THIS IS EASY ENOUGH TO USE. You just click on the Yahoo Map page below and put 47401 in the City,State spot. JUST 47401: you dont have to type in Bloomington, Indiana. Then you type in the addresses below:

My Snazzy List of Links


Center of Town, corner of Kirkwood and Walnut: Type in: 100 N.Walnut
1967 McDonalds way out of town: 2300 N.Walnut
New 1970 Burger King I walked to from Briscoe many Sundays: (tracks are actually an old trestle overpass): 112 W.14
BOOKNOOK***** 1967: 522 E.Kirkwood
VON LEE THEATRE*** 1967: 517 E.Kirkwood
OXFORD SHOP 1967: 512 E.Kirkwood
REDWOOD AND ROSS 1967: 500 E.Kirkwood
SUNSHINE CLEANERS/radical center upstairs/arson/PEOPLES PARK*: 501 E.Kirkwood
THE OTHERSIDE**: 424 E.Kirkwood
NICKS ENGLISH HUT****** 423 E.Kirkwood
DOG AND SUDS**** 407 E.Kirkwood
THE PIZZARIA* 405 E.Kirkwood

.1-14-2000: KIRKWOOD AVENUE 1967, MY FRESHMAN YEAR AWAY AT COLLEGE: Little did I know that the main street of Bloomington, Indiana was named after an ASTRONOMER from York,Pa. The main street through the campus exits through the Golden Gates into Kirkwood Avenue with Indiana Avenue crossing it. A half block south on Indiana University Avenue is THE GABLES where Hoagy Carmichael wrote 'Stardust', the number one selling song of all time. On Kirkwood in 1967 we had, on the south side of Kirkwood: Blocks College Shop (Entrance ON corner of Kirkwood/Indiana, actually "100 S.Indiana" (Put that, WITHOUT quotes, in Yahoo Map Search). Next was the long old yellow brick bookstore: THE BOOKNOOK, 522 E.Kirkwood. It had a weird entrance in that it had two door side by side after an indentation and a rack of out of town papers in between. There were so few New Yorkers on campus then that they had only the NY Times. It was also weird in that there was a door out front and when the door was open one saw a starcase to the roof and one could see the sky up thru there yet there were apts up there somewhere. It was my main place for candy bars and magazines.,,,,, Next was the fancy snooty OXFORD SHOP (mens clothing) 512 E.Kirkwood . College students were richer in those days,,,, Then was the SPUDNUT SHOP 506 E.Kirkwood, donuts I believe,,, Then ROTHS SMART APPAREL 502 E.Kirkwood, almost as snooty,,,, Then REDWOOD AND ROSS Mens clothing 500 E.Kirkwood at the corner of S.Dunn St. Between ROTHS and OXFORD in snottiness,,,, Now across the street on the north from the entrance to IU was a BIG parking lot : About 519-527 E.Kirkwood.,,, Then the VON LEE THEATRE. This was a 'left-wing' theatre at 517 E.Kirkwood Ave. Very fancy baroque old bldg with large awning. In it I stood in line to see THE GRADUATE in January 1968 and then HOW I WON THE WAR (John Lennon), POOR COW, and some Lesbian movie with the name of two women. Anything considered radical at that time was shown here,,,, RITZ BARBER SHOP was at 511 E.Kirkwood,,,, WILES PHOTO at 507 E.Kirkwood,,, HOUSE OF PORTER, Photography 505 E.Kirkwood,,, COLLEGE SHOE REPAIR and LITTLE ITALY at 503 E.Kirkwood,,, Finally SUNSHINE CLEANERS at 501 E.Kirkwood,,, A very leftie guy named Larry Canada owned the corner building and in 1968 he invited all the leftie groups to move in. During, I believe, Christmas vacation 1969 when everyone was gone the local Stonies burned it to the ground and noone was ever caught. The 'Greenbaggers' then squatted on it and turned it into Peoples Park'. The Von Lee bldg was still there in the 90s but now it has all sorts of movies. I believe a couple of the old bldgs next to it are still there with different stores in them. The BookNook bldg was still there in 1994 but the bookstore moved out in the 1980s and two fast food places were in there. It was torn down on Pearl Harbor Day 1994 in the middle of the night while I was out there. The Oxford shop is now a pizza place but still the same fancy little bldg. Spudnut was torn down about 1969 and is still a lot. Roths and Redwoods were turned into a sports bar. --Crossing Dunn Street-- Southside: ANICE DAVIS BEAUTY