_____ JUNE 1970_____ JUNE 1970_____ JUNE 1970____ ::::::: JUNE 1970: MOVIE REVIEWS OF JUNE 1970: Battle of Algiers, June 4,,, Cotton Comes to Harlem June 11,,, Patton June 14,,, The Strawberry Statement June 16,,, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever June 18,,, Catch-22 June 19,,, Kellys Heroes June 24,,, Two Mules for Sister Sara June 25,,, Myra Breckenridge June 25,,, MONDAY June 1: Martial law in Cambodia,,, worst floods in history of Europe,,, Supreme Ct rules fed judges can bar strikes when contracts have no-strike provisions,,, TUESDAY JUNE 2: George Wallace wins Alabama primary run-off,,, WEDNESDAY JUNE 3: Swed premier Olaf Palme in USA,,, Nixon says Cambodian Incursion to be withdrawn on Tuesday June 30,,,, First synthesis of a human gene,,, THURSDAY JUNE 4: Tonga independant,,,, L-dopa approved,,, FAMED UNIV. OF INDIANA BASKETBALL COACH BRANCH MCCRACKEN DIES AT AGE 61 IN BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA,,, FRIDAY JUNE 5: Agnew attacks news media,,, North American Rockweel gets contract to build B-1 bomber,,, Unemployment up to 5%,,, SATURDAY JUNE 6, D-DAY: High Echelon wins Belmont Stakes,,, SUNDAY JUNE 7: 40,000 march in StL to support Viet War,,, Emmy Awards: Robt Young, Susan Hampshire, Peter Ustinov, Patty Duke,,, MONDAY JUNE 8: Dr Maslow, psych, dies,,, DeGaulle/Franco meet for first time,,, Soviet/Portugueses officials meet for first time,,, TUESDAY JUNE 9: Yassar Arafat elected commander of forces and pres of PLO in Jordan,,, Harry Blackman sworn in for Supr Ct,,, THURSDAY JUNE 11: Alexander Kerensky, President of Russia in 1918, dies in NYC,,, First two women become generals,,, SATURDAY JUNE 13: HHH to run for McCarthys Senate seat,,, SUNDAY JUNE 14: East Harlem Puerto Rican 'rampage',,, TUESDAY JUNE 16: Charles Manson case begins,,, Ken Gibson, black, elected Mayor of Newark, NJ,,, Galbraith calls for 6 month freeze on wages and prices,,, Chic Bear Brian Piccolo dies of cancer,,, WEDNESDAY JUNE 17: IN ADDRESS TO NATION NIXON CALLS FOR WAGE-PRICE RESTRAINT BUT NOT MANDATORY. Nixon also eases oil import quotas,,, THURSDAY JUNE 18: House passes bill for US POSTAL SERVICE,,, No progress at Paris Peace talks for 5th straight week,,, SATURDAY JUNE 19: Dusk to dawn curfew lifted in Miami, black riots,,, First of series of spy satellites launched,,, Air Force to deploy MIRV,,, Three Cosmonauts make new space record of 17 days,,, Bombs blast two Berkeley banks,,, SATURDAY JUNE 20: UCLA gets NCAA outdoor track and field title,,, Agnew attacks 'advocates of surrender', including McGovern, Kennedy, Fulbright,,, New Conserv PM Edward Heath appts cabinet,,, SUNDAY JUNE 21: Sukarno dies at age 69,,, PENN CENTRAL GRANTED PERMISSION TO REORGANIZE UNDER FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY LAWS,,, TUESDAY JUNE 23: Prince Charles gets first college degree by a British heir to throne,,, THURSDAY JUNE 25: AMA VOTES TO APPROVE ABORTIONS FOR SOCIAL AND HEALTH REASONS,,, Columnist Robert Spivak dies at 55,,, FRIDAY JUNE 26: Former Czech CP First Sect expelled by party,,, UNs 25th Anniversary celebrated in SF,,, SUNDAY JUNE 28: Three days of violence in N.Ireland leave 5 dead,,, MONDAY JUNE 29: Biennial convention of Lutheran Church in America approves the ordination of women,,, US FORCES WITHDRAW FROM CAMBODIA A DAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE,,, Harold Wilson becomes leader of British Labor Party,,, TUESDAY JUNE 30: MAJOR'S 11th and LAST BIRTHDAY,,, Riverfront Stadium opens and Reds lose to Braves 8-2 (Reds would win pennant),,, Bell Telephone introduces a picture phone in Pittsburgh,,, SENATE ADOPTS 58-37 THE COOPER-CHURCH AMENDMENT TO LIMIT US TROOP INVOLVEMENT IN CAMBODIA, FIRST SUCH LIMIT ON A PRESIDENT. BILL ALSO REPEALS AUGUST 1964 GULF OF TONKIN RESOLUTION THAT STARTED IT ALL,,, Two John Birch Sociey members elected to Congress,,, 3-7-00,,, ________ JUNE 1970: I either got back from IU in late May or early June 1970. I guess I just missed the death of Branch McCracken (see above). This was the worst time of my life. The economics to keep me in college completely collapsed after all the worrying I went through. My parents went broke by moving to York. I couldn't earn enough to get back quickly. I was already a year behind in my studies from 1969. In Astrophysics/Astronomy its tough enough to compete in the first place if one HAS money to stay and one does NOT have to drop out for a year and forget everything. And now I was immersed in an area where I could see that others my age were continuing to have normal lives without constant worry about achieving so much. They had drivers licenses and cars and good paying union jobs and regular girlfriends or wives and kids and homes of their own and went to all the places and did all the things that people who were normal in York did and went to. I was a complete freak with none of the normal things one had to have to get along in York because everything had gone towards college instead. And I knew I would just have to keep living that outside freakish way for many years to come in order to try to keep up with those monied college kids- and in the toughest major as well! My ulcer was no better. Thurs 3-16-00: A year of waiting is also an incredibly long time at that age. Nowadays a year is nothing. Back then it was like ten years, especially as my whole sense of self-worth had been connected to it while simultaneously not believing I could afford to pay so much and do without a real life for so many years. I wonder now when Astro started changing from something I loved as a kid to something I 'had' to do? When I hit puberty? When I started getting popular? When I started realizing how much money it would cost? When I started realizing how long Id have to do without a normal life? And when did it dawn on me that it takes more than just a bachelors degree? My guess now is that I really loved Astro from before Kindergarten throughout my years in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. But when I moved to Astoria, Queens I was terrorized so much by that insane teacher and the same evil classmates from age nine to age fourteen that my mind was increasingly damaged and I went from loving planets to needing to be a scientist just to patch my broken ego. Whatever, the super-student who loved school and loved studying and doing homework and loved Astro from when he learned to read way before Kindergarten to 4th grade was an erratic mess later on. And puberty and watching stupider teens having fun while still young did not help. I also went from being a great student to being a pain in the ass to my teachers and profs at times. After missing a full year, missing still another one was really going to ruin me and I knew it. In the sciences each thing is built upon the thing before unlike many majors where one could forget the previous info and just learn the new stuff. A History major could forget all he knew about the 16th Century while learning about the 19th century. But in Physics, Math, and Chemistry one is actually being tested on every class that came before constantly. To really add to my troubles was the fact