My Finances BEFORE my father died

He started to get sick in 1991 and deteriorated until his demise on Oct 19, 2000.

I had to increasingly do things for him. The visiting nurses taught me what to do in the last years including wash him.

I made money by mail from a cartoonist. I had built it up to $400 a month. There was noone else to help and he refused to go into a 'home'.

And I started to get money from York CAO as well. Plus we lived on his Social Security which he had to first apply for at age 62 as he had no pension and no real job. So he got less than if he had waited until age 65.

The house was a shambles. My mother was sick and houseriden for nine years before she died at age 54. No heat from 1980-2000. Broken water pipes. House had 30 years of damage since 1972 Hurricane Agnes.

I came running up from grad school when she got worse and I was working full time at ACCO while my father stayed home to watch her.