Dennis W. Dodson Repeatedly LIES To Me To Steal Me Blind.

Dennis W. Dodson's treacherous theft of the $3,500 plus ATM fees and bank fees nine times over stole far more than that.

Because, as I told him, it caused me to go from having an INCOME INCREASINGLY MORE THAN MY OUTGO to having an OUTGO INCREASINGLY MORE THAN MY INCOME. He got INDIGNANT whenever I told him this as he had already sworn to pay me off within days.

This meant he put me on a horrible TREADMILL where I would send my ENTIRE SSD CHECK to the credit card companies and then have to later take out cash advances to pay the utilities and live for the rest of the month.

TWELVE months have passed from SEPT 2002 until OCT 2003. Had he not borrowed I would really have cut my debts down by now as they were getting better every month.

But now, thanks to his eveil, I OWE EVEN MORE THAN I DID A YEAR AGO after spending much less during the last 12 months.

So not only did he cost me the $3,500 plus, say, $60 fees and one year of credit card interest on the $3,500 BUT HE COST ME TWELVE EXTRA PAYNENTS OF OVER $500 EACH. That is an EXTRA $6,000 !!!!!!

And that's because it is PERPETUAL!!! I now could pay for ten years and after paying another $60,000 I would not only be no closer to paying off my debts.


He should be in prison for GRAND THEFT for the $3500 AND THE EXTRA $6000 I have had to pay over the last year as he said he would pay me back within DAYS!

Dennis W. Dodson also implicated his own two brothers. I knew that they were very stable people with families and he kept saying that they were involved in paying me back as well.