that I owed a college loan and to drop out for the 1970-71 school year meant I was now supposed to pay back the old loan or default and never get another! That was an extremely dangerous Catch-22 to get caught up in. Another thing to open my ulcer about. But I had no money for 70-71 and couldnt get any either. I would be eligibale for another loan in 71-72 MAYBE yet not if I worked 70-71. Because it was based upon 'need'. If I spent an alrerady miserable year working with more obnoxious idiots I would not be eligible for another year later. Not that I could pass a physical to get a job in the first place. By this time I was completely embittered by my screwed-up situation. This was also when the "Women and Minorities" bigotry was starting in which the poorer white-males were backstabbed to make up for the richer white-males who had money. I went really into a Black Depression during 70-71. Every day from June 1970 to August 1971 was like an eternity. I would get up each morning and just not know what to do with myself. I'd just walk the streets and hang around marking time as in a waiting room for every second for 16 hours a day for about 450 useless days of embittered depression now outweighing the worry. I just said screw it. I no longer believed I had any chance of making it to my degree. Not at the financial rate I was going and the ulcer I was carrying. Missing twenty-seven MONTHS to get just ONE semester in was ridiculous and it looked like that rate would stay that way with the rarity of college loans back then. And we couldnt even both work and save while also getting a loan. It was either work and pay back OR work and not get a loan OR not work and get a loan. One couldnt get ahead. College was still designed for the rich and either your parents had money or you were screwed. I started college about ten/fifteen years before the college loan situation opened up so far any moron could get all the money he wanted and any jerk could get into college as the colleges wanted that loan money. On the one hand the pre-loan era scrwed my chances. On the other hand I at least got to see what REAL college life was like before colleges were watered down to the level of high schools. These kids who went the last 20+ years will never know what real college was really like. 3-16-00: Well, I went back to doing a lot of walking. I recall that at some time I read in the paper an article about people like me and there was even a name for it but its long forgotten. People who had srewed up heads from too much pressure and worry and who couldnt stay still because of it but who had all this nervous energy and had to walk and walk and walk as if they were trying to walk away from it. People caught in various Catch-22s (a brand new term then due to the book and movie) who were "pacing the cage" like zoo animals and couldnt find a way out as the things they had to do were contradictory. In the days Id always walk downtown. Where else? York isnt NYC. Hang around there. At night Id go out through the old Hannah Penn walk again: out onto Cottage Place, to the end of it where the big field is, to the left through the Hannah penn Junior High School campus with its weird futuristic round bldg. Out the other side to Poplar St. Down to South Sherman or diagonally thru the weird little flat 'projects'. Up the steep hill to Sherman/Markets busy intersection with York Bank. Down Sherman to area where I lived in 66-67 and where my fathers relatives were. To the Allen Field softball courts and the little gas station with its junk foods. Later home at night the same way. Back then the walk was still safe on that side of town. I recall I always considered the south side of Hannah Penn campus to be on MY side of town and the other side to be THEIR side of town. I must have done that back and forth 20 times a month every month or more. ,,, At some point I discovered the little soda fountain counter candy store at Jackson/Pershing just 1 1/2 blocks southwest of my house thru the alley and went in for coffee on the far end of the counter a few times,,, Way out on East Market street five miles from home was the Mr Donut on East Market Street. I went out there many times really late at night. Walked all the way. Much longer to do now as one has to avoid most of the city and go miles around. Back then I could go all the way down Cottage and then instead of going thru Hannah Penn I'd go right of it along Boundary Ave all the way to Hill Street and then north on it as far as the then ALL NIGHT LINCOLN HIGHWAY GARAGE RESTAURANT. I could stop there any time either way late at night and then go on Market to Mr Donut way out of town. Five miles. The manager of Mr Donut was actually named Herbert Hoover! He later lost his business when the govt put an 'island' on Market street so people could not turn across the other lane to get in,,, Going back at night when very late I would often stop in the all-night laundromat on Mt Rose avenue. Id go back along Market to Hill at Lincoln Garage, turn back south on hill, turn off hill right on Mt Rose and just before reaching the angular Boundary avenue, there was the all-night laundromnat with coffee machines. But it wasnt until the garage restaurant stopped being open all-night that I made that regular,,, Walked to York County Shopping Center and York Mall just past Mr Donut many times a month,,, Went downtown daily to 5&10s and drugstores,,, I was just marking time. No money. Nothing to do due to weird loan rules,,, Saw a LOT of softball games at the old Allen Field green bleachers by myself,,, Few guys I knew in the short time I was in York High before moving on from NYC to Indiana were all gone: Most in military, some at college, a couple married and away,,, I rarely saw Skip anymore. One day I think I was walking on South George and thought I saw him drive by!!! He never knew how to drive! Where did he get the car? He made 90c an hour at that drugstore. Finally, I think I met him at his old house on South George and he told me he was married and I laughed as I thought he was joking. he naver went out with a girl. Instead of saying, "No really, I am", he got pissed and said, "Okay, dont believe me" and hopped in the car and left. Later I found out he really DID get married! Some girl asked him to a Xmas party in 1969 and he went. He immediately got physical with her and just like that she got pregnant the first time and they got married. That meant it started when we were hanging together in late 1969 and he didnt say a word to me, not that it was my business, but weird that there was no evidence. I almost never saw him after that. That made 70-71 REALLY bad. Dennis was either still in the military or he had returned and was going back for his high school diploma which really impressed my mother. I forget which but I saw him only rarely as well. ,,, March 21,2000: Still had my ulcer/worry/nightmares,,, Cold War and Vietnam still going on. All I had was a temporary deferment from being sent to the Viet jungle and I knew it. I could get a call-in with any mail delivery and I knew it every day!,,, I still had a lot of Catholicism in me as far as worrying