I lived a very boring and fearful existence for the last 12 months due to the monster Dennis W. Dodson who robbed me blind and got me in so much trouble. Why couldn't the scumbag have stolen the thousands from a stranger than from a friend? Why did he due it in such a way that I not only lost the $3500 but I now have to give virtually my whole monthly income to the credit cards each month, every month forever. This adds $500-$600 to the loss every month. That $3500 has also cost me twelve times $500-$600 on TOP of what he stole!!!! And it will never end.

The CREDIT CARD statements I had to pay on Oct 1, 2003 show that I spent the following amounts on them during the month they cover. (Im in a vicious cycle. I give away ALL my money on the first day of each month now and have to live on cash advances afterwards). Here is what I actually spent (before finance charges):

CITI: $365.78, BANK OF AMERICA: 0.00, DISCOVER: 0.00, SEARS: $45.67, FLEET: $16.18, AMERICAN EXPRESS: $0.00. That equals $427.63

UTILITY BILLS: (needed cash for money orders): GAS: Free, CITY OF YORK SEWER AND TRASH: $28.00, WATER: $12.27, PHONE: $36.40, ELECTRIC: $24.73, MONTHLY BUS PASS: $ 30.00. That equals $131.40

And $131.40 plus $427.63 (Credit cards) equals $559.03

The bank also AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCTS $73.77 a month for PAST bank loans (13.25%) for last $1500 bank loans. Thanks to lying thief Dennis W. Dodson. So that is $559.03 plus $73.77 Equals $632.80.


So that would leave me with $669.40 minus $632.80 equals $36.60 To actually have some 'cash' in my posket after buying most things via credit cards, which are still cheaper than cash advances.

Plus I'd have whatever I got from the cartoonist which is usually just $55.00 a month. But is sometimes up to $175.00 (Which only happened once in six months) And which used to be $400.00 a month before they changed the rules and forced me to give up my cartoonist job so my father could continue to get hospital aid while he was sick in his last years. (I was sole caregiver so I lived in his house with him. When the Republicans took over the state house they changed the rules and now I had to count mine with his as "househole income")

I also get $50 food stamps which, they say, may go up to $65.00

But of course, none of this includes the fees and interest on the credit cards. Nor the GRAND THEFTS of Dennis W. Dodson.

Nor does it include the one-twelfth of $1500 house taxes ($120.50) I SHOULD be saving each month for November 30 taxes. OR for the yearly $118.00 for house insurance ($10 a month. And I need TWICE as much insurance and I dont have insurance for the insides of the house at all).

Nor do I have any money now for future emergencies (ancient water heater, 40-plus year old refrigerator, broken water pipes, aging sick big tree out front).

OR for $3,000.00 inheritance tax so I can get much cheaper loans from the bank. Or to bring back inside-fire insurance. Or to put plaques on my parents graves OR to save for my own funeral so I dont wind up in Potters Field. Or to get outside of York City once in a while. (I havent been outside beyond the Mall in years) May God damn Dennis W. Dodson for using our friendship as a weapon to ruin my life and keep me in constant worry.

The only thing I look forward to now is my weekly dinner with an older friend. He picks me up at home (by York College) from his home in Hallam and we go to eat at the Stoney Brook Diner every Thursday. The total bill for the two of us is $17.50 and we take turns paying it. But he always also pays the tip. Then we use his car to get my groceries and anything else I have to pick up. He gave me my first VCR about two years ago which sayt over a year before I used it. And he bought me my first microwave over a year ago which I havent used yet. (My gas is free but not my electricity.)

It's a good thing I dont smoke, drink, or gamble.

Someone tried to break in through my basement window so I bought locks and braces for them. Now someone tried my kitchen window so now I had to get more stuff to secure windows.

What I hear is that the first thing someone like me is supposed to do is give up the credit cards. Well, without them I have NO money for the month. And I have this $1500 tax bill and $118 insurance coming up and I would rather have my first default on a credit card than lose my house and all my belongings as there would be no place to put them. I have no family. And why should I also lose my home because of a filthy lying thief who ruined an old friend?