YORK HIGH: Additions for June 1965 to Dec 31, 1965

YORK HIGH OFFSHOOT, ADDITIONS FOR 1965-1967, NOT IN SEQUENCE..... 1965,,, 1965,,, 1965,,, 1965,,, :::::::: _______ ______________ _____________ ___________SUMMER 1965___________:::::: At the newstand on St. George St near Cottage place my mother and I tried to get the NY DAILY NEWS but they didnt have it. Back in Astoria we always got the left-wing LONG ISLAND PRESS/STAR-JOURNAL and the right-wing NY NEWS and the NY MIRROR, whatever politics it had. The guy said that he'd have to reserve it for us and we'd have to come up daily and get it but I didnt want to walk all the way there and back every day. ,,,,, .... Where Murphs Study Hall for York College is now there then was just a quiet steak house. I was told of it and finally walked down to see it. I rememnber the first time I saw it. A very quiet, dull looking building with two tiny covered windows way up on the side. Now its a raucous place...... Ronnie next door also would complain about the bar down the street but it was along time before I ever walked down there to see what it was. Maybe not for months and months. But it was where 'Murphs Other Bar' is now, and not 1/10 as bad as it now is,,,,,,, I had the automatic shutoff on my record player. Just ONE time I trusted it when I had to run out and naturally it did not. I returned to find my record gray from being worn down so much. I had also paid 4 or 5 dollars for a special attachment for 45s. That was a LOT of money in 1965. Ratio was about 8 or 9 to one.,,,,, ..... I dont know when my mother got that expensive round kitchen table we still have. Could have been 1965 or later. My fathers cats really ruined it,,,,, .... My mother surprised me with an off-the-cuff comment on how Viola had such nice legs (I hadnt noticed them. But my mother was a bit uptight about her own thinness. Viola walked everywhere so I guess they were in shape)9-27-99...... ..... JULY 13, 1965: BASEBALL ALL STAR GAME: At Minnesota. MARICHAL VS PAPPAS (Later that year traded for F.Robinson). KOUFAX OVER McDOWELL....9-27-99...... Took my models apart for transport from NYC to York and never rebuilt them. Just like from Greenpoint to Astoria.,,,,, ..... I was fascinated by the York Dispatch calendar which listed every fire alarm box in town and how to tell about a fire from the 'gongs' of the bells. They had a system,,,,,, All we could get in the beginning was Channel 8 until we could get a TV that had UHF. Back in NYC I always noticed the UHF spot between channel 2 and channel 13 but didnt know what it was for. Now I did the hard way. Our set only went from 2 to 13 and CBS was 43 and 21 and 15 and ABC was 27. So we'd watch LOTS of channel 8, NBC. But I REALLY wanted to see 43 as it was from YORK and I never felt like a YORKER until we finally got 43 hooked up. We could get something on either 2 or 5 weakly from Baltimore and or Washington DC. I recall the Green Bay/ Baltimore playoff came in very week. Maybe we didnt even have the antenna hooked up in late Dec 1965? That seems too long. Maybe I should look that up. ,, ....,,,, Gloria Fedder always gave the weather through clenched teeth and my mother wouldf refer to her as 'this one'. And there was always John McIntyre and a third name every day we'd watch,,,,, Think the first record I bought in York was 'A Walk in the Black Forest' by Horst Jankowski. Figures! Yet it was on the rock Top Ten,,,,, 9-15-99 400pm .... I was on the third floor when i heard of Casey Stengel breaking his hip and suddenly no longer being METS MANAGER. They were talking about giving it to either Alvin Dark or Wes Westrum and I recall rooting for Westrum and he got it...9-27..... _____________ _____________ _________________ _______ AUTUMN 1965_______::::::I tried to find exactly when my mother and I first went to the YORK FAIR in 1965.. The old GAZETTE says it was open from TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14 through SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18. Now the way I recall, which I havent verified yet, is that I went to school at York High and no sooner did the school open than they gave us off a day for the Fair. Did we start school on MONDAY SEPT 13 and then go to the Fair on TUESDAY SEPT 14?? I know we went in the daytime and came back in the daytime and we walked back....... Heres a few things I also noted from those pages: Tues 9/14: Photo: Hundreds of swans and geese at Pinchot Park. .. ...... PHOTO: Heavy rain followed by fog yesterday and Sunday. 