about having left the church and it sure was a degenerate world outside of it,,, Still Hippies around,,, 1970 had the Census but I dont recall it. Maybe my father did it earlier in the year,,, My parents fought a lot especially now that they were financially ruined again by moving into minimum wage jobs. My father had a hair-trigger temper and would explode and throw things and my mother would run and hide behind me. He'd smash plates of food along the wall,,, I'd hang with Bill and Steve now and then but they were much younger than I. Loralee was a real bitch to me. Snotty. Never nice unless she wanted something off someone. Like only the people she liked had feelings and the hell with the rest of us. Quite a few times I wanted to punch her in the mouth but couldnt due to my father,,, The nights were still quiet back then. York College was still a JUNIOR college for locals only. Not all the drunkeness and hornhonking,,, This MAY have been when I was walking over on Chestnut Street (I guess I was visiting Cousin Richard) and I started to pass a stoop and a voice yelled out, "You hear what happened to Smitty?". It was two of the guys I went in Smittys car to school with in 1966-67. Turned out he was both drunk and high and drove his little Honda car right into a SEMI coming off I-83 where it goes over East Market Street. He was in the Service and came back. He then lingered in the hospital for a month or two before he died,,,, Was this when I first met John S.? Loralees fiance? Was it when he first came into my house and up into my room on the third floor? I recall I had the metal desk there and he played chess with me and Bill and Steve were there as well. And he was friendly to me while she was nasty, uppity and snotty when she bothered with me at all. He was an obvious typical average male who was just into pot and sex and had no human feelings for others and no loyalty to anyone and was just out for what he could get. He sure was the type I normally stayed away from as my beliefs were so different and I had to tolerate so much from such people but at least he wasnt rotten towards me. I couldnt figure it out at that age. It was obvious to me what he was and he didnt even have any money or future or looks or anything. I saw no redeeming characteristics at all. But then it was no different than any of the other pairings I saw at York High. The girls always took the worst guys for some masochistic reason I never could figure. ,,,,, Right after I got back from college I was in the York County Shopping Center Parking lot and as I got out of the car I noticed once again how much my father aged while I was gone. I noticed it each time I returned. Maybe it was also because I was now so used to a university of so many young people,,, Was this when WBFF joined cable? I think so. They were from Baltimore and we also got Philadelphia. Doctor Shock was from Philly and WBFF had a guy named GHOST HOST. I wrote him a letter when he said that he wanted to be contacted to see how far he now reached. I got an incredibly long hand-written letter back,,,, I started getting loan threats demanding I return to college or pay what I owed which meant Id have to take off over TWO more years instead of one more,,, More divorced women were showing up. Treated us like crap in 60s and all over us now,,, Still the "Age of Aquarius",,, ,,,


_____ JULY 1970/AUGUST 1970 _____ _____ JULY 1970__: So June 1970 FINALLY ended. Of Thirty days I probably stayed alone and just walked around for 25 of them,,, Went downtown each day, probably either via South George St. or through Penn Park. Into the many 5&10s and big drug stores and three dept stores,,, Home to eat. Maybe I had lunch with my mother while waiting across from the York Bank in the Bon Ton foyer,,, Took the walk down West/East Cottage Place each late afternoon or night after dinner. Left to Hannah Penn Campus and on to PROSPECT STREET. Up Prospect to the street before Sherman as Sherman did not cut thru in those days, thru the weird little projects and over to Allen Field. Watched softball games and hung around. Maybe saw Bill and Steve. Town was a ghost town for people my age. They were either in the military or college or married. Back late at night the same way. It was safe to walk thru the Hannah Penn area back then,,, At night I could also walk out past Hannah Penn to MtRose and then down Hill Street to Lincoln Hwy Garage and then out East Market to The York Cty Shop Center and to York Mall. And the Mr Donut out there.,,,Still had my ulcer and problems and worry and Gelusil and special diet,,, Johnny Carson was on late at night and he was pushing Budweiser beer and making fun of 'tariffs',,, I used to look forward at night to watching FIRST TUESDAY which I thought was much better than 60 MINUTES, especially since it wasnt as full of propaganda,,, I tried keeping a Log at some time but I never did anything but worry so I quit,,, Walked along the tracks with my camera a lot and took as many pictures as I could afford. I still have a lot of shots, black and white, of the tracks from the old main station all the way out to Sherman St as I started walking on it farther and farther. I even walked a mile or more beyond Sherman to the east once,,, Lor was still rotten to me whenever she saw me. Contemptuous as I wasnt as wild and degenerate as she and our generation was. I hated all that 60s wildness going on. It had gotten out of hand by 1968 as far as I was concerned,,, The few radicals that York had would hand out mimeographed flyers,,, There was a TV show with Jim Hutton I liked but I cant recall the name. It always took place in the late 1940s and clues were given and one had to figure it out from the clues. Each segment started out emphasizing something about the Truman era and ended the same way. Like one time it was all about New Years Eve 1948/1949. Show didnt last too long as it expected an intelligent audiance to want to figure things out. The morons didnt. They preferred shows later in which they saw who did it in the very beginning and watched the detective solve it. Those bored me. For some reason this was when it struck me how close my birth year was to WWII. Possibly because time was starting to go faster at age 20. I never connected 1949 and WWII as being so close before this period and I started really reading up on the period. I had nevre had any interest in that period before,,, We now had some lawn furniture and a grill in the back yard. It was still a nice neighborhood,,, WBFF with Ghost Host and the other show with Dr Shock were still on. One time Dr Shock slipped and said a, "bucket of s--t" on live TV,,,, This Summer sometime (unless it was 1971) the Mormons came to my house and tried to convert me by showing me slides and giving me a book. It didnt work,,, My father was always working on his car and on other things. I hated it when he demanded I learn everything he knew about repairs which was a lot. Seemed like I was always supposed to learn how to do everything and others werent bothered all the time,,, I hadnt met Skips wife yet. We just kept missing each other. When I did finally meet her she