------ NEW YORK CITY SNOWSTORMS ------ :::: GREENPOINT: ________ 1955__: Feb 2,1955 3.7", Dec 22,1955: 5" ______________ 1956__::: March 16,1956: 4.6", March 18,1956: (new storm)6" in 16 hours, NYC gets 13.5" from TWO storms (THIS must be the time I mentioned when I was six and was in the street at Clifford and Meserole pushing the snow with my chest!), March 23,1956: 1", April 9,1956: 2.7" (melted quickly) _________________1957__::: December 3, 1957: 7.3" ______________ 1958__::: Jan 7, 1958: 5", Jan 16,1958: 4", Feb 15,1958: 8.5", 9*F, Up from Gulf, (23" suburbs), schools open in NYC, Feb 17,18- 4*F, National Guard, many schools finally close, Feb 20: Gov.Harriman declare state of emergency, MARCH 20,1958: NYC escaped this one but it was the huge slushstorm in Phila that Isaac Asimov was in that killed sci-fi writer Cyril Kornbluth,__________ ASTORIA, QUEENS: _____1959__::: Dec 22,1959: 7", 12*F ________________ 1960__::: March 4, 1960: 20s*F, 14.2", 40mph winds, schools closed, worst in 12 years, drifts in suburbs 6', December 12,1960: (From Texas!): 17" !!, Lightning storm, worst since 1947, 9*F record temp for date, NY Public Library CLOSED for first time in its history. (One of these had to have left the huge snow behind my home in Astoria that Jerry and I were playing in. When he built the fort. _________________ 1961__::: Jan 19,1961 Storm from Virginia hits NYC. sub-freezining temps, many pre-presidential inauguration events cancelled, NYC total snowfall now over 33". DEC-JAN 35.8" by 1-29-61, NEW STORM: FEB 3, 1961: 10", NYC gets 17.4" in 28 hours. Heaviest since 1947. WAGNER BANS ALL NON-ESSENTIAL VEHICLES FROM ALL STREETS FOR DAYS.,, New storm to bypass city but Maryland gets 17" on Feb 8, 1961,, NYC snow since Dec 11, 1960: 53.5" (Was this the whole article? check) (THIS was the year that i didnt see the sidewalk for many months which is a really long time for an 11 year old and I was really shocked to see a patch of sidewalk again while turning the corner south from 24th RD onto 21st ST on the way to the busstop. This also means I had already switched from the Riccardos busstop of 1959 to the Cheesebox one by late 1960),,, _________________ 1962__::: Has NO snowstorms listed!! ________________ 1963__::: JAN 27, 1963: No height listed?!,, DECEMBER 23, 1963: Storm from Gulf hits NYC: 6",, This had to be when I was at Macys/Gimbels among all those shoppers just before Xmas63 and I was at that crowded rectangular counter with people on all sides and workers in the middle on the same day I 'trudged' (is that really a word?) through all that snow to replace my lost book and then lost the second one that day as well. And it was all gloomy because of the JFK assassination a month before. (Fertile ground for the coming of the Beatles) ___________________ 1964__::: NYC JANUARY 13, 1964 10-12", compared to 1947 snow, (This had to be when I was on those little winding streets of lower Manhattan that were deserted and I bought those stamps),, FEB 11, 1964: Pennsylvania/ Maryland got 8",, FEB 19, 1964: 4"-12" in NYC,, __________________ 1965__::: 5"-9" NYC area JAN 10, 1965,, "Blizzard" JAN 16, 1965: 5" (This was about when I was on the subways and Malcolm X got shot. look it up, (Check on Fall/Winter weather when I was going to LICHS every day) __________________ 1966__::: (Crossing Queens Plaza to LIC high school) JAN 22,1966: 3", JAN 25, 1966: 6", JAN 30,1966: BLIZZARD HITS EAST COAST" NYC: 7", (Three in a row, gee),,, DEC 24,1966: 7" (Rode bus to NYC, lost ticket in Phila)_________________ 1967___::: (Riding bus back and forth between York and NYC) Jan 21,1967: NYC Sanitation dept to take over job of clearing 500 miles of roads from the Parks Dept. Now all snow removal in one dept.... FEB 6, 1967: BLIZZARD HITS EAST COAST FROM WASH DC TO NOVA SCOTIA. NYC gets 12.6". Freezing temps. Eastern Penna gets 14" (Was this the BIG storm in York? The only one that ever really closed down South George Street and my parents and I 'trudged' right down the middle of George to the supermarket next to the Catholic Church?).,,, FEB 17,1967: Atlantic City, Wash DC, Del get 5" to 11" (Did this hit York?),,, MARCH 17,1967: NYC gets 3-5", suburbs 8", Did this hit York?, St Pats day again,,, MARCH 22,1967: NYC GETS OVER TEN INCHES,,, NOV. 30,1967:: NYC gets 3". (NOTE: I was ridning the bus back and forth between York and NYC from 9'66 to 6'67 so I went through a lot of snow) Wed 9-14-99 116pm,,,,,, ________________ 1968____:::