1 1/2 inches....... FRI 9/17: PHOTO: New Chamber of Commerce offices to open monday morning: 13 West Market St. SAT 9/18: PHOTO: North Pine St: Closed for 22 days will also be closed for at least two more weeks!..... I asked my mother about a weird shirt some kid(s) were wearing in school and described it to her. She said that maybe they were poor and their mothers made it out of old couch fabric. Later I learned it was 'paisley'..... .. For a while there, and I have no idea when, we would drive in from the east along the old US 30 from Lancaster along EAST MARKET STREET EXTENDED. And we'd always stop at the BURYS HAMBURGER SHOP between Hellam and York. Closer to York. The place was up on the left as we came in and the building is still there. It then was like part of an early strip mall and i think it had a long pointed roof and was blue and white. Now I think it may be all for used cars........ I recall following the great 1965 NL PENNANT RACE and when MARICHAL started beating BATTEY over the head with his bat because he thought Battey was telling Koufax to throw at him. Marichal was suspended for a while, missed a few starts, and it probably caused them the pennant as the Dodgers only barely won it coming from behind at the end of the season........ That was the year WILLIE MAYS had his greatest season since 1954, hit 52 hrs, and won the MVP as an 'old man' and it was the same year that MANTLE completely collapsed forever and i recall wondering why Mantle should collapse so badly and not MAYS. (Now we know: alcoholism).. 9-27-99.......... Al Dark got in trouble that year for saying something about either Hispanic or Black players. I tore out the column and the little cartoon with it and still have it upstairs. I knew almost nothing about Dark then..9-27............. I remember watching the 1965 WORLD SERIES in the front room of the house in York. I saw the Minnesota catcher, Earl Battey, almost get decapitated while going after that ball and hitting the dugout roof.. 9-27-99 .... In those days weightlifting was not acceptable for males so we skinny guys were stuck staying skinny. You could also be considered 'queer' if you did it. So lots of guys did it secretly at home but they didnt talk about it. I didnt know anyone did it until I was at Mikes house that Fall of 1965. Even in York, home of York Barbell it wasnt acceptable...9-27-99.. ... THE END OF THE NEW YORK WORLDS FAIR: The last day was SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1965. Front page big headline in NY Times: RECORD 446,953 SAY GOOD-BY (sic) TO FAIR. PHOTO: View of the thrings at the Worlds Fair during its final day. The Unisphere, symbol of the Fair, is at backround". (Can also see the ore bucket ride cars in the air) "Vandalism Mars Last Day Of the Two-Year Exposition",, "US Investigates antidraft groups" Katzenbach says reds are involved in youth drive......... I learned that I had moved out of NYC and to York at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME OF MY LIFE if I had been planning on dating girls in High School. Due to CARS. Back in NYC noone my age ever thought about cars and certainly not in my neighborhood and certainly not in relation to dating. Most of the parents didnt even have cars. You asked out a girl and you were NOT judged by your car or that of your parents. ('glorified prostitution'). You asked her out and then you either walked together or took a bus or the cab or the subway or the bus. That was NORMAL. Now here I was in car-crazy York,Pa where everybody else was thinking years ahead of time about getting licenses and cars. If you didnt have a car in high school you were already dismissed by most of the girls. If you didnt have one of your own you had better be saving for one and be able to use your parents car for dating. What a FEUDALIST nightmare. It all came down to who had the richest parents with the best cars. I would have been spared that nightmare if I had stayed in NYC for two more years. Whatever money I saved had to go for collge, not a car I did NOT care about in the first place. (Then in such a whoring-for-car society the girls wondered why the guys treated them like whores. Well, duh! My parents were in NYC with their cars. (I'll have to think about when my mother got her license at last)..9-15-99 400pm ................ THE IKEYA-SEKI COMET: I recall standing out on my roof for the first time but it was hazy. I was trying to see the comet. BUT I think it was just before Sunrise or just after it. The NY TIMES of WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1965 says "Comet watchers may be able to see it in Metropolitan Area Today" And it says To look on Thurs Oct 21 from 12: 13 am to 310am with the best being 125am....Wed. Sept 15,1999.1241pm...... My 16th BIRTHDAY was SATURDAY Oct 30, 1965. So XMAS was also a Saturday.

