Details on the Dennis W. Dodson grand theft and financial destruction of me.

During the York Fair period of 2002 I was doing quite well. I was deeply in debt BUT the gap between my monthly income and my monthly outgo IMPROVED each month. I looked forward to paying all my bills AT ONCE on the first day of each month. Because my credit card debts DIMINISHED each month by 70-80% of what I sent in.

I was planning to take a trip to NYC to visit my LAST aunt still alive before she died. She was the last human being who knew me since I was born.

I was planning a bus trip back to my college town for a week.

And a number of other things I mentioned on another page.

The years leading up to my father's death were an increasing nightmare with no money, and no help from friends or relatives. They all scattered when he got sick despite what he did for them over the years.

The year after his death was also terrible as I had been FORCED TO QUIT my own income and people were after the house and the city suddenly decided I repair, after 28 years of damage on the house. (Since the hurricane of 1972)

But by 2002 I was out of the tunnel and no longer having the Sword of Damocles over my head as was the case for many years.

I was FINALLY relaxed and prepared to finally live a life without constant sicknesses and financial problems overwhelming my parents and me as well.

One day I stupidly took the bus home early.

There was Dennis W. Dodson at my door. I hadn't seen him in years. (Including when my father needed help and he had a car and we did not) But I knew him since 1965 and he had never done anything bad to me and had always been honest since 1965 .

Turned out he was broke and he was living at his sister's house. He also had two brothers to help. All over 40 and supporting themselves.

So we went for a walk along East Market Street and I'd buy us sodas or whatever. Then I said I'd take him to the York Fair and we walked way out there. I gave him some money to buy things without having to ask me. (I think it was $20) I used to get in by collecting cans like a bum and only getting a 25 cent coffee under the grandstand as my parents' problems consumed my money.

Anyway, at some point he said he was definitely going to get SSD any day now and he was going to start with a $5,000 check. He even gave me the names of people he said he dealt with at the SS bureau. He then wanted to borrow money. I trusted him as he had never lied to me and had decades of "Good Will" built up.

I handed him $400 which I think was the ATM limit or the limit of my Discover Card at 24.99%.

He then showed up again one or two days later FLAT BROKE. He said the COPS PICKED HIM UP for a past fistfight or something and the $400 went to the judge. So he wanted another $400 until the day his $5,000 came.

I gave him the next $400. Then one or two days later he showed up again and said his sister who works in the York Hospital cafeteria took the $400 for past rent. So he is at zero again.

So I replaced the $400 again. He kept telling me about the $5,000 SSD check coming. And got more detailed about his story. He would have heart attacks like his other family members.

Then he comes to tell me that even though he paid his sister the $400 she threw him out. Now he needed both money to stay somewhere, such as the MOTEL 6 on US 30 and for food as well.

He kept giving me an exact amount of the money he was expecting and exact names of both Welfare and Social Security personnel. It all sounded like the regular bureaucratic thing where things always take longer than they say.

So it went with him showing up every two days for another $400 and I kept giving it to him. EVERY TWO DAYS HE WAS TAKING AN AMOUNT EQUAL TO 80% OF MY MONTHLY INCOME!!! He had 35 years of TRUST built up. It never crossed my mind that he had turned evil.

Once he said he needed an extra $50 to put flowers on his parents' graves. I said I could not even afford funerals for my parents and I had to borrow money and depend on the Catholic Church and they still dont have any headstones as I couldn't afford them yet (Yet I let him steal $400 every two days. He had no pity for my parents but now I was supposed to pity his. And he had three siblings to buy them flowers.) I had NO siblings to help. But he kept taking $400 from me.

I was beginning to get SCARED at the fantastic rate I was taking HUGE CASH ADVANCES to him. I told him that my monthly outgo was now exceeding my monthly income and I could get in really bad trouble if he didn't hurry up and start paying me back. And he actually got INDIGNANT!!! He admonished me for even worrying that I might not get paid back soon. For all the money I gave him and the terrible risks I was taking for him I get that in return!

He kept saying the money was definitely coming at any time and that he'd even pay me an extra $100 to cover the fees and interest. He constantly invoked his two brothers' names and who they were and how well they were doing, that they knew all about this and they would get involved once he got close enough to the money he was expecting but he needed me until then. He finally said they were coming across in a few days and then the very next day. I never had a brother or sister so I figured that was how it was done. Siblings had their own family bills and would need time to be able to help without risking their own wives and kids. I also did not think that anyone would toss around his brothers' names in order to pull off a Grand Theft as that would bring up their names in a major crime. I thought he would not dare include his own blood relatives who had wives and children into a lie of criminal proportions. I have no idea where he is hiding now but he may still be using his own brothers' names to steal more money from more people.