mentioned what a mysterious person I was as she heard about me and never saw me,,, Went all the way up to the McDonalds for lunch on US30 a few times with my mother in her car. She had to hurry back,,, Walked my cocker spaniel Major who was now getting old. I took a photo of him sitting in front of the house that summer as I knew he wouldnt be around much longer,,, Once Im walking home on EAST side of South Geroge St for some reason and I walk under an overhanging house window in daytime and a couple of prostitutes are yelling down to me. I wa sshocked that Yorks problems were spreading. In 1964 I saw none. In 1966 I saw a few. In 1969 the riots occurred. In 1970 the moral rot had reached George St.,,, Probably saw Bill and Steve a couple of times a month,,, Mostly alone 1970-71 as Skip and Dennis almost vanished,,, Once I was in Vis house on a chair and there was a knock on the door and it was Lors future husband and she ran halfway down in some weird 1966 plastic mini-skirt with medallion and told her mother to tell him she'd be right down and I had thought such clothes were years behind. Then I recalled what that shoe store guy said about York always being so far behind NYC (and major universities, I guess),,, I was also envious that stupid kids never had to worry and never had constant lifelong pressure to give up everything else to "work up to their great potential",,, Wandering the streets worrying, bored, ulcered, with nightmares every night.,,,,, Probably by myself 25 of 31 days in July,,, AHA! I just recalled something! I took a course in Sophomore American History in the Summer of 1970. Where did I get the money? Was it something I did to keep the loan creditors off me for another niine months? Beats me. But I think it was the first time I ever saw PSU-York. I dont recall the first time I went there and signed up. I do recall where I sat in the class. I recall I did well and it was a couple of hours three days a week. I recall we had at least one class outside in the nice weather out front where they just put up a new path now. It was about the post Civil War era I believe. I THINK my parents took me there by car and picked me up each day. It seemed so very far then but when I was lifting in the 80s/90s it didnt seem far at all. I transferred the credits to IU. Thats when I saw the weight room for the first time! Little did I know Id live in that room from 1983 until 1998,,, ______ ______ AUGUST 1970: Went downtown, hung around by myself, almost never talked to anyone. Especially not the workers in any stores. Too uptight and ticked off and self-conscious,,,, Dropped into bank to say hello to mother,,,, Trying to think of a way to make money that I could save for college and not have to pay off past loan with,,, Saw some TV shows regularly around supper time Im sure,,, Went for my Cottage- Hannah Penn- Poplar- Market St- Allen Field walk. Sofball games. There and back,,, 3-23-00,,, 3-24: Probably still taking that history course at Penn State York,,, Rarely went to that corner Jackson/Pershing soda fountain store. Recall buying those index cards there later. I probably didnt start hanging there alone until 1971,,, Walked to Mr Donut late at night and back after 2am,,,, Stopped at all night Lincoln Hwy Garge and at the all night laundromat on Mt Rose which is still there,,, Watched softball games in Allen Field,,, Nursed my ulcer. Gelusil, nightmares, worries, pressure, watching everyone else having normal lives while I was supposed to "work up to my potential" even though it was destroying me physically, emotionally, financially for decades,,,, Cold War and Vietnam still going on and I was still liable for the Draft to the jungle war,,, Walked to malls and Shopping Centers and back just to pass the time,,, Girls from high school getting divorced and NOW being friendly to nice guys. Too late,,,, I know I was really depressed one day and walked to BOOKLAND at edgar Street. Hung around there fior a while and then got something to read. On way back I leaned against a tree near East Cottage/ South Duke St. Then I walked home. The next day I read that a firetruck went by the same tree I was leaning on and it fell on a fireman on the back of the truck and killed him,,,, Still Hippies around but few in York,,, I still wondered if I should return to the Catholic Church to meet people who werent degenerate and if the supernatural stuff they scared me about was correct as it sure seemed like everyone outside the church was degenerate,,,, My parent fought a lot due to much lower paying jobs in York,,, Went over to Wallace St and talked to Bill and Steve now and then,,, Nights were still very quiet near York Junior College where I lived and drank tea on the porch at night,,, Did SMITTY die in August from the accident?? I recall saying to those guys that he dies without ever being married and was probably still a virgin and they said he had whores in the service. Yuck,,,, Was AUGUST 1970 when the Mormons came and not July?,,,, I was with Bill and Steve by the wall of the old bldg across the street and we were playing STIKEBOX like I saw in Astoria in 1965 and some older guy got a ball hit out and pitched it to me but it was way outside the strikezone so I didnt swing. I never swung at bad pitches. Bad habit to get into,,, Still trying to figure out how to be all the things others and myself expected me to be. especially now when my parents were broke again,,, One afternoon I was walking a block from home and crossing Pershing at Cottage and here comes Lor driving her fiances car (I guessed) down Pershing. I guessed she was going to Jackson one block back to turn right to Borg Warner. She gave a cold look and a half-wave. Pissed me off that I could never get into Borg Warner but he got her in. And later she complained to me that the guys there would try to look up her skirt and she'd run up crying. She who never gave a damn about others feelings, treated good guys like crap and screwed scummy guys, had a nerve to say that to me,,, I went out in the backyard to look for 4 leaf clovers one day and immediately found TWO of them. Wrapped them in plastic,,,, Big PENNANT RACE in the NL East that year: Mets, Cubs, Pirates. I wanted METS to repeat. Mets were a little ahead going down to stretch.,,,, I was in MAPLE DONUTS with my mother (I HATE it when people say, "My mom") for the umpteenth time and there was always a sign there bragging about how many donuts they had but whenever we went they had very few. I mentioned it and the lady said that we didnt get there early enough. We were there at lunch so I guess it meant breakfast only,,,, Was I getting Collge Loan Threats then??,,, There was a big thing in the papers about how the huge REACTOR for PEACH BOTTOM NUKE PLANT was going to be slowly taken thru York and all the traffic lights had to be moved. I went down to the railroad station where it was supposed to turn and there were Bill and Steve! Bill made some comment about their being so careful because of the uranium in there and I told him it doesnt go in until later,,,, I was still taking photos in alleys and along the tracks and under the Windsor Park