YORK HIGH: Additions for ___Jan/June 1966, ___Summer 1966___ Sept/Dec 1966

1966_____ 1966 _____::: CHECK FOR DAILY INSERTS ________ ________JANUARY TO JUNE 1966_____::: NYC Precipitation: .25"= !, JANUARY: 2!!, 3, 6!!, 8, 20, 23!!!, 26,27, 29, 30!! FEB: 2, 3, 11, 13!!!!!!!!!!(giant snowstorm), 16!, 24!!, 25!!,28!!!! MARCH: 1,4, 5,6, 11, 12!,13, 23, 24! APR: 3,4, 7,13,20, 21,22,23,24!!, 25,27!,28!!,30!!! MAY: 1!, 3,8!!,9,12,13, 19!!!!!!!!, 22!,25,27!,28!!! JUNE 1966: 7!!,10!!,12,17,29 (only went to June). TEMPS: Jan 1-62*, 28-8*, Feb 12-58*, 20-8*, March 18-67*, 28-24*, Apr 1-34*, 25&26-73*, May 10-36*, 21&23-85*, June 11-53*, 27-101*.... NY TIMES say that the Federal Govt was going to do some economic thing with the Susquehanna Basin starting mid-Jan 1966 and including a bunch of states....... The year 1966 was a BIG DEAL in York,Pa. It was 1741 that York became a city so it was 225 years. The city was very nice then and my mother really got into it especially with her job at the Bon Ton and all. We still have some souvenirs at home. Little did we know it would be Yorks Swan Song. They thought the 250th would be even bigger but 1966 + 25= 1991 and noone cared. York was a mess by then. Went downhill from SUMMER 1969. But 6/65 to 6/66 was a good time for us to have lived in York with that celebration coming up. York made it to 228 and died. ........ In March/April of that year the big news was that KOUFAX AND DRYSDALE, who barely won the 1965 WORLD SERIES were holding out for more money. It lasted a then-incredible 32 days! They wanted a joint ONE MILLION DOLLARS OVER THREE YEARS SPLIT EQUALLY BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM. Not much now but a fortune then. Multiply one million by nine and divide by six and thats how much it would be per year today: $1,500,000 in todays money. They finally surrendered two weeks before the season started in April. Missing SPRING TRAINING ruined Drysdale but not Koufax. I think Koufax got $125,000 and Drysdale $115,000. There were lots of articles condemning them saying that whole infields will hold out if they got away with it. I recall clearly walking around the corner downtown past the PEOPLES DRUGS while reading about it in the NY NEWS in March or April 1966..... .......... According to the NY TIMES, WHAM-O patented a 'highly resistant ball'. Issue was MARCH 26, 1966, p 41:1 I guess that was the SUPERBALL. The very first one I saw was in the hall at York High when we were all out there at our lockers. But I dont know if that was before Summer 1966 or after it........ It may have been in Spring 1966 that I reluctantly took my first shave. For the longest time both Jim W. and Dennis were chiding me about not shaving. Sometimes joking that they were going to hold me down and shave me. I was in no hurry to grow up, unlike most guys. I was also warned in school by other kids that I could get into trouble. But not yet by teachers. Antway on what I think was a warm day in Spring 1966 I either bought a band razor or an injector razor and cautiously got to work in my bathroom in the afternoon. I had no idea how to run a blade across my face without chopping myself to pieces. My father was in NYC and I had no brothers. I used shaving cream and did it very cautiously and it took forever but it was done. I figured it would be a LONG time before I had to do it again......... I dont know when I first started hearing of HIPPIES or the ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT but I would GUESS it might have been in Early 1966............ Of course I always worried myself sick about the Vietnam Draft, getting into college and how to pay for college........ I learned from the York High kids that there was a girl who walked around with her mouth permanently frozen open called 'Flycatcher', a guy with a huge head called 'waterhead' and a guy who looked just like Popeye, pipe and stance and walk and all who was called just that: 'Popeye'. And I heard the legend of 'The Hook' from Dennis. .......... In 1966 the CLEVELAND INDIANS were picked to win the pennant. And I was reminded of it every time I crossed Cleveland Avenue on the way to town. I STILL went down Cottage to George to go into town. No team in the AL had even one Superstar in 1965 BUT Cleveland had a few who barely missed being one and with also their very good pitching and very good fielding they were easily the choice even though Baltimore had Frank Robinson. SAM McDOWELL who was the best AL pitcher in 1965 and led the league in both ERA and Strikeouts and had an even better, by far, strikeout per innings pitched ratio than Koufax that year was starting out like a bat out of hell in 1966. He was doing even better! with a 6-0 record and Cleveland WAY ahead in first place. As he was 6-0 I would guess that means about 24 days after seasons start which would make it MAY 1966. Anyway SUDDEN SAM McDOWELL was to be on LIVE TV on a SATURDAY Game of the Week!. So it was the first time in my life I got all prepared for a TV ballgame. I went across the street and piled up on all sorts of junkfood and sodas. I pulled up the chair and put the board across it with my baseball mags there and all my stuff. It was a beautiful day out and I was going to watch him mow the other team down. The game started. The other team immediately