SHOP: 430 E.KIRKWOOD,,, WYATTS CAFE: 428 E.KIRKWOOD,,, MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO: 426 E.KIRKWOOD,, This end of the block were actually brownstone rowhouses loke something youd see in NYC and way out of place. And in the basement of one of them was THE OTHERSIDE which was the Hippie/anti-war/Greenbagger store. It opened in September 1967 and was at either 424,426 or 428. I have the address only in a newspaper ad somewhere. This whole corner was razed soon after and later became a fancy multi-level wooden set of buildings with walks and outside stairs. Surreal.,, LINNEMEIR DENTIST and BORUFF DENTIST.This weird green bldg was still there in 1995 and so was Linnemeir even though the bldgs all around it were torn down: 422 E.Kirkwood, across from Nicks Bar,,,, ARBUTUS APTS: 414 E.KIRKWOOD. Long gone. Think were more brownstones,,, StMARGARETS HALL: 408 E.KIRKWOOD. Church hall. Still there,,,, TRINITY EPISC. CHURCH: 400 E.KIRKWOOD, still there on corner,,,,, Now on other side of street from Dunn St: COLLEGE CORNER Haberdashery: 429 E.KIRKWOOD, a bit snooty,,, ECONOMY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS: 427 E.KIRKWOOD,,,, BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM and HAZELS STUDIO: 425 E.KIRKWOOD: I got a double cone at BR every Sunday: Jamoca and Black Cherry. I once saw Dr Honeycutt go in there. Now its still the same inside but a different company. Hazels was a tiny little place next to Nicks and the two ownere were still there in 1995 but,WOW, were they ancient!!, NICKS ENGLISH HUT: 423 E.KIRKWOOD: nicest bar Ive seen anywhere. Favorite place to go. Still almost exactly the same,,,, INDIANA OFFICE SUPPLY, GEORGE G-O PIZZA, POCKET LOUNGE: 421 E.KIRKWOOD. The pool hall was above Nicks and very upper class in 60s/70s. NOT white-trash by far. I think the pizza place wa sup there too. Ind Office Supply was on the sidewalk next to Nicks,,, MORSE TYPEWRITER/REPAIR: 415 E.KIRKWOOD. Impostant place in those non-computer typing days,,,,, DOG AND SUDS: Where I had my first burger delivery from in 1967. Where I had my first quart root beer with frank the almost-Hippie. Was an L-shaped bldg with the parking lot in front. Reminded me of the Shady Dell in York. Torn down a couple year slater,,, THE PIZZARIA: 405 E.Kirkwood. Still there. The same. THE main pizza place to go. Very upper-class cozy,,, BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS BY HENDRIX: 401 E.KIRKWOOD. Didnt last long. Half became a permanent lot and the side by the Pizzaria a Mexican food place. The haberdashery and Laundy bldgs are still there in 1995 but different stores in them. Billies and Morse have other businesses in them,,,,, --Grant Street-- ,,,Southside: KIRKWOOD BUILDING: 322 E.Kirkwood, This big old place had MANY shops that changed constantly. In 1967 it had kirkwood bty salon in the basement, universal world travel, alimni service, green dental lab, copy and mail service, The Needle Niche, beechline antiques, federal deposit insurance, physicians and a vacancy. The book is about sept 1967,,,, KIRKWOOD PHARMACY: 316 E.Kirkwood, for some weird reason this ONE place always had my high speed instamatic film way out there that I needed in 1970. I also got candy bars there. They and the BookNook were the only places to get dark chocolate,,,, FEE AND FEE INSURANCE and MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN: 314 E.KIRKWOOD: Mutual was one of the place I went to as a 17 year old green freshman looking for a REGULAR bank acct and they didnt have it either,,, Two physicians at 306 E.K,,,, ELLIS FLORAL: 304 E.KIRKWOOD. Still there in 1995,,, vacant at 302,,, TALBOT STUDIO at 300 E.K,, Kirkwood bldg still there. Kirkwood Pharmacy closed in 1995. Was the same until then. Bldg still there. Mut.Savings now another name but still bank. Dont know about Talbot. Now other side of street: Physician at 321 E.K,,, WESTERN UNION: 317 E.K: Where I had to pick up money that night in 