Another thing he kept talking about was free sports trips for us. He would say that he and I were going to go to the Knicks game in NYC as his brother had tickets he wasn't going to use and that he would lend us his car as well. Then as the day got closer he'd come and say that another guy wanted the ticket and would trade us Penn Sate football tickets of my choice for the basketball tickets. Then he would keep talking about the game coming up. Then as it got close he said that instead of going up to State College we could go all the way out to Bloomington, Indiana later during the season to watch IU play PSU out there. There were other ways he pushed things back that I've forgotten. But the bottom line was that he kept making the bait better and kept putting off paying me back further. And the money and car that we were going to drive got better each time. Plus he said he called and reserved a room. Then it became two rooms. The stories were all very elaborate as well, just as were the stories about the caseworkers who were getting him alll this money.

He would keep showing up everywhere. At my front door. My back door. On the bus I would ride. Waiting for me outside my doctor's office. At the library. At Starbucks where I got my daily $1.70 20oz coffee to nurse for two hours. Once he even showed up in a car. I thought it was one of his brothers' cars he was always talking about that we would drive. But he said he didn't have a dollar for the bus so he went to a car sales lot and told the guy he wanted to buy a car and then drove it to see me at Starbucks to get more money. Each time I saw him, every one, two or three days, he would not even have a dollar after I had given him $400 just one, two, of three days ago. I trusted him implicitly as he had never lied to me since I met him in 1965 and he knew the problems I had all those years. There was no way he would steal my money when he knew how badly it would ruin me.

As I got increasingly scared about how badly I was getting in debt for him and I would tell him so he'd either get indignant and say something about how I was accusing him of his not going to pay me back or he's come up with some story of more money coming and then wanting even more than $400 as he "was" going to get thousands of dollars from his brothers and he "was" going to get thousands more for selling his deceased mother's furniture that he had in storage. I said it didn't matter how much he had coming as I had to live in the real would and I was making payments on all this money I handed him and it was going up so fast that the money to pay is not going to be there. I no longer had enough money to even pay the fees much less the the whole fortune I handed him. My card allowed me up to $4000 of Cash Advances. I owed $200 on it before he came. He took almost $3600 including fees and interest so there was only about $200 left.

Now I was hitting the wall. He sucked every dollar out of me that he could. He finally told me that the money was coming that day and that, despite being so badly in debt, it didn't really matter as he would hand me the money tomorrow morning when we left for Bloomington, Indiana. ( He then tried to get even more than the usual $400 on the 'fact' that he would have the money the next day. I did not have it anyway.) So I went to K-Mart that night and bought rolls of film, a new ten dollar camera, socks, and underwear on a credit card. I packed that night, cleared out my refrigerator, and locked up the house . Next morning I sat on my suitcase to wait for him in his brother's car. He never came. I called the local Motel 6 where he said he would stay that night on my money. He checked out early that morning. I called the Motel 6 in Bloomington where he said the reservations were made. They had no idea what I was talking about. I phoned his brothers whose names he used repeatedly to get money out of me as I knew they were normal and solvent. They had no idea what was going on.

My oldest friend repeatedly lied to me to steal all the money he could from me and ruin me financially.

He was always everywhere I was when he wanted something. Now he was nowhere to be found. He left a lot of notes on my door for money. I found a couple of them. I went to get $400 for my BILLS for the first time and it was rejected as I had less than $200 left thanks to him.

I even had NO money at all for taxes of home insurance and they were due within days. I have been living on Cash Advances ever since- By accepting other credit cards and playing shifting games with them. My SSD was about $550.00 a month.

I ran into him a couple of times when he was with another guy. The first time he said the money was on my back porch. It was not. Then the next time he said he told the caseworker that the money he left for me was stolen and he'd het other money to pay me. Liar! Thief!

What an evil monster. If he had stolen from a stranger, it wouldnt have been as bad as stealing from a friend. If he had stolen from someone rich it would not have been as devastating as it was to me. The past year has been Hell. If he had just stolen just $3500 it would just be a loss of $3500. But as it was from CASH ADVANCE it has not only been destroying my credit rating it has been costing me $500+ each month, every month, as my outgo is MORE than my income. It will be over $500 a month forever without subtracting anything. Actually, forever until I finally DEFAULT! He has so far cost me over that $3500 PLUS at least 12x $500+ = $6,000++ That is approaching $10,000 in November with no end in sight. Before him my debts went down every month. What he did was put me on a plateau and even if he paid me back the $3500 today so I can start going down in debt again it still cost me all those extra payments of $500 each.

The evilest man in the world is the one who uses your pity for him as a weapon against you (Ayn Rand)

Dennis W. Dodson has turned into incredibly evil and should be in prison for the GRAND THEFT of $9,500+ he has cost me so far alone. I am contacting the authorities and pressing charges. I'm even in danger of losing my family home due to him!!!

I wrote to the district magistrate about this and am waiting for an answer.