scored SIX runs off him before, I belive, he even got an out! That was the end of him and the Indians that year. It was all Baltimore after that... 9-27-99.. ...... I saw some kids wearing very light pants that were almost white so i went down to the Bon Ton first floor shop and got a pair but mine were TOO white and I only wore them once......... I dont recall EASTER 1966 but I would guess my father came up from NYC with Major. That year Western Christians and Eastern Orthodox had it on the same day and it wouldnt happen again until 1974.......... THE INDY 500 was on Memorial Day 1966. I recall being in a car on Chestnut Street when it was on the radio and how the very first TURBINE car to be entered was just blowing away the opposition by far. But then it conked out on the last turn and lost. It never occurred to me then that I would later be in Indiana a year later and I would have a roomie who was at that race..9-15-99..... __________ __________ ___________ SUMMER 1966 ________::: In the SUMMER of 1966 I became a NY METS USHER like my father. It was all nepotism. We could work when ever we wished but it was all seniority so a couple of times I showed up and didnt get on but I could still see the game for free. The great pitcher that year was DENNIS RIBANT, who became the very first winning Mets pitcher and led them out of last place. I was standing right behind Willie Mays one night (There is a fence at the top of a slope right behind homeplate) and saw him hit a grand slam...... I was really into baseball then. Other boys were into it as little kids and quit when they hit puberty. I had no interest as a kid and discovered it WHEN I hit puberty..... That was the MAYS WATCH SUMMER: May 4,1966: Hit HR #512 to pass MEL OTT and become #1 in NL..... JUNE 27, 1966: Hit #522 to pass TED WILLIAMS..... AUGUST 17, 1966: Hit number 533 to pass JIMMY FOXX and be #2 behind RUTH who was way up there with 715. During all this I was telling everyone about HANK AARON having a much better chance as he was younger and still hitting 40 a year AND his Braves were allowed to move to Atlanta by a JULY 27, 1966 decision ..... JULY 1966: Angels finally get their own stadium..... AUGUST 1966: $200,000 Bonus Baby Rick Reichardt ("The next Mantle") had a kidney removed (A photo of him at the airport was all over the place)..... AUGUST 1966: NEW BUSCH STADIUM in StLouis and ASTROTURF first installed in Astrodome..... JULY 1966: METS WINNINGEST MONTH EVER: I was an usher then. I was in the METS main office asking about my missing check when the General Manager himself (George Weiss) ran out of his office to show his secretaries the NY NEWS front page saying that the Mets made Koufax' million dollar arm look like two cents. That week I watched them face all the best pitchers in the league in a row and beat all of them but one...... I was piling up baseball magazines...... Was this when pitcher TONY CLONINGER hit two grand slams in the same game? I recall being on the corner of 21st St and 24th Road a few yards from my Astoria house when i heard it on my pocket radio...... JULY 1966: Mantle: 8 hrs in 6 days..... Emmett Ashford: first black manager..... Williams and Stengel go into Hall of Fame together.... Ex-mediocre Tigers pitcher PHIL REGAN became 'The Vulture' with a 15-1 record for the Dodgers...... AUGUST 10, 1966: Charlie Dresson Died. I had only found out who he was in 1965 from the magazines and at first i didnt understand the reference to 'Jolly Cholly' in one of them. Yet he was the manager of the old Brooklyn Dodgers and also of Al Kaline. Bob Swift took over for him as manager of the Tigers. Then he learned he had cancer and died. Then Frank Skaff took over. But some nobody named MAYO SMITH was picked instead to run the tigers in 1967...... GAYLORD PERRY was the great surprise pitcher in 1966. Noone had ever heard of him except he was the last pitcher brought in for that all-time long double header on Memorial Day 1964. He later admitted he won that thing by throwing his first spitter. But in the 1960s noone knew he was doing it. At least not the public. I recall standing after work in the Summer of 1966 by th washing machine by the open door to our backyard in Astoria reading the newspaper and how it said,"GAYLORD WHO?" with a cartoon showing his then fantastic 20-2 record. He wound up only 21-8, though........ Now I dont know if this was Summer 1966 or 1967 but I recall sitting in the living room in Astoria with my blue portable typewriter in front of me typing up a RALPH KINER Strat-O-Matic card for 1949 as I had thought I figured out their codes well enough. In those days there was not yet the 1969 Baseball encyclopedia and it was very tough to get stats. I found a book which had WALK LEADERS and 'walks' was the toughest stat to get. So the only cards I could make then were of those who led their league in walks. But this may have been Summer 1967 instead of 1966...Tues.9-27-99....... 