67/68. Important in pre-loan, pre-bank machine days,,, McCOLLUM TYPEWRITER: 314 E.K: very impotants in pre-PC days,,, 311 had 5 doctors,,, 309 was PACKARD REAL ESTATE,,, 307: Physician,,, 303:residence,,, IRIS FABRIC:301 E.Kirkwood. where people got animal skin colored fabric to put on dormroom walls. McCollum Typewriter became McCollum Computer in 90s. Iris Fabric and a couple other bldgs were torn down in 69 for huge new city library. McCollum and Western Union torn down in 1994 for lirary expansion. Its a monsterous thing now,,,, Across Lincoln Street and to southside: 222 E.Kirkwood:residence,,, 210:MONROE COUNTY STATE BANK and Rogers Insurance: another place I tried in 9/67 looking for a bank acct,,, 200 E.KIRKWOOD: BLOOMINGTON NATIONAL SAVINGS AND LOAN: another one I tried. The residence on the corner was torn down at some point leaving a huge parking lot. I turned that corner with my girlfriend the night we got lost and then wa sunable to find it upon returning years later as I wa slooking for a big home behind a fence that no longer existed. The two 'banks' are still there with different names,,, Now to northside: GREENE AND HARRELL MORTUARY: 221 E.KIRKWOOD. They used the word MORTUARY then,,, CAMPBELL HOUSE CLUB: 213 E.K.,,, FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH: 205 E.K,,, The mortuary is now a fancy-painted collection of art shops and stuff. Has a big cupola. I dont know about Campbell. The church is still there,,,, --- Washington Street---,,, southside: BLOOMINGTON SHOE REPAIR: 124 E.KIRKWOOD. Main place to get all those leather loafers we wore re-heeled and re-soled,,, LADYMANS CAFE: 122 E.Kirkwood and LADYMANS DINING ROOM: 120 E.KIRKWOOD: I didnt eat here until 1971 but it was always my favorite regular restaurant. Homemade bread and pies,,,, 118 EK: MARTHA WASHINGTONS ICE CREAM AND CANDY STORE: In actuality this was to the side and part of the theatre but in its own store with a door to the left of the recessed ticket booth. Had a long counter. Where I wanted my malted in 1970 and got a hard time. INDIANA THEATRE: 112 East Kirkwood: Where Val and I saw 2001 in 1970. Cancer Society was upstairs,,,, EBERLE HARDWARE: 108 E.K and upstairs were: skirvin alterations, ringlette bty shop, slender-eeze massage, odd fellows,,, STAR-COURIER and bloomcraft central printing and a lawyer: 106 E.K. The Star Courier was the Louisville paper,,,, BLOOMINGTON NATIONAL BANK: & olives bty shop, horn dental lab, 28 apts!: 104 E.KIRKWOOD. I gave up looking at Workingmans, I think,,,,, MUSIC CENTER: 102 E.KIRKWOOD. Had lots of ads in papers in 1967 for latest rock records and equipment,,,,, THREE SISTERS CLOTHING: 100 E.KIRKWOOD. This was the 'center' of town,,, Northside of street: WORKINGMANS FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN and 5 dentists, 3 lawyers and NY Life Insurance: Had a HUGE red letter 'W' on a TALL rod above rotating which was the dominant thing over Bloomington. This was the last 'bank' I tried to get an account in. And on the left of the entrance was a steep staircase to my early 1968 dentist,,, OSBORNE JEWELERS: 109 E.Kirkwood. For college people getting married ads,,, FRIENDLE BTY SHOP and KIRKWOOD BARBER SHOP: 101 E.KIRKWOOD: These were below ground. Actually along the side of the BOOK CORNER of 100 N.Walnut: Two steep staircases along the side of the wall. One down to one and one down to the other, meeting underneath ground level. The important BOOK CORNER was at this corner but its door was on N.Walnut,,, Bloom shoe repair was still there in 1995. I dont see how as students no longer all wear loafers. ladymans is still there. The Indiana Theatre bldg was there but closed for many years. The other bldgs are all still there but other stores. Workingmans looks the same but their big W is long gone. the other stores are something else but the bldgs are still there. I forgot to mention that there is a parking lot between Workingmans and Osbornes that is still there. 1-14-00