37 hist of award no NYY mentioned. Gets 19 of 20 votes. Cesar Tovar gets other. (MY roomie kidded me about Yaz not getting that last vote which I thought was quite improper of him. Before that he had always been above such things.) In order: Yaz, Killebrew, Freehan, Horlen, KALINE, Lonborg, Tovar/Fregosi tie, PETERS, Scott, F.Robinson, wilson, Chance, Hansen, Adair, Blair, Petrocelli, Howard, Oliva, Katt, Casanova, Mincher, Lolich, Rojas,,, ______ FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17, 1967: cinn 43/55 .13 rain, clr, 43/54 .19 rain, cldy, lou 49/62 .03 rain, cldy at 7pm, Hiaphong hit for first time!,, PHOTO: LBJ, WESTMORELAND.. 61 cities to get slum aid: e.harlem, s.bronx here,, Movies: how i won the war, the comedians-taylor,burton, the penthouse, cool hand luke, beach red, a man and a woman, sand pebbles, taming of the shrew, ______SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18, 1967: MINNESOTA CRUSHES US!! AWAY GAME!! NOW WE CAN LOSE EVERYTHING DESPITE FANTASTIC SEASON!! Now 8-1. ..... _____ SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19,1967: cinn 29/48 .00, pt cldy,, indy 29/47 .00, cldy,, lou 32/52 .00 clr,, Big headline: BRITAIN DEVALUES POUND TO $2.40 TO AVERT NEW ECON CRISIS. Severe restaints imposed. PHOTO: George Romney ann his cand for presidency. ______TUESDAY NOVEMBER 21, 1967: Thanksgiving Recess begins..... ______THURSDAY NOVEMBER 23, 1967: THANKSGIVING DAY, And 4th Anniversary of the JFK assassination..... ______SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25, 1967.

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