1966 ALL STAR GAME: StLouis' new stadium, JULY 12, 1966. McLAIN VERSUS KOUFAX. PERRY OVER RICHART ____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ FALL/WINTER 1966:________::: The NY Times says that President Johnson was at the DALLASTOWN FAIR just outside of York on Sunday SEPTEMBER, 4, 1966. I think my parents said they went to see it but where was I? Home in Astoria with Major? When did school start? ...... LABOR DAY was Sept 5,1966, the day after LBJ came. I would guess that school started the day after that. So maybe this was my very first weekend moving into Richards House! So why didnt I go to see LBJ if it was? I do recall asking later wher DALLASTOWN was and my image of it was aregular small town way, way down in the country somewhere, not just a bit south on Queen Street and elongated on the sides of that road. It was nothing like I thought. Shows how little of the area I knew even after a year in school here.....9-21-99 341pm ........... 9-22: That time I was in Eugenes backyard in Elizabethtown was probably Labor Day as it was the only time the Yanks were at Baltimore and thats what they had on TV there..... Superballs bounced around the hallways...... I guess I went to the 1966 YORK FAIR in SEPTEMBER 1966 but I dont recall it... ...... I came out of an Honors class of some kind and a black guy I didnt even know was outside and for some reason he said, "YOU in that class?" ..... While waiting in the Harrisburg Terminal for buses I would sometimes buy a comic book to read. That season a new company came out whose name I forget but that had excellent artists and writers. Better than either DC or Marvel by far. I was surprised someone would start a new company. Things had been locked between just a few companies for many years. Not like the explosion of new companies in the 80s........ One time on my many trips to NYC the guy who sat in front of me was 'waterhead'. Seems that he went to Philadelphia for treatments. He was on a few times. Once the guy taking him got angry at him. ........ I was in some guys house who lived across the street from Jackie Bs (if it was called that then). He had a long backyard along the sidewalk. He had the new TARZAN show on. It was boring. I went out the back and left. It was the new TV season and I had been watching Carson soon before that (Labor Day weekend when my parents were up?) and the star came on to plug it. I loved animals but most animal shows were mindless..... A NEW STORE opened across from York High at the corner of PRINCESS and BEAVER. It was a candy store/newsstand and I'd sometimes stop in it on the way to school. It was not a store before that but has now been operating as one type of store or another ever since. It was an ANTIQUES STORE in the 1980s and its been a CATERER/ IMPORTED FOODS STORE in the 90s........ Across the street from that candy store at Princess/Beaver on the other corner southwards was a long thin old hotel! I dont know how much longer it stayed in operation but the bldg itself was there until perhaps the late 1980s. Now its a lot next to the priests' homes....... Down on Princess St from the candy store then were the Princess Pat tavern which had a bad reputation and another bar across the street....... In my PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS the teacher always called me "KARL". We did get to go off school bounds to take photos and once on South George Street, which was still very nice then, we went into a candy store where I bought the first copy of the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS I ever saw. The Mai Tai Bar was across from Penn park and had an alley along it. If one followed that alley to S. George St, crossed it, and went up a couple of stores, that is where the candy store was. It didnt last long. By 1969 it became a porno shop run by a very pretty girl and we called it Patricia's Pornographic Palace....... I recall what may have been the first time I walked up to JM FIELDS from Richards house when I was living there. It may also have been the first time I walked up, rather than take the bus, at all. I remember walking back and a torrential rain began so I ducked up some stairs on a corner church across from the YORK BANK on North George St. I waited there forever and it looked like the rain would never end. A cab stopped nearby and I pondered taking it but he left before I could decide. I had no idea how much it would cost and if I had enough money on me. I kept trying to figure if there was any way to get to Richards house other than walk in the rain all the way to Philadelphia St or to walk along that avenue that would, three years later, become US 30. Back then there were no sidewalks there, as now, but usually no soft shoulders either so it was even less safe to walk on. And even then I thought Id have to walk all the way to Sherman St in the pouring rain and back. I didnt know of the street (Hokes?) that goes down past the brickyard. There seemed to be no easy way. I also didnt know about the street just past the George St Bridge that led to WINDSOR PARK where one could cross the tracks! I didnt know York off the main streets until 1969. So I just stayed until the torrential rain slowed a little and finally just walked into town. BUT this may not have even been in FALL 1966. It may also have been in SPRING 1967 as I also recall once being in that same spot when the NEW CORNERSTONE for the bank extension was put in and it said 1967 and I recall thinking the same of that cornerstone as I did of the Church 1964 cornerstone near SHERMAN STREET: That I was there for both cornerstones BEFORE the rest was built. This whole incident may have been a few