From Father's Death Oct 19, 2000 until Dennis W. Dodson Robbing Me Blind in Sept 2002.

I had to get a free cemetery plot from the local Catholic Church as the Hurricane, Mother's extended death, and Father's extended death wiped out everything. Father's union paid for a cheap funeral for him,

He was barely buried when I got a demand from the city to repair the 28 years of damage on the house. State Rep found a Christian group for me that would do much of it for me.

During my father's last days the hospital got me on SSD for about $550 a month. But it would not start for six months and I had been forced to quit my cartooning job and now had to start back at the bottom of it again. I was only making about $50 every couple of months. There was surely no money to inherit, just people trying to take the family rowhome.

I lived extremely frugally and was trying to not default on my credit cards that my father and I had been living on after I was forced to give up my cartoonist job.

When the money finally started coming the $550/month seemed like a fortune. I was able to go to Starbucks and sit there all afternoon for the price of a $1.70 hot coffee. (And be away from my nasty neighborhood where a guy even got shot right in front of my house and they roped the front of my house off.). I could get a sandwich and coffee daily at the York Hospital snackbar. I could subscribe to two sports magazines for the first time in my life. I could buy things for myself.

And I looked forward to my bills every month as each month the gap between what I made and what I owed on the cards widened. Every month from 2000 to Sept 2002 I was better off and getting closer to being able to do a number of things I wanted to do.

They were: saving $3,000 to get the inheritance tax paid off so I could get twice as much house insurance. The $118 my father was paying was the same as decades before and only covered half the house. AND there has been no insurance on whats inside it as that was on his credit card. ,, Going to visit my last remaining aunt in Brooklyn before she died,,, Saving the old tree that has been in front of the house for over 40 years,,, maybe getting an old junker car,,, repairing the inside of the house. The hot water downstairs and cold water pipe upstairs have been broken since the cold of 1980. (No heat),,, Hoping to take a Greyhound to see old friends in Indiana and Syracuse,,,,