Bridge,,, I dont know when Billy got his first car. I was twenty so I guess he was 16 but he had it in the summer of 1970 and we'd ride around in it. INSERT: Was this when we went to Gettyburg and he stopped to turn around in a guys short driveway and when he did so we saw this sugn on the gate saying not to and some crazed madman came after us with a sickle?! Also whenever we were in Gettyburg we started joking about how little meat and how much bread there was in the BOG BOY sandwiches we got at BIG BOYS and the young girl came out all smiling to ask us how things were and we said GREAT and laughed even more. I always did like Big Boy sandwiches though... We were supposed to go to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates brand new Three Rivers Stadium and we had it all set,,,, Towards the end of the month my mother left due to the constant fights. My father never left as he thought he was king so she had always been required to leave. Unlike on TV where the man always had the decency to leave as its much more dangerous and harder on the woman. But he was always a self centered jerk, just like a couple of his sisters and some nieces and nephews. ,,,, That Maple Donut was the one right around the corner from the York Bank on N.Pershing at the alley. I always wondered about it being there when right across the street in the Farmers Market was another Maple and also around the corner one block was another. It finally folded in the early 90s,,,, When my mother left I think it was at or near the end of August 1970. I think she went to live in a boarding house near the old prison above a bar just off Walnut Street of all places. She had also told me that she was also thinking of moving above the Fire Station on South George Street. I later recall my father saying about the firehouse and the way the area around it got, "Look at this place. See what women are like to think of moving into a spot like this?" But I had sense enough to know that she didnt make much money and could NOT afford a better place. Thats why the MAN is supposed to move out during a fight,,, There was a "Lolita" across the street from us now. The first house on our block to go BAD was right across at 251 and it was now a rental place. The beginning of the end. I forget if it started in 1969 or 1970 but I know that Ronnie next door told me they had been fighting to get someone put out by the city at some time and how long it took. Anyway, there was now a divorced woman and her 16? year old really pretty daughter living there and theyd come across the street and flirt with my father and me. the girl flirted with the two of us so my father started referring to her as a 'Lolita'. The girl was a real tomboy who was the only one on the block to constantly run around barefoot and out there playing sports games while looking like a young woman. I kept away from trouble as I HAD to get back to school and I didnt dare act like a normal male as I had no leeway. The 16 year old, if she was that old, eventually got pregnant by the married neighbor whose age was much more than mine but much less than my fathers,,,, I eventually couldnt take my constantly obnoxious father anymore so packed and moved out in front of him and he was a bit angry but he could never see what an obnoxious bastard he and his whole family was and now it all came at me as she was no longer there to take any. I moved in with her and brought Major with me. But I recall first that she showed me the place near Walnut and thought it looked bad and I said it looked pretty good compared to the college rooms Id seen. I think I helped her move out. And I recall going to the Yorktowne Hotel with her and she ordering a room and then ordering one for me to stay next door. And we each stayed there one night. But the Yorktowne thing may have been a little earlier or right at the beginning of all this when my father told me to keep an eye on her once. I cant date it too well. But at some time after I had actually moved out we were living on the second block of North Duke Street across from the YORK LIMOSINE SERVICE I had taken rides to the airport from. Just around from East Philadelphia/South Duke. It was then a white house that really stuck out. They had painted the front wooden steps while we loved there and put boards on it and people kepy messing up the paint. I slept on the floor in the living room and she had the bedroom. The MANSON MURDER TRIAL was going on then and Nixon said something about their being guilty. I also took a really depressing book out of the Martin Library then called UBIK which still creeps me out. I used to eat at the SUNFLOWER restaurant on South George/Market for a dollar. Major was really suffering from the heat and really panted all night. One night I heard the young couple fighting through the window. I recall her yelling, "I DONT WANT TO F---! YOU CARRY THE DAMN BABY FOR NINE MONTHS". All we had were screens. I still recall the exact layout of that apt which was upstairs. And Id walk down Duke and the old FACTORY COMPLEX was there along the street. The same one I wandered thru in Summer 1965. FARQUAR. The shop center and Employment Bureau were not yet built. Even the METS started to collapse while I was there. I think all this took place the last week of August 1970 and the first week of September 1970.,,, 3-24-00,,, 3-28: AUGUST 3, 1970: NIXON SAYS CHARLES MANSON GUILTY. MANSON HOLDS UP NEWSPAPER IN COURT. Now I had thought that this happened while I was living with my mother in that apt house at 117 N.Duke St. But this was August 3 and I KNOW we were there in September. Were we there for an ENTIRE month or more???. I recall the house was then an ugly gaudy white. Now its back to bricks showing. They often painted over bricks in the 60s and 70s. I recall they kept trying to paint those wooden steps and would put a piece of wood over half of it and noone knew which side to step on. I think they are concrete now. ,,,, I believe it was either SUMMER 1970 or September 1970 when I discovered the NATIONAL LAMPOON. I was at the drugstore at Quuensgate Shopping Center and my mother was in the back somewhere and I was to the left just inside the doors where the magazine rack was. The Number One issue was on the rack and I couldnt believe it. It figured that it would come out the moment I left my friends at Briscoe as Ken and Val had the same intellectual humor I did and the Natlamp was the same way. But I stupidly didnt buy it. I was almost broke that day and it would have taken every penny I had and I would not have had any spending money for a while after so id be stuck indoors or walking around without a cent. Ironically, when I FINALLY got back to college a zillion months later the first thing Val said to me was, "Did you see the Lampoon?" :3-31-00,,,


_____ SEPTEMBER 1970: _____TUESDAY SEPT 1, 1970: King Hussein almost assassinated, Agnew says Cambodian situation developing well, 1970 census figures start to come out, _____ WEDNESDAY SEPT 2, 1970: Dick Gregory kept out of Australia, NASA HAS TO CANCEL LAST TWO LUNAR LANDINGS DUE TO BUDGET CUTS. Another blow against Astro jobs!, _____ THURSDAY SEPT 