months later..9-30-99.......... I did a lot of worrying about the Vietnam Draft, getting into college and paying for college. All my money had to be saved for college. Senior year wasnt much fun...... I made little Chris cry one night or afternoon and didnt know why. I had no siblings. I was playing cards with her, she was 8, and I said something like, "Aha! Im going to beat you now" and it made her cry. I never did that again in jest with a little kid...... And the ads came on Tv for a Barbie Doll and of course she wanted one for Christmas 1966, I guess...... I managed to drop my overstuffed wallet in the toilet one day. THAT I remember...... BATMAN was big all year from January 1966 when it started..... Went to Colonial bookstore with a guy in my Honors class whose parents owned TWO houses in 'The Avenues' and who bought him a foreign convertible. I was impressed by how genteel it was inside. Left over from the Country Club days and now for York Junior College students..... Some time when we werent living in our house the city put in a new sidewalk out front..... I was walking down Philadelphia St one night towards town on either a Wednesday or a Friday and I tried the NEW 'Mountain Dew' they had been advertising on TV as I approached the curve at the railroad tracks. It gave me the instant runs and I had to hurry dowtown. Didnt touch it again until the 1990s.... Dennis must have dropped out some time this school year to go into the army.... Somewhere I got a baby blue sport jacket....... On the way to NYC on the bus on a Friday night we were leaving the station and going through a small dark street. And there was a TATTOO PARLOR on the left. I had never seen one before. They had been banned for many years.....Note: some of these could have been either late 1966 or early 1967..... My parents had given me ready-made absentee notes in case I had to take a day off as they were in NYC. I had them on the table at the foot of my bed. They all said, "Please excuse my son for missing school as he was not feeling well" and I put in the date...... When was the BOLIDE??? I was sitting in the stands at the Memorial Stadium watching the York game. And everybody including the team stopped to watch a huge exploding meteor go 'slowly' across the sky from left to right. (East to West). It was blue-white and throwing off flaming pieces. The GAZETTE and Daily sent reporters over to interview people but not me, the Astro guy. I havent yet found it in the Times. It maight have been either Sept-18-1966, April-26/27-1966, or Feb 7-8, 1967....... Im walking along East Market St and that guy, Steve?, who took me to the Colonial Bookstore is there at the corner of Pine in his car. Offers to take me to the Rutters for a banana split. I go along as my money is in the NY bank. He then tells me he heard I had a girl cousin at York High! I certainly never told nayone. I never even went up on the third floor as I knew that was where she was and I never entered the York High Store as she might be in there. Turns out he wants her phone number. Noone ever nice to me unless they want something. I nevr called her house but I knew her fathers name that it was under so I gave him that...... I dont recall my 17th birthday on SUNDAY October 30, 1966. But I must have been in Astoria, Queens ....... I was at the 1966 Halloween parade on the night of October 31, 1966. I recall walking down Market through the crowds and crossing at the Bon Ton/southside (Or was it Duke St?) and a couple of black teenagers were going, "M----F-----" this and that and one cop said to the other, "Thats the first word their mothers teach them". At Duke/southside I was crossing and I noticed a guy in a great tan cowboy coat with white fur and I wanted one. I looked everywhere but couldnt find one as good but for the next few years I bought some almost like it. Parade was a lot better when at night. Illuminated floats ... I dont recall Election Day November 1966 except that the Republicans made a big comeback from their 1964 debacle and Nixon got a lot of the credit. George Goodling got back in after being out for two years. Funny how my two York years were the two non-Goodling years: 65-67. ........ TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22,1966: The third anniversary of JFKs assassination. Still unbelievable hero worship for him............. THANKSGIVING DAY, THURSDAY NOVEMBER 24, 1966: In the photog class the guys told me that York High was going "To march in your town" for the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. They would be there with the band. I guess I was back in Astoria for Thankgiving but I dont recall if I was at the parade...... I must have been in a CHRISTMAS CLUB somewhere in 1966 as I remember getting the Xmas Club check. I don't recall if it was in York at either the York Bank or at Cumberland Valley Savings and Loan where our house mortgage was. I know that in Summer 1965? my mother and I got me a SAVINGS account at Cumberland Valley as I had the account until the 1980s when the Reagan era destroyed the Savings And Loans and Cumberland Valley was one of the infamous ones. But I could also have had the account in Astoria. Now in those days they didnt give you back the money in October like they do now. Back then you got it in late November or early December. I dont recall how much I got but it sure seemed like a lot to me. I recall going through the stores in Queensgate one Saturday afternoon shopping for my parents, and dog's, presents. And getting Xmas things in the 5&10 there. But I especially remember pushing the cart around JM FIELDS at night buying things for them both. I was in a strange town with my parents 200 miles away and back then in those pre-new US30 days it seemed like I was way way out in the middle of nowhere when I was at Fields by myself at night. All there was up there in those days was Fields and its connected Supermarket. No highway and no North Mall or other build-up yet. I still recall pushing that cart around and at the very end with just a few cents left I got my mother some pastel scarves just to finish off the money. I have no idea how I got home with my packages. A bus? Walk? But it was probably early December. This also means I had to bring all those gifts back to Astoria on that awful bus trip I wrote of. ......... I wrapped up my parents, and dog's, Xmas presents at the house on Cottage Place. I had all the materials on the 3rd floor and wrapped them there. When I returned to NYC I also had to somehow get them into the locker the day before the trip as well. I must have done a hell of a lot of walking and carrying the night before I left as I had to bring two weeks worth of my own suitcases, the Xmas decorations, and the wrapped presents on the bus. Of all times for some crook to steal my ticket!..9-30-99........ The XMAS 1966 Greyhound debacle is elsewhere on this site........ I was in NYC for New Years Eve 1966/ New Years Day 1967...... 9-22-99 327pm

YORK HIGH:Additions for Jan 1967 to August 1967

____ not proofread____ __1967 __ _______1967 __ _______ 1967__::: Dale wound up going to his 1967 Aviation High School graduation prom with his girl cousin as a 'date'. Yet he had that good-looking girlfriend. I never knew what happened. And did he already buy the tickets and/or was that high school prom mandatory like military dances??? ... 9-15-99,,,,, With the Vietnam Draft looming over us our gym teacher had us learning how to MARCH in gym class. And how to turn on command and synchronize with rows and files. Just my luck I wound up on a corner so I had to do the thinking. In the meantime the girls got to play on trampolines, we heard...... I read the "Creepy" mags on the lonely Friday night bus rides to NYC and i had every one but #1. Just so happened once that another guy my age got on and he had number one with him. So he let me read it in return for reading my latest one. The mag was doing so good that they kept telling us all through late 66 that a new one called EERIE was coming out and it finally did. Later on they also brought out VAMPIRELLA but I was in college by then. I had first heard of LOVECRAFT and Derlerth and some others in these magazines. Of course, Richards kids would sneak into my room and read them,,,9-17-99 ,, Mon 9-20-99: Naturally I was worried about having enough money for college and nervous about the Vietnam Draft........ I would sometimes sit behind Phineas Davis at night with some other guy and drink a couple cans of beer in the dark (Such things were never my idea and it wasnt my beer but it was the same choice I faced all my life: either be alone or get caught up in other kids corruptions) ,,,,, There was a little wimpy black guy named Atterberry who would hang with us outside at york High during lunch break..... One guy, Tim, in our Photography course worked at Gino's at night across from the York County Shopping Center. This was unusual in those days. He must have been poorer than I had supposed. But back then Kentucky Fried Chicken was sold at Ginos as they didnt yet have their own stores. One night in either Late 66 or Early 67 the COLONEL (Sanders) himself dropped by and jumped all over them for using TOO much stuff on the chicken. The store would call Tim in LATE at night past curfew to work when they need him!!!..... I was shocked when Smitty drove by where NORTH CHEMICAL now is and there on the corner of King and Fulton, just ONE block south of where the kids took me to see Mad, Mad, World at the Holiday Theatre, were a row of Whore Houses with a few outside. I now was seeing the underside of York which I had thought of as perfect in July 1964. It horrified my Catholic sensitivities..... In gym they had us doing all this gymnastic flipping on the bars stuff without ever teaching us how or showing us how to build up strength. Gym class was ridiculous in those days. All 'tests' without teaching. I suddenly fell off once which was a shock as i hit the mat before I knew what happened. But at least the gym teacher was smart enough to make me get right up. ...... I overcame my shyness enough to go into the hat store on the corner of Philadelphia and North George (Now a sign and lot there) and get a tan fedora with my name inside in gold....... Lots of JFK worship still going on by the media. And most people still believed in the Vietnam War..... I read Mika Watari's "The Egyptian" on my back in bed in Richards house as I liked the movie I saw years before. The book was disturbing as it was even 'darker' than the movie...... While in the library during study hall someone asked me about Astrology (or was it