3, 1970, World Council of Churches to pay money to African Revolutionaries, Ruled that Army can ban anti-war things on posts, VINCE LOMBARDI DIES,age 57, I recall this well. I was sitting on the southwest flower circle in downtown York. Guess I was living on S.Duke then, _____ FRIDAY SEPT 4, 1970: Soviets now ahead in ICBMS aimed at us, SALVADOR ALLENDE WINS PLURALITY IN CHILE, RALPH NADER ATTACKS THE CORVAIR. Thats what my mother drove, Unemployment highest since Oct 1964, GB gives asylum to ballerina Natalya Makarova. I recall that, _____ SATURDAY SEPT 5, 1970 _____ SUNDAY SEPT 6, 1970: PLO hijacks THREE airliners bound for NYC, NYC Police Chief Leary unexpectedly resigns as cant stand liberal Mayor Lindsey, ROCHESTER NY DRAFT FILES DESTROYED, _____ MONDAY SEPT 7, 1970: MAJOR DIED!! US troops in Vietnam drop below 400,000 for first time in 3 1/2 years, Willie Shoemaker sets new record with 6,033 victories,,, . The preceding days my mother and I still lived in that house on South Duke Street during that torridly hot summer. September 1970 was quite an eventful month. My parents really looked like their economic collapse was leading to a divorce especially as my 21st birthday was right around the corner and when they fought over the years they said theyd get divorced when I hit 21 and they were really apart now just a month before my 21st birthday. And Major got sicker and sicker until he died. And I had to retun to college this month or Id be in big trouble with the school and the loan office and as desperately as I wanted to return I couldnt make it. All my friends would return without me. And I lost all hope of finishing school and ever being anything. My ulcer was at its worst. I left home and went to live in a YMCA in Flushing, Queens. Lor got married to her scumbag like all the rest of the girls I knew and I thought it would mean that she'd move away with him BUT they moved RIGHT NEXT DOOR to her mothers which meant Id have to take her crap more than ever. I was extremely depressed and near-suicidal. Everything I based my self-worth on was gone and everything I had to stabilize me when going thru all this "living up to potential" crap was collapsing. And my dog died on top of it. No money, no health, no future, no enjoyment. Nothing that a 20 year old boy SHOULD be doing at that age. Total freak of a very unhappy kind,,,, I think it was either the night of Sunday Sept 6th or the morning of Monday Sept 7th that my father asked my mother to return and she did. But I wasnt in the mood. I planned to hit the road. The late afternoon of Sept 7, Labor Day, Im trying to figure out how to afford starting anew somewhere and I know I had some money from somewhere. And the phone rings. My mother calls to tell me that my dog Major had died! He was old and all this commotion killed him. I think I also walked him too far in 1969 and 1970 at his age in the heat. I ran out of the house as the sun was fading. It was about 7pm he died. My mothers lucky number was always 7 and Sept means 7 and the 7th day and 7th hour. So I get back and hes lying down just before the back steps. On his stomach. My mother said he slowly walked over, and laid down, and quietly died. Then we had to call around and there was ONE animal cemetary at SEVEN valleys! My father wraps Major in a blanket and we put him on the back seat of the car and go to the west side of town. West Princess? It was till all white middle class then and the sun had gone down. Some woman comes out to show us how to get there. We go way out to 7 Valleys with me in the back with my hand on Major and out to the place at night. Then they take him back. I wouldnt go back with my parents. I stood back by the car by myself thinking at how life was so incredibly evil to good people and animals and so good to evil people. And my mother came up to me and started crying and she was never really herself again after that. My father used to mention how the mental illness that eventually killed her actually started on that day. That was the only time I recall ever holding her as we were both very self-conscious people. I never did see Majors grave. I never went with them when they visited it. That was my first taste of death. A dog I had since 1959 when I was 9 until I was almost 21 in 1970. My mother got some plot with a 7 on it,,, Right after this I packed up and went to Flushing, NY to live at the YMCA and try to find a job in NYC. I was now unbelievably depressed. Seemed like life never stopped getting worse. I dont recall if I went back to my parents house first or not. I took the Greyhound and then the subway to the YMCA in Flushing. Guess I recalled it from previous years. But I was surprised to see it was so much more expensive than the one in Indianapolis. I recall the room well and that Id check out the dept stores and 5&10s in Flushing and Id get up early and get coffee late at a coffee shop near the corner of MAIN STREET and whatever the other large street was. There was a big picture or poster on the wall of Mickey Mantle even though Flushing was where the METS played. You could see Shea Stadium from there. There was another very large boulevard parallel to Mian street some blocks away where the old huge theatre was across the HUGE avenue. I couldnt imagine anyone even trying to walk across that thing. And across from the theatre was a candy store that had a soft cover about TOM SEAVERS near Perfect Game in 1969 that I had never seen before. And farther back on that blvd was a fast food place that was really cheap where I usually ate. The large street that crossed MAIN STREET ended right at that huge blvd and aimed right at the theatre across the street. Across that street walking along the blvd was a all-around-the-year Halloween Costume shop!. At the Woolworths on Main St they still sold LEAD painted knights for, I believe, 15c which would be like a dollar in todays money. I bought the paper looking for work each morning and sat at a little donut shop near the YMCA. Thats when MANTLE MEN AND NAMATH GIRLS was advertising for temps. I think I tried for a week before my money ran out and I had to spend the rest of it on a trip home,,,, Soon after I returned hom an aunt came to stay for a while to attend Lors wedding. I couldnt believe a Prot Church would perform it when she never went to church and he was so immoral. But thats why Fisheaters dont respect Prots. Everyone went to the wedding but me. I recall being in the house alone listening to music wondering how soon she'd move away. Then Id only have one female reptilian bitch hiding behind my crazy brutal reptilian father to cause me grief!,,,, So I went back to my walks thru HANNAH PENN to PROSPECT ST to ALLEN FIELD to watch softball,,, and my trips to the jackson/Pershing fountain store for coffee,,, And along Cottage/Boundary/ MtRose/Hill/Harrison/ Lincoln HWY Garage Restaurant/ East Market/ Mr Donut/ Yk Cty Shop Center/ York Mall and back at night perhaps also stopping at MtRose Laundromat coffee machines,,, And to Downtown in the daytime,, Had my ulcer, nightmares, worry, Gelusil, boredom and was all screwed up in my head. Diligence and decency and trying to achieve and be decent was punished and worthlessness and rotteness rewarded and I was thinking the hell with it all. The days I was terrorized from 1959 to 1963or 64 were now the good old days when I 'knew' the future would be good. Ha!,,, So I knew the day IU was reopening and that I couldnt return and maybe would never return or if I did Id be 2 1/2 years behind in the most difficult subject and my mind was now worthless as it was just 'black' all the time,,, And the very first day I had moved out of my fathers house to be with my mother was the day BILL showed up with his car to go to Pittsburghs 3 River Stadium right during the pennant race. So I missed that as well!,,, 3-24-00 403pm waiting for Roland,,, 3-28: Late one night, but not late enough, I was returning from the Northeast side of town. Thru Hannah penn and along East Cottage and then West Cottage Place. As I was crossing South George, the main north/south street there were some black guys to the right in the intersection. They started coming after me in the dark. I took off. They couldnt catch me at that age. I went right down the center of Cottage all the way home. After that I was more careful. From then on I considered George St to be dangerous at night. But the Hannah Penn area didnt get bad until 1986. So I went thru it thousands of times. ,,,, Sometime during that Summer I was leaning on that S.Duke St tree reading a book I got at Bookland and it fell over and killed a fireman on the back of a truck right after I left but I dont recall when. Im not even sure if it was Summer 1970 or 1971,,,, I dont recall the YORK FAIR that year. No idea if I went,,, The great pennant race went on to the end between the Mets, Cubs and Pirates. Mets in the lead but then they suddenly lost something like their last six games in a row! A perfect ending for a bad Summer. One would never know now by looking in the record book that there was a pennant race taht year after that huge collapse,,,, Probably started getting my loafers from the York Mall around this period. No fancy sneakers in those days,,, Went to same barbers at George/Cottage or next to the TREMONT TAVERN, near Cottage two blocks before George,,, Father was always forcing me to work with my hands fixing things and he had no tolerance for any mistakes. He told me once and I had better be immediately as good as he was or he'd go ballistic. (Theres a show on TV now called TITUS with a mean father who isnt one-tenth as bad),,, I probably hung by myself 25 of 30 days in September 1970,,, I thought of my dead dog every single night after getting into bed,,, _____ _____ _____ OCTOBER 1970:__ : I was probably still trying to get money for college in Oct 70 but it was all going to "Women and Minorities",,, Walked downtown daily to hang around,,, Walked after supper to Allen Field area via Hannah Penn route to Poplar Street,,, Softball games over for winter,,, Went in early afternoons once in a rare while to candy store fountain counter at S.Sherman/W.Jackson for coffee. Sat in back by myself,,, Late night walks down Cottage to Boundary to MtRose to Hill St to Lincoln Hwy Garage to East Market to miles out to Mr Donut, Yk Cty Shop Center, York Mall and back. Perhaps stopping in all-night laundromat on MtRose for coffee,,, I think that this was the time (or maybe in summer) that the LH Garage put up that huge billboard on the side of it being their 75th anniversary. And then right after that they stopped going 24 hrs a day for the first time now that the new US 30 was sucking all the cars out of York,,, Walked to malls. North Mall. York Mall. Queensgate Shop Center. Mostly to bookstores and 5&10s,,,, This may have been when Bill M. from York High showed up on a motorcycle and I rode on the back from East Philadelphia St/ State St to home. First and last time I rode on the back of a cycle,,, Still had ulcer bothering me, worries, nightly nightmares, depression, Gelusil, ulcer diet, debts, draft over me, desperate for money,,,, Cold War/Vietnam still on,,, To Hallmark cards downtown and at malls to mail to friends,,, My mother was upset with me because I wouldnt go with her to visits Major's grave. "He's all alone out there", she says. I was too depressed as it was,,, Any moron can get loans for college nowadays but it was extremely difficult back then when college was still more elitist,,, Favorite shows still FIRST TUESDAY and that detective show about the late 1940s,,, Worried that maybe I should return to the Catholic Church as everything outside it seemed so degenerate and I sure wasnt happy,,, I wound up painting the porch next door at 250 for the old ladies that lived there. I listened to the 1970 World Series between the Orioles and the Reds on a radio I brought. Only went 5 games. ,,, This was the year my hair suddenly started falling out and receding all at once. I wondered if it was from worry,,,, I never went to YORK JUNIOR COLLEGE back then. One didnt if one wasnt matriculated there in those days,,, I think this is when my father bought a fire extinguisher and put it at the top of the basement stairs,,,, I was standing on the little bridge over the RR tracks near Vis with Cousin Steve and he laughs that his sister and her new husband are having sex. Non-Catholics never ceased to surprise me in their talk,,, I may have been getting loan threats,,, Parents always fighting as finances so much worse than in NYC,,, Some times Id walk up to the north and come home late. On the way Id stop at night at the Post Office downtown which was then open until midnight. Id go in and get a coffee out of the vending machines and some malted milk balls and be thinking what a boring way this was for someone my age to spend his life hanging out alone in a post office at night. But there was noone around I could relate to. Skip had gotten married and Dennis was with his girlfriend and I had to always think in terms of getting back to college, not having a life in York,,, NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLES: October 8, 1970: YORK GAZETTE AND DAILY SHUT DOWN FROM ITU STRIKE, Oct 20,1970: EVENING YORK DISPATCH STARTS MORNING "THE MORNING JOURNAL", Oct 20, 1970: GAZETTE SOLD TO MORRIS, FEDDER, FITZKEE ATTORNEYS, Oct 23, 1970: THE DAILY RECORD BEGINS, Oct 24 was my parents wedding anniversary,,, There was a sound truck with a big loudspeaker going thru Cottage/Manor one day. It was for the CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY,,, OCTOBER 30, 1970 was my 21st BIRTHDAY!!!. This would have been a BIG thing at college where my friends would have taken me to the college bars. But in York I was all alone. My first legal drink in Pa. was, believe it or not, at one of those two nasty bars on the second block of North George Street. I got a Budweiser as thats what I heard about on Johnny Carson every night. I put out my ID before asking and the owner thanked me for that. I think I hit a couple of other places as well. It was about 3pm I guess. ,,, I dont think the bitch Loralee bothered me in October but Im sure her mother did,,, I thought of my dog every single night for over a year after I got into bed at night,,, :3-29-00.