UFOs?) and I surprised people by not rudely dismissing it. I just didnt want to make enemies in a new town, But I politely disagreed with it...... Went up to the "North Pole" ice cream place with Smitty one night. And there was a bar right next to it. It was on the avenue that was there before they put in US 30....... Mike signed out of study hall one day and also signed out as "Preston Epps" and then didnt sign 'him' in. The librarian kept calling for Preston Epps. Mike said, "That sure is a good name for a musician, isnt it?" I learned later that it was some rock band guy I had never heard of...... Honors History teacher mentioned individualism and Ayn Rand but I didnt pay much attention....... They had some sort of national spelling test we had to take. I sure got sick of the constant testing of kids they already knew were smart. But I missed a perfect score as I misspelled "exaggerate'. I had never written the word in my life...... We'd try to get away with wearing loafers without socks as it was considered the 'cool' thing college student did. I mainly did it as new shoes always cut my feet due to my low ankle bones and I wondered if the socks made it better by padding my ankles or worse by making my feet tighter in the shoes. Turned out that it was actually a little better when my feet could slip a little in the shoes..... Once Toby, who would be Valedictorian (his brother was Salutatorian the year before) came up to me in the library to ask me about a Calculus problem. I didnt know either. ....... I think the Salutatorian that year was a guy who was married and had a kid which was amazing. Being married in high school in 1966/7 was amazing then. And so was having a kid. But to combine all three in that era was astounding...... We had a right-wing Senior English prof who would always rant about Communists. He'd embarrass the girls by saying things like, "You don't think I would let the Commies come in here and rape (girls name), do you?" And the girls would get embarrassed and the class would get in an uproar. He'd also say to them, "What about your first kiss, when you found that the boys lips were so soft?" He'd always go off on weird sex things like that....... To get to Shady Dell one went down George St under the overpass and then down a little farther. Then up a steep road to the front-right called 'Starcross Road". Then back to wear it made a 'T' with Shady Dell Rd which ended at the front of the place. (I was there the day they sold it all away in the early 90s). Once the in-crowd was there and the Student Body President (Or was it the Quarterback) jumped out the window when the place was raided by the cops and hung in a tree by his pants upsidedown... 9-20-99 439pm ARAB-ISRAELI WAR June 4-10, 1967. I recall being in York so when did we return to NYC? ___________ ___________ ______________ AFTER 1967 GRADUATION::: ........ Right after graduation in 1967 many of the girls got married. That took them out of the marriage market for those of us who were brought up Catholic. The guys they chose tended to be unbelievable. I noticed that they seemed to have NO interest in nice guys, decent guys, normal guys, romantic guys, quiet guys, guys working on their futures. They thought they were too dull, or something. They all seemed to marry scummy guys, violent guys, guys who thought of women as sex objects to be used and abused, gay guys, unromantic guys, dopeladen guys. Anything bad or weird or really different or scuzzy or iconoclastic or anti-social got the girls. I felt sorry for all the good guys who would stay in York as they had no hope of having wives until and unless they were later willing to take the messed up leftovers and throw-aways of the bad guys. The girls who got married in 1967 got divorced in 1969 and 1970. And THEN they started wanting decent guys. I figured I'd be away from York forever after June 1967 except to come back to visit my parents from whereever I was living... 9-23-99 400pm... 10-11-99: I was in Lower Manhattan in Summer 1967 because some place announced in the newspaper that it had hundreds of thousands of old comic books it was getting rid of. There I was thinking I was the supreme comic collector of the Universe between 1955 and 1964 and I see this in the paper. I believe it was near Macys/Gimbels on one of the east-west streets like 34th or 33rd or 35th or whatever. I had never even thought of what was in those buildings above the first floor stores. I go in and up the stairs and they point me to the back. Back there its incredible. A huge warehouse with rows of shelves above a mans head taking up a good part of the block! All zillions of old comics! All for something like a nickel apiece. It was 1967 and the expert up front told me that the MARVEL COMICS WOULD NEVER BE WORTH ANYTHING!!! At this time all the first editions of Marvel were only a few years old. He had them mixed in among the zillions of other comics. They were all random. No way to find any comic of any type. Totally scambled. None in plastic. Just all gathering dust. I bought some I found at random and left. They were later going to seel the rest at pennies per pound paper prices!!! 10-11-99........... 9-28: I worked on the Halloween page and yhaddenda today.. 9-28.....

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