_____NOVEMBER 1970___: In the 1967 -1975 era any time Id mention I was in Astro people would always say, "Far out" as if it were witty,,, Took the Hannah penn walk almost every night again. Just marking time until my return. To get a job meant I had to pay back my loan and have none for later as it was based on non-income. I was miserable anyway,,, Jackson/Pershing fountain counter candy store place,,, Cottage, Boundary, Hill, Lincoln Hwy Garage, Mr Donut, Laundromat walk. I recall sitting alone in that Mr Donut quite a few nights until 3am realizing I had a five mile walk back. Then Id sit in the laundromat alone knowing I still had a couple miles. Did that boring thing a couple hundred times in 1970-71.,,, Walk to malls,,, Walk downtown each day,, No softball at Allen Field,,, ulcer, Gelusil, worry, money worries, health worries, achievement worries, forgetting my classwork worries, how do I ever afford a car worries, how do I ever get married worries, no heavier burden than a great potential,,, Sent Hallmark cards,,, Father always pushing me to learn how to fix everything there is. No tolerance for mistakes,,, Sometimes went with mother to North York McDonalds for lunch or at a place downtown. Recall the very first time she brought me into MAJESTIC restaurant at West Market/ Newberry. Which seemed awfully far from York Bank where she worked and it wasnt a bad neighborhood yet.,,, A few Hippies in York,,, Took photos along tracks that go under the little RR bridge. Film very expensive then. Only took a few at a time,,, Left wing TOM PAINE SOCIETY downtown across from City hall and Police Station,,, Probably saw Dennis once in a long while. Very rarely saw Skip,,, Still trying to figure out how to be all the things that were expected of me,,, Probably still trying to get back to college in FEBRUARY 1971. I recall bothering people back there constantly to no avail,,, I recall sitting on my bed and thinking, "Well, at 21 I guess Im an 'official' bachelor. This is bachelor life?",,, I knew that the IU FOOTBALL SEASON wa son and that this was the last time to see the great sophomore team of 1967 that went to the ROSE BOWL against OJ Simpson. But I couldnt get back,,, The IU BASKETBALL TEAM really stunk between Branch McCracken and Bob Knight: and those were the years I was there,,, Probably saw Billy and Steve a couple of times a month when I walked all the way over there,,, TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4, 1970: THE VERY FIRST TIME I VOTED. I WAIT TO BE 21 TO VOTE AND BY THAT TIME THEY MADE IT 18!! MILTON SHAPP FIRST JEW TO BE GOVERNOR OF PA. ALSO FIRST DEMOCRAT SINCE 1958, Senator Scott crushes Sesler,, Hung around MARTIN LIBRARY downtown a great deal. Took out a lot of books,,,, Spent a while late some night sin the post office alone before midnight after walking back from North York,,, THANKSGIVING 1970: I dont recall it.,,, any idiot can get college money nowadays but back then I couldnt get anything, I was quite embittered by that,,, When Id drink Id drink at THE HOUSE OF LORDS. It was a really nice new bar that opened acroiss the street from the COURTHOUSE right downtown. It almost never had any business as everyone thought it was too ritzy and that theyd need a tie. But the bottles of beer were just 50c and one didnt have to dress up. Id go two or three times a week and drink two beers each time which Id nurse while sitting by myself. I did that all of November 1970 to August 1971. Id get there in the evening and town was dead since the RACE RIOTS of July 1969 and Id leave late and walked home down George Street and noone bothered me from that direction,,, I thought of my dead dog every single night before falling asleep,,, _____ _____ DECEMBER 1970:---: Took walks downtown afternoons and at night down Cottage Place to Hannah Penn Jr High and through its campus to Poplar and to Sherman and Allen Field area,,, Bought some index cards at that corner soda fountain store at Jackson/Pershing,,, At night to Lincoln Highway Grage and out to Mr Donut and mall,,, To North Mall,,, To Hallmark downtown, at North Mall and York Mall for cards to college friends,,, Cold War, Vietnam hovering over the heads of 20 year olds,,, Watched FIRST TUESDAY and that late 1940s Detective Show. Reading up on 1946-1954 period,,,, I was trying to make Stratomatic baseball game cards from what little info I could find. I recall that the Martin Library had these great old hardcovers for 1953, 1954 and another year that had ALL the stats. Especially walks. Never saw that before,,, Ulcer, worries, nightmares, depression,,, Wondered if I should go back and be a Catholic again as nothing good came out of leaving the church,,, Still trying to get money for college with that damned CATCH-22 they had me caught in,,, Nights were quiet back then. Could sit on porch swing and read,,, Walking along railroad tracks alone a lot,,, did I get new eyeglasses here?,,, At the EDGAR STREET SHOPPING CENTER there used to be a Pharmacy, upper class, with a serpentine food counter, Id get coffee at. Especially after getting something to read at BOOKLAND,,, Divorced women showing up after two year sof defilement, oops, I mean 'marriage'. I didnt want them at that age. It also made me figure that Lor would get divorced in Sept 1972 and then she'd suddenly get friendly Degenerate males and divorced women deserved each other ,,, Was this when we got the Italian Freezer that never worked,,, Father continued to play his little game of always asking me if I wanted something from the store when he went out and NEVER getting me what I wanted. Either it was nothing OR he'd get me the worst, cheapest substitute for what I asked for,,, Mostly alone. Rarely saw Skip and Dennis if ever. Other guys all away in the military, or married, or at college. The few time Id see anyone we'd play Stratomatic Baseball or my big hockey game. ,,,, If Jimmy was coming up we'd play Foto Electric Football,,, Id hang around alone at the post office late at night in the huge echo chamber room sipping coffee or maybe a cardboard cup of soda and malted milk balls. Then Id walk home at midnight. Hmmm. Perhaps I also stopped there when returning from HOUSE OF LORDS after my two beers. There was a waitress at House of Lords Id talk to now and then. She lived there with her father and child. Same old story: baby by some scummy guy as a teenager. Another waitress, I believe, wanted us to get together but I couldnt do anything with my life like real people. I had to get back to college no matter how long I was trapped in York bored out of my mind and forgetting everything,,, Father used to give out READERS DIGEST subscriptions to people. Seemed funny to me as he was so left-wing and RD was so right-wing,,, I dont remember CHRISTMAS 1970: It was the first one without Major. I had a HUGE blowup photo of Major made to hang up. In 73 or 74 when an IU friend came to visit he said it looked like a shrine. Well, my dog was good to me unlike 99% of the people I ever met,,, This was a COLD winter and I recall walking and freezing on my way to that laundrmat to get warm as it was the only thing open,,, NEW YEARS EVE 1970/1971: NOW THIS I REMEMBER: I went to HOUSE OF LORDS by myself. Maybe five other people showed up. The owner had made the place ready for hundreds! So he gave all the food free to us. I mostly just stayed alone. Some woman kept playing KISS AN ANGEL GOOD MORNIN on the juke box. The singer was the new BLACK Country singer, Charlie Pride. And an 'old' white guy kept playing TANGERINE, a 1940s song. I just sat by myself and heard them being played agian and again. Sat there for hours and nursed beers until after midnight. When I left the TANGERINE player kept following me across the street and to the YORKTOWNE where he was drunk and would not believe me when i kept telling him I had no money to give him for more alcohol. I didnt. People always trying to USE me for something! I then shook him off somehow and walked home. I wa sthinking that if I couldnt get back to college in FEbruary 1970 Id have to wait all the way until SEPTEMBER 1971. And THAT was a FANTASTIC amount of time to have no money and nothing to do in and just walk the streets day after day marking time.,,, I thought of my dead dog every night after getting into bed,,, I was like a man in solitary going slowly crazy with nothing to do in June 1970, July 1970, August 1970, September 1970, October 1970, November 1970, December 1970, Thats over 7x30= 210 days of just walking to keep from going mad and not daring to do anything that could block my return. In other words, not daring to do anything that normal 20 year olds would be doing. I had little money and dared not take any risks,,, I was probably alone all day long AT LEAST 25 days of each month. Probably more. 3